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Apr 5, 2022 @ 3:29 EDT
Ranz Kyle Getting a Girlfriend Isn't Why There's Distance with Sister Niana Guerrero

"Be grateful and keep simple things in life because it's something that not even money can buy" is the mantra Ranz Kyle abides by. Born as Ranz Kyle Viniel Evidente Ongsee (b. May 6, 1997), Ranz Kyle is a Filipino dancer, YouTuber, singer, actor, and social media icon who is best known for his dance cover with his sister and partner in crime, Niana Guerrero.

Born in the San Juan City of the Philippines, Ranz went to Seed Montessori School and is a graduate of Don Bosco Technical College in Mandaluyong. He is one of the most loved YouTubers by teenagers and has even won Favorite Pinoy Internet Star in Kids Choice Awards 2019 and Entertainment Champion at the CICP Spotlight Awards 2020 alongside his sister, Niana.

Who Is Ranz Kyle's Real Father? Niana Guerrero Is Not His Full Sister

Like yin to yang, Ranz Kyle is to Niana Guerrero. There's no doubt, that Ranz and Niana are the perfect examples of siblings' goals since without one, another is not complete. However, many of you might not know that they are not complete brothers and sisters.

It's because even though they share the same mother, Elcid Evidente Guerrero, they have different fathers. Kyle's real father is Lanz Ongsee, who is not together with his mother anymore. Elcid, after splitting up with Lanz, remarried Niana's father, Nino Guerrero, and gave birth to Niana and Natalia Guerrero (which makes Ranz and Niana half-siblings).

Ranz Kyle (top right) with his entire family, including his mother (top center) and step-father (top left).There's a family picture if there ever was one.
Photo Source: Ranz Kyle, Instagram

In fact, he only has one complete biological sister named Chelseah Ongsee who is two years younger than him. Besides, he also has another step-sister named Niña Stephanie from Nino's previous marriage. Despite having no blood relationship, he is very close to his stepfather and respects him a lot. Moreover, his relationship with all of his siblings in many ways is what people adore the most.

Ranz Kyle Inspired Niana Guerrero to Be a Dancer, and Now His Youngest Sister, Natalia, Is Following Their Path

The most followed Filipino TikToker Niana Guerrero is no doubt one of the most popular dancers and internet celebrities of this era. But behind her success, her Kuya aka big brother, Ranz Kyle, plays a very important role. In fact, it won't be wrong to say that if not for Kyle, Niana wouldn't even be dancing like she does.

Growing up, Guerrero was a very shy kid who had confidence issues and was struggling to get out of her shell. And it was Kyle who pushed her to be confident and overcome her stage fright. Needless to say, she even learned dancing by copying his moves and eventually began showing off dance moves with him on his YouTube channel.

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Their first-ever viral video together was Luis Fonsi's hit Despacito dance cover, which has 57 million views. Since then, the duo has become inseparable, ruling the internet with their amazing dance skills. Some of their viral cover dancers are in the song, Dynamite, Switch It Up, Taki Taki, Dura, and many more, which have earned millions of views and likes.

Well, not only Niana but their youngest sister, Natalia Guerrero has also followed in his footsteps as well. Despite being only seven, Natalia has already stolen the spotlight from her siblings with some jaw-dropping dancing skills in songs like Switch It Up, Yummy, How You Like That, and many more.

Ranz Kyle Is Dating Milissa Grande: Know About Their Love Life

Gone are the days when Ranz Kyle used to whine about being single as our Filipino YouTuber has finally found the love of his life. In fact, he has been dating MA Anna Milissa Bautista Grande, aka Milissa Grande, for over 1.5 years now.

The two started dating in September 2020 but officially announced their relationship after dating for a year. Kyle officially introduced Grande as his girlfriend through a YouTube video titled, I'm Finally Introducing Her To You!! on September 11, 2021.

Ranz Kyle (left) being kissed on the cheek by his girlfriend Milissa Grande.They had a lot to celebrate on Valentine's Day 2022.
Photo Source: Ranz Kyle, Instagram

The love birds recently celebrated their one-year anniversary on a beautiful island in Siargao. Even though they are in a long-distance relationship with Kyle living in the Philippines and Grande residing in Canada, they don't leave any occasion to celebrate togetherness by surprising one another with gifts and all. Moreover, Ranz's family is also very close to Grande.

Talking about Milissa, she is a singer, model, and now a YouTube content creator who is best known for being crowned as Miss Philippines Canada Queen in 2019. Apart from the pageant, she is passionate about singing and has performed in various stages in Canada and also has released a song called It's You.

