Natalia Guerrero

Sep 2, 2022 @ 3:07 EDT

Natalia Emanuelle Evidente Guerrero, popular as Natalia Guerrero (b. 24, 2014), is an aspiring Filipino dancer, YouTuber, TikToker, and social media influencer best known as the younger sibling of social media icons, Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero, the most followed TikToker in the Philippines.

Natalia may be just seven but has already garnered millions of fans with her jaw-dropping dance moves and bubbly personality. With her growing popularity, she may one day overshadow her siblings and become one of the most influential social media personalities in the country.

Natalia Guerrero Family Background: Know More About Her Parents and Siblings.

Born in Manila, the Philippines, Natalia Guerrero is the youngest child of her father, Nino Guerrero, and mother, Elcid Evidente Guerrero. She has three half-siblings including Ranz Kyle, and Chelsea Ongsee from her mother's previous marriage, and Niña Stephanie from her father's previous marriage. Of course, Niana Guerrero is her only full sister.

Being the youngest child, Natalia is no doubt the apple of their eyes and their favorite child who is loved and spoiled by all. But that does not mean she acts like a spoilt brat. Instead, she acts so gracefully and radiates kindness that she fills everyone's life with warmth.

Natalia Guerrero (second from left) being carried by Ranz Kyle (center) alongside her sisters Chelsea Ongsee (far left), Niana Guerrero (second from right), and Niña Stephanie (right) all making peace symbols.She is the gem in the family as the youngest one to connect everyone together.
Photo Source: Natalia Guerrero, Instagram

After the success of Ranz and Niana, her other siblings, Niña and Chelsea are also pursuing their careers on social media. And talking about Natalia, we already know that she first rose to prominence after appearing on her social media influencer siblings duo's channel. Her first-ever viral video was the video of the three siblings showing some killer dance steps in a viral challenge called Switch It Up which got over 35 million views.

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Besides, Guerrero is a big fan of Korean musician Jeon So-mi and even went live on Facebook with her. What's more, Korean idols Yeonjun and Hueningkai from TXT recreated her and her sister Niana's viral dance moves of Give It Up, which went viral all over the internet.

Natalia Guerrero's Net Worth with Millions of Followers

As of March 2022, Natalia Guerrero is estimated to control a net worth of $400,000 as a dancer, content creator, and social media influencer. Dressed up in couture-inspired children's clothing, her popularity has won endorsements with various prominent brands. She's got an email address specifically for business purposes.

Just like her sister, Natalia was into dancing from a very young age. She made her debut on her sibling's YouTube channel and now has her own loyal fanbase. She has shown some amazing dance skills on songs like Blackpink's How You Like That, BTS's Butter, Justin Beiber's Yummy, So-mi's What You Waiting For, and many more.

She launched her self-titled YouTube channel, Natalia Guerrero, in July 2017 which is obviously managed by her parents. With over 1.07 million subscribers and 7 million views, she makes an average of $11,000 per post from her channel where she has only seven videos.

Natalia Guerrero (center) on a stage with Niana Guerrero (left) and Ranz Kyle (right) in speaking mode.She's been easily comfortable while appearing in public with her family.
Photo Source: Natalia Guerrero, Instagram

Similarly, she also has a huge fan following on her Instagram account, Natalia Guerrero (@onewithnatalia). She made her Instagram debut in May 2017 and now has posted over 125 times to this date. With over 1.4 million followers on her eponymous page, she earns over $3,700 per post strictly through sponsorships and brand endeavors. Of course, like her channel, her Instagram page is also managed by her family.

Even at this young age, Guerrero has already managed to work with Cartoon Network and has even worked in a TV commercial for Lactum and Calla detergent. The seven-year-old has even won a METUB WebTV Asia Award in 2019 alongside her celebrity siblings Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero.

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Meanwhile, Natalia recently starred in Zack Tabudlo's hit song Give Me Your Forever alongside, Eugene Fabregas, and Hedy Acayan. Starring as a precious storyteller in the song, she takes viewers to Tabudlo's touching trip down memory lane with the exposition of six theatrical acts.

Additionally, Natalia is also quite popular on her Facebook page, Natalia Guerrero where she has over 5.8 million followers. Talking about her TikToker and dancer ate aka sister, Niana, she is estimated to be worth $4 million and her Kuya, Ranz Kyle holds a net worth of $1.5 million.

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