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Feb 16, 2022 @ 16:11 EST
Niana Guerrero Only Needed Confidence to Reach This High with Net Worth

Can you believe the Philippines' most-followed TikTok is just another 16-year-old Niana Guerrero? And if you have spent time on this video-sharing app, there's a good chance that you might have already stumbled across one of her videos whose dance skills are even admired by EXO and BTS.

Niana Jose Evidente Guerrero (b. January 27, 2006), aka Niana, is a Filipino dancer, singer, YouTuber, TikToker, and social media influencer who rose to prominence for her dance moves alongside her brother, Ranz Kyle. The siblings' duo went viral for Justin Beiber’s version of the Luis Fonsi hit Despacito dance cover earning 57 million views on the video.

Ranz And Niana Guerrero Are The Ultimate Sibling Goals with Supportive Parents

Born in Manila, the Philippines, to Nino Guerrero and Elcid Guerrero, Niana is the second youngest among her five siblings. She has a sister named, Natalia Guerrero, three half-siblings, Ranz Kyle and Chelsea Ongsee from her mother's previous marriage, and Niña Stephanie from her father's previous marriage.

Niana Guerrero (second from left) and her entire family, including her stepsiblings.Niana brought the entire family into the spotlight.
Photo Source: Ranz Kyle, Instagram

Whatsoever, they are really close to each other, especially, Ranz and Niana who are partners in crime. Despite having a nine-year-old age gap and personality differences, their bond just wows people and has set the benchmark for the people how siblings should be.

Just like any other siblings, they also argue over petty things but with a good beat and some space, they can always resolve their issues by dancing. Talking about her parents, they are very supportive when it comes to her dancing career to the point that they turned their basement at home into a mini dance studio, complete with soundproof walls and an audio system for the brother-sister duo to chase their dream.

Started Dancing At The Age Of Three: Ranz Helped Her to Be Confident and Overcome Stage Fright

Just like the saying "When you know, you know", Niana Guerrero always knew dancing was for her from a very young age. She started getting interested when she was three, listening to Michael Jackson songs and grooving to them.

Guerrero would watch her brother dance and try to copy his dance moves, and that's when Ranz Kyle taught her some basic moves. You might not believe looking at her bubbly personality now, but Niana was once a shy kid and had confidence issues. Even though she dreamed of performing in front of millions of people, due to low confidence, she struggled with expressing herself and had stage fright.

However, with the constant support and encouragement from her big brother, she finally overcame it and now has become one of the best dancers out there. And now, she inspires others to come out of their shell, listen to their heart, and chase their dream. She even posted the biographical short film, Dare to Dream, hoping to inspire others by sharing her journey from a shy kid to a social media icon.

Niana Guerrero's Net Worth is Increasing As Fast As Her Fan Following

As per estimating sources, Niana Guerrero holds a net worth of $4 million thanks to her huge fan following all over social media. Aside from being a dancer and social media icon, the 5'3" dancer is also making her way into music with her brother, Ranz Kyle.

Niana Guerrero (left) standing back-to-back with her brother Ranz Kyle.For Guerrero, confidence came in the form of her brother.
Photo Source: Niana Guerrero, Instagram

Niana Guerrero launched her career in the music industry through the song New Jam in April 2017 featuring her brother, followed by songs, You Can Do It, Great Day, Dip, Smile, and their first bilingual song-Mayo Slide being the latest release.

In an interview with Nylon Manila, Guerrero revealed that she wants to learn more about music and plans to be a professional singer in the future. She can play guitar and mini keyboard fluently and makes her own beats from the collection of her launch pads. Additionally, she is also active on her Facebook account, Niana Guerrero, through which she interacts with her fans.

Being The Most Followed Filipino TikToker, She Earns Thousands from TikTok

Niana Guerrero may be way far away from Charli D'Amelio in terms of follower count, who has over 135.6 million followers, but her dance moves are no less than her or say even better than Charli, according to her fans. Being the great dancer she is, Guerrero made the best out of her talent by launching her TikTok account, Niana Guerrero (@nianaguerrero) in April 2016.

And as expected, her first video featuring Ranz Kyle soon went viral earning her 1.2 million views. She now has over 29.7 million followers with 515.3 million likes, from which she earns an average of $23,600 per video strictly through sponsorships and brand endeavors.

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One of her most popular TikTok clips is the video of her dancing to the song Copines which got over 49.2 million views and 4.9 million hearts. What's more, she even won a CICP Spotlight Awards in the TikTok Superstar category in the year 2020.

