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Feb 23, 2020 @ 13:58 EST
Marc D'Amelio Net Worth and Job Details.

Imagine Donald Trump using TikTok. Yeah, Twitter is enough from him. As for Marc D'Amelio, he's wanted to get into politics had he not lost in that one time he took part to represent Connecticut's District 25. The sight of a politician on TikTok could be weird. That's how he would've been seen as if he'd been able to move on. Here follows his net worth details and some facts you absolutely need to know about him.

Born on November 1, 1968 [age 51], Marc D'Amelio graduated from the University of Connecticut in Storrs in 1991 with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Government (yeah, that's the connection). But he's taken up various leading jobs till now. At the moment, he writes his bio as 'CEO of The D’Amelio Family'. And he is originally from New York but moved to Connecticut only later.

Marc D'Amelio is the head of the D'Amelio family.Marc D'Amelio is the head of the D'Amelio family.
Photo Source: Marc D'Amelio, Instagram

That's probably the only thing people think of when they hear his name. His younger daughter with wife Heidi D'Amelio [net worth: $500,000], Charli D'Amelio, has been skyrocketing in TikTok recently, vying with Baby Ariel [net worth: $2 million] in fourth in the highest-followed TikTok accounts list. So much so that he's set up his own account and thus collected millions of followers himself. So, apart from different jobs, he's earning pretty even from TikTok.

Marc D'Amelio's 2020 Net Worth of $2 Million Has Job Sources You'd Not Expect

As of February 2020, Charli D'Amelio's father Marc D'Amelio is worth $2 million. While he is on TikTok & Instagram and earns alright from those platforms, it's not his primary source of income. He's actually a businessman. He was once a hip-hop designer and now owns a clothing sales agency called the Level 4 Collective while also basing it in New York City with a Level 4 Collective Showroom.

Marc D'Amelio's net worth actually comes from his business.Marc D'Amelio's net worth actually comes from his business jobs.
Photo from: The Hour/Contributed

You might have seen Charli wearing some products from the showroom located at 530 Seventh Avenue, New York. Mr. D'Amelio started it in 2007 after he shut down his Madsoul Clothing Company. Yeah, he's done quite a lot of things. He's also signed to UTA, like everyone else. More on the politics thing below. And you'd be surprised what else he's done.

First: Social Media Earnings, However Low They Are in Comparison to His Daughter

Despite his age, he's quite active across all social media platforms. While TikTok is currently the most current hype even for him, he set up his Instagram and Twitter accounts to show just how much he loves his family and supports his daughters' choices. He's a proud dad.

As a businessman, he knows full well how one can earn from social media. Of course, it's clear from both his daughters' earnings, especially Charli's $4 million net worth. Endorsements and sponsorships are the most common ways social media personalities earn money from their posts.


It's not as impressive as daughter Charli D'Amelio's 8 million, but Marc himself has over 190,000 followers on Instagram. He's posted 500 times now and earns around $700 per each post. In the grand scheme of things, the engagement of his followers on those sponsored brands is what really pumps the money.

D'Amelio often goes back in time on Instagram. This one titled, "Pre TikTok."
Photo Source:
Marc D'Amelio, Instagram

As you surf through Marc D'Amelio's Instagram page, Marc D'Amelio, you'll likely see more of Charli, his older daughter Dixie D'Amelio [net worth: $700,000], and his wife with him in the photos. But what really catches people's attention is how he gushes over his daughters with photos from their childhood. He's always going back and reminiscing the memories. The family also was cartoonized into The Simpsons family by Yuri Pomo, aka vipcartonizer.


After Charli got her unexpected and confusing fame on TikTok, Marc also joined in on the fun. Unlike Danielle Cohn's [net worth: $2 million] dad, he thus fully supports Charli in her endeavors. Yeah, the scarcity of scandals has also helped the D'Amelio family in collecting adoring fans on the internet (and of course, there are critics).

While it may be weird for parents to join TikTok, he hasn't been the one to flood it with posts. With at least 140 posts and 2.4 million followers, Marc D'Amelio earns around $1,900 per post on TikTok. While his daughter's rate of increase in follower-count is consistent, his is a lot fluctuating, but most days, he does gain almost the same amount of fans each week as Charli.