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Before modeling, she worked as a pharmacy technician. shipping out different medicines to home care and hospitals. She does both runaways as well as commercial modeling and has worked with prominent brands like KFC. The 5'3" Filipino-born model is currently a citizen of Canada and is applying for dual citizenship in the Philippines.

Fans Are Speculating Ranz Kyle And Niana Guerrero Are Not Close Like Before. Is It Because Of His Love Life?

Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero were once an inseparable sibling duo, but they have not been making as much content as in the past, and fans are coming up with different speculations for their growing distance. While some are claiming that Ranz's love life has hampered their relationship, others are saying that Niana might be pursuing her solo career.

Ranz Kyle (right) with his sisters Niana Guerrero (left) and Natalia Guerrero (center).Growing up does open up a lot of patches.
Photo Source: Ranz Kyle, Instagram

Meanwhile, Ranz himself admitted that his and Niana's relationship is not the same anymore but the reason behind that is far from what his fans thought. In a YouTube video titled, "YUP NIANA IS GROWING UP (Emotional)", he confronted Guerrero saying that she has changed, and does not treat him as a big brother anymore" which made her cry.

The siblings got a piece of fatherly advice from their dad, and they ultimately solved the misunderstandings between them. At last, Ranz admitted that Niana is growing up and her attitude will obviously change, but he reminded her to always treat him like a big brother who will be always there for her.

From Being a Member of a Boy Band to Acting: Here's How Ranz Kyle Ended up Being a YouTuber

While you may know Ranz Kyle now as YouTuber, dancer, or even a social media personality, before that, he was popular as a member of a Filipino dance troupe called Chicser. The boy band consists of five other members, Ullyses Webb BasaOliver Lance Posadas, Biboy Chua CabigonCav Villafuerte, and Owy Posadas.

The song-and-dance troupe was previously known as Server Crew in high school and was formed in September 2013. Their popularity rose so much to the extent that they started doing mall tours with their hit songs Hello I Love YouMeant For You, Stuck Sa Yo, and many more. However, due to some unknown reason, Kyle left the group in 2015.

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The 24-year-old then tried his luck with acting starring in Ang Panday, Wattpad Presents: That Girl, Wattpad Presents: Ex Ko Ang Idol N'yo, and so on. Even though Kyle started his YouTube journey in 2008, he only started posting from the year 2011.

Ranz Kyle's Net Worth In 2022: How Much Does He Earn From YouTube?

As per estimating sources, Ranz Kyle holds a net worth of around $1.5 million thanks to his career as an influencer, singer, actor, and dancer. The majority of his income is obviously from his YouTube channel, Ranz Kyle, where he has posted over 460 videos at the time of writing.

With over 14.8 million subscribers and 1.6 billion views on his YouTube channel, he makes an estimated average of $9,700 per video. His content is not only limited to dance videos and tutorials as he is also popular for his comedy pranks, vlogs, challenges, and so on as well.

Ranz Kyle standing in front of a mural that says "Beautiful".He's had a significant rise in income since his days of looking for something in the entertainment industry.
Photo Source: Ranz Kyle, Instagram

Being a popular figure on YouTube, he has garnered quite a large fan base on his Instagram handle as well. He has over 5.7 million followers on his Instagram page, Ranz Kyle (@ranzkyle), from which he earns an estimated average of $15,000 per post strictly through sponsorship and brand endeavors.

Talking about brand endeavors, the Filipino influencer has appeared on the cover of NYLON Manila magazine and also on the TV commercial for Calla detergent soap. Besides, he has even acted on mini TV series like Ang Panday, Wattpad Presents: That Girl, Wattpad Presents: Ex Ko Ang Idol N'yo, and so on.

Kyle may not be as popular in TikTok as Niana, who is the most followed Filipino TikToker, but he has a loyal fan base of his own. With over 2.5 million followers on his TikTok page, Ranz Kyle (@ranzkyle), he collects around $2,000 per sponsored post. One of his most popular TikTok videos is with his girlfriend, Milissa Grande which got over 8.5 million views and 1.1 million likes. Similarly, his posts are sponsored by prominent brands like BAPE, GCash, McDo App, Fuwa Fuwa, and so on.

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The social media icon is also paving his way into the music industry and has already released songs like New Jam, You Can Do ItGreat DayDip, and Smile, with Mayo Slide being the latest release. What's more, he and his siblings, Niana and Natalia Guerrero, even went live on Facebook with popular Korean musical artist Jeon So-mi and her sister, Evelyn.

Meanwhile, Ranz and Niana have performed in different programs and award functions like Shopee 6.6 Mega Fiesta TV Special, Metub Web TV Asia Awards 2019, Vidcon 2018, YouTube FanFest Manina, and many more. It may come as a surprise to many, but Ranz wants to be a successful director in near future making superheroes movies.

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