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Apr 3, 2022 @ 12:54 EDT
GEM Sisters' Mercedes Lomelino Is Adopted But Nothing Is Different From Other Families

Wazzup GEM Squad? If you don't know who GEM Sisters are then let us make it clear to you, that they are one of the most loved sisters trios on YouTube who are best known for their comedy skits, parodies, Vine compilations, vlogs, and life hack videos.

The G in the GEM Sisters stands for Giselle Lomelino, E for Evangeline Lomelino and M for Mercedes Lomelino. Talking about Mercedes, she is an aspiring American actress, social media influencer, singer, model, and YouTuber. With a birth date of December 8, 2006, her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Yes, Mercedes Lomelino Is an Adopted Child Along With Her Two Sisters, Giselle And Evangeline

If you take one look at Mercedes Lomelino, her parent's relationship, and the bond they share then, it would be hard to believe that they are not blood-related. Mercedes and her biological sisters, Giselle and Evangeline, were adopted by professor Ryun Hovind and writer-director MèLisa Lomelino when they were quite small. They even celebrate their adoption day on July 26.

Ryan and MèLisa are very supportive when it comes to their daughters' careers as influencers and are even seen promoting them on social media. They often make their appearances on the GEM Sisters YouTube channel and even have a nickname given by the fans as "mamagems" and "papagems".

Mercedes Lomelino (center) with her father Ryun Hovind (right) and sister Evangeline Lomelino (left).Adopted but his own.
Photo Source: Mercedes Lomelino, Instagram

Apart from Giselle and Evangeline, Mercedes also has three other siblings who are all adopted by her parents. Besides, some fans are confused if she is related to Lomelino Family, another aspiring YouTube family channel, which she is not, and they only have the same surname.

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Even though Mercedes, Evangeline, and Giselle are biological sisters, all of them have different personalities which blend them into a unique trio, something that the fans love about them. But being different does not stand in the way though; the trio has the love for one another.

How Much Is The Net Worth of Mercedes Lomelino? Her Rising Career As an Actress

As per estimating sources, Mercedes Lomelino holds a net worth of $400,000 as a multi-talented all-rounder. Obviously, the majority of her income comes from YouTube but she also earns a fair share from social media sponsorships, acting, and modeling.

Mercedes, along with her social media icon sisters Giselle & Evangeline Lomelino, launched their YouTube channel, GEM Sisters, on August 6, 2015. Their first video was titled, "Our First Vlog: VLOG IT" which has just about 500,000 views.

Since then, they started posting comedy sketches, parodies, challenges, reaction videos, and life hacks videos that have attracted the attention of millions of viewers. They now have garnered 1.22 million subscribers and 576 million views, from which they earn an estimated $2,500 per video.

Some of their most popular videos are Camping Divas: VLOG IT, Roasting Ourselves Watching Our Old Videos, Stealing Answers: SKETCH COMEDY, Wearing Long Nails For 24 Hours Challenge, Dora The Explorer Prank On My Sisters, and so on, which have got over millions of views.

Mercedes Lomelino (left) with her mother MèLisa Lomelino (center) and sister Evangeline Lily (right).They are truly gems for their increasing followers.
Photo Source: Mercedes Lomelino, Instagram

The sisters also have a decent fan following on their Instagram page, GEM Sisters (@gem.sisters), from which they make an average of $400 per sponsored post. They have worked with prominent brands like Nickelodeon, Disneyland, LEGO, and many more.

Following success on her family channel, Mercedes launched her separate self-titled YouTube channel, Mercedes Lomelino, in January 2021. She has garnered over 41,000 subscribers on her channel, where she posts videos related to fashion, vlogs as well as entertaining videos.

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The 15-year-old is also quite popular on her Instagram account, @mercedeslomelino, among her 33,000 fans. Besides, Lomelino and her sisters have also released their comedy-mystery book series called Sister Detectives, which is all about friendship, siblings, school life, family, social skills, and having fun when growing up.

Who Is Mercedes Lomelino Dating? Is She Single?

Unlike other YouTuber teenagers, Mercedes Lomelino has managed to stay out of any type of controversy whether be it away from her professional life or private life. While fans are eagerly waiting for her to announce her possible boyfriend, Lomelino has revealed that she has not dated anyone.

Well, once you know of her long list of prerequisite characteristics, she looks at her partner then you will surely know why she does not have a boyfriend to this date. During a YouTube video, Lomelino revealed that she wants her partner to be hyper funny and energetic. Even though looks do not matter to her but if one looks cute that's the pros.

The influencer further said that since she loves hard, once you are in a relationship with her, you are stuck with her for a lifetime. Besides, she simps the anime character Hanako-Kun, from Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun, and even has a t-shirt with its imprint on it.

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