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The number of likes per post is also not as impressive as Charli or Dixie, but at certain times, he does get millions of likes. For example, a clip of Charli's friend and Hype House member Addison Rae [net worth: $3 million] mishearing 'Hydrated' for 'Hi Dreded' has 2.8 million likes and over 12 million plays.

Moving On: He Founded 'Madsoul' in 2000 and Hired Workers with Rap Sheets Looking for a Second Chance

There's much history into D'Amelio's past too. While his own dad was a three-time convicted felon (and he himself getting caught up in a DUI despite being for good intentions, more later), he wanted to do right by the people he hired to work in his first business successful venture.

Madsoul Throwback with King Bee, World, Kukoo Da Bag Of 'Bonz' and Marc. Madsoul Fashion Show in Brooklyn.Sometime around 2004 with King Bee, World and Kukoo Da Bag of 'Bonz' at the 'Madsoul Fashion Show' in Brooklyn.
Photo Source: Level 4 Collective Showroom, Facebook

If you knew how to graffiti well but was arrested just for it, Madsoul Clothing Company was once the place to go for work. It was an idea Marc had in 2000 when he founded his apparel company, the time he discovered hip-hop and graffiti went so well together. Nearly 85% of his employees by 2005 had rap sheets or were part of a gang before joining the company. And when he did hire them, he did do exceptionally well in sales. Even his sales director at the time, Greg Keller, did time for auto theft.

The 51-year-old stumbled upon a graffiti artist on the internet, who he then hired to do graphics for a line of T-shirts he was planning. Yeah, it was kind of an awesome stroke of luck. Starting from a $1000 capital in his apartment, in the first year, Madsoul racked up $200,000 in sales. In 2002, it signed a licensing agreement with Canadian apparel distributor Soul Suite to design and market men's clothes and hats. By 2005, the sales amounted to $10 million, selling everything from $35 T-shirts and $85 sweatsuits to $25 hats.

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The company had 400 specialty shops around the country and overseas. The company's products were sold at Macy's and at urban specialty shops such as Dr. Jays, Epic Designs and Training Camp. He wanted to expand Madsoul even further, but for some reason, he resigned in 2007. Here's the set of tactics he used in order to expand his business from his apartment.

Politics: He Lost the 2018 General Election and Blamed Democrats for Resurfacing His Drunken-Driving Arrest

After being elected President of the Norwalk High School Parents Club & PTO, Marc D'Amelio had higher ambitions in the field of politics in 2018. He was also a Republican candidate for an at-large representative on the Norwalk Public Schools Board of Education in Connecticut in 2017.

In 2018, he ran for election to the Connecticut State Senate to represent District 25 from the Republican Party, while also cross-filing to run with the Independent Party. He had a website and all. Founding the Level 4 Collective in 2007, his job as an apparel showroom and sales agency was mentioned in his portfolio. He represented national brands like Mitchell & Ness and Umbro USA.

Marc D'Amelio during his speech at Wee Burn Beach Club.Marc D'Amelio during his State Senate speech at Wee Burn Beach Club.
Photo Source: Darien Republic Town Committee, Facebook

In the general election on November 6, 2018, D'Amelio lost to Democrat's Bob Duff by a 63/37 margin. But just over a week before the election day, trouble had brewed on his reputation. An arrest for drunken-driving from January 11, 2014, had resurfaced the local media. He contested it was the opposition party's doing to blemish his name, but Mayor Harry Rilling, a Democrat and the city’s former police chief, said he heard it for the first time.

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He was apparently driving drunk with his winnings from Mohegan Sun casino, with Charli (then nine) in the front seat of the car, with an ambition to show and teach his daughter that one should always help the less fortunate. Even though he was arrested, he actually applied for and was granted accelerated rehabilitation. He successfully completed nine months of maintaining a clean record.

Chase Hudson centered with his arms around Heidi and Marc D'Amelio.D'Amelio-Approved!
Photo Source: Marc D'Amelio, Instagram

In response to D'Amelio's attorney Mark Sherman's concerns, Norwalk Police Chief Thomas Kulhawik apologized to them for the report being "released in error". He was confident he was the only one who'd given Duff a run in candidacy, but the reports might have cost him dearly in the election. Here's the complete detail.

So yeah, D'Amelio had a tough time in some areas of his reach. But his apparel showroom is still doing good. And with daughter's newfound fame, he's rejoicing the moments brought on to him, fulfilling his job as a father. As for his net worth, there's still a lot for him to take advantage of to increase it.

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