During an interview with Dance Spirit, Niana revealed that she usually learns five or six TikTok dances a day (surprising right?). She further said that it takes her only a few minutes to record a short and easy TikTok video and the hardest one up to now was the infamous Renegade move by Jalaiah Harmon. Meanwhile, unlike D'Amelio, she has managed to stay out of any type of controversies to this date.

YouTube Earnings from 14.4 Million Subscribers

Since Niana Guerrero launched her career in 2013, she has only been moving forward, gaining thousands of followers every day. Even before she started her channel, Guerrero was already a well-known YouTube celebrity from her brother's channel, Ranz Kyle.

And it was her brother's channel from which she got her big break after their Despacito video went viral. They further went on making dance covers, challenges, and prank videos which became popular not only among Filipino fans but internationally.

Niana Guerrero showing up the moment her YouTube channel surpassed 12 million subscribers.For her, even the 12 million subscribers mark is in the past now.
Photo Source: Niana Guerrero, Instagram

Following her brother's footsteps, Guerrero then started her self-titled YouTube channel, Niana Guerrero on Apr 11, 2013. With over 14.4 million subscribers and 1.2 billion strong views, she makes an average of $10,000 per video where she has posted over 359 times.

Guerrero has collaborated with international YouTube personalities like LA-based choreographers Matt Steffanina, D-Trix, and dancer siblings The Williams Family. She has also worked with LA-based music artist AJ Rafael and the Disney channel.

Among all the videos, her dance covers, challenges, pranks, and skits are the most popular among her fans. Besides, the influencer won the Kids’ Choice Award with Nickelodeon for Favorite Pinoy Internet Star in 2019 and CICP Spotlight Awards for Entertainment Champion together with her brother last year.

And, Earnings From Instagram

Having a huge fan following on both YouTube as well as TikTok, you will surely expand your fan base to Instagram as well which is basically another stream of income for influencers. Sure enough, Niana Guerrero has a large number of followers on her eponymous Instagram account, Niana (@nianaguerrero).

With over 13.9 million followers on her Instagram page, she makes an average of $37,000 per sponsored post. She has appeared on the covers of different magazines like Wonder Mag Ph, Nylon Manila, and has worked with prominent brands like Nike, Jordan, Gentle Monster, and so on.

People Are Freaking Out After SM Entertainment and Chanyeol DMed Her; From Bambam To EXO, All Have Tried Her Viral Dance Trend.

Niana Guerrero no doubt is one of the most popular TikTok stars who not only dances to the latest trends but also comes up with her unique moves attracting people around the globe. And recently she got the best birthday gift ever, when her Kpop idols, Yeonjun and Hueningkai from TXT recreated her viral dance moves of Give It Up and even tagged her which most of the idols won't do.
Niana Guerrero holding a sunflower in her right hand while wearing a hat over her braided hair.Guerrero gushed over the different getups she tried for the first time this year.
Photo Source: Niana Guerrero, Instagram

Well, TXT is not the only Kpop idol who did her choreographies as GOT7’s BamBam, Omega X’s Hangyeom and Junghoon, ENHYPEN’s Jay and Sunghoon have also tried her viral dance challenges in the past. What's more, even BTS noticed her cover of the song, Permission To Dance. Furthermore, she and her siblings, Natalia Guerrero and Ranz Kyle even went live on Facebook with solo artist Jeon So-mi and her sister, Evelyn.

What's more even the South Korean musician, actor, and model, Park Chan-yeol is a big fan of her dance moves. In the video for Ranz Kyle's channel, the siblings DMed celebrities on Instagram among which EXO’s star responded to Niana's message complimenting her and even admitted that he had watched her dances.

But what caused a stir among the fans is when the video of her getting a personal DM from the Korean multinational entertainment company, SM Entertainment came to the surface. In a video titled, SIBLINGS Spin The DARE Wheel Challenge!!, when dared to let her siblings invade her Instagram, Ranz clearly showed the message sent by SM Entertainment over a week.

Even though it's not clear why SM Entertainment reached out to her, fans came up with different speculations of their own. While some fans commented that they might have asked her to audition for their entertainment company to be a new SM trainee or rookie, others speculated that they might have messaged Niana to be a choreographer for them.

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Well, it remains a mystery whatever the motive behind SM Entertainment had for reaching out to her as Niana has not disclosed any information about that incident. Besides, when Kpop artist So-mi asked if she liked to be a Kpop idol in the near future, she clearly said "no".

Talking about her Kpop idol, Niana has a huge crush on the vocalist of the South Korean boy band BTS, Jeon Jung-kook aka Jungkook. Besides, she is also a huge fan of American singer-songwriter Billie Eilish and even dressed like her in the Tiktok Awards PH last year.

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