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Dec 2, 2020 @ 14:31 EST
Who Is Peter Fornetti? How Is He Related to the Laginas? The Curse of Oak Island Mystery Solved

If you are here, there's a good chance that you were wondering where this kid on The Curse of Oak Island got to be there for quite a while now. And everywhere you looked has told you his parents are a complete mystery. Sure, the Lagina brothers have referred to him as their nephew, but how come? Now that he's appearing frequently, fans ought to know more about him.

Peter Fornetti is certainly an interesting sight to see as the youngest member in the Oak Island crew, appearing in almost half of the episodes in each season. He's been there since the very first season, and it seems Alex Lagina is not the only popular Lagina child. They do work together, and Fornetti is obviously closer to the family than the Blankenships and Testers.

It is widely known that Marty Lagina and Rick Lagina have two sisters (and Matina Lagina is not one of them, she doesn't exist), but even their names are not well known among the fan base. Of course, seeing Fornetti on TV wasn't enough. So, we've dug into the details earlier too and even ended up visiting quite a few obituaries mentioning the Lagina family members that we know of. Here's everything Fornetti is known through.

The Relationship: Peter Fornetti's Mother, Terese Fornetti, Is the Youngest Lagina Sibling

It turns out, Peter Fornetti's mom is the youngest member of the four Lagina siblings after the brothers. Her name is Terese Fornetti (née Lagina), and she's been married to John Fornetti for quite a while now. Peter also has three more siblings, brothers Daniel Fornetti & David Fornetti and sister Julia Fornetti, none of whom have made appearances on the show.

Peter Fornetti's LinkedIn Profile Image.Peter Fornetti is the son of Marty and Rick Lagina's younger sister.
Photo Source: Peter Fornetti, LinkedIn

These details were not easy to come by. But one obituary, in particular, was clear about the relationships of the few people mentioned, who have appeared on the show. It was that of Peter's paternal grandfather, or Marty and Rick's father, George Jacob Lagina, from 2010. His paternal grandmother, Ann Lagina (née Cavalieri), meanwhile had passed away earlier that same year.

According to the details, the other Lagina sister is Marianne Gardner (née Lagina), who is the oldest of the four siblings and is married to Jim Gardner. The pair have three children, sons Andy Gardner & Steve Gardner and daughter Cristina Gardner, all of who are older than the Fornettis and Marty's two kids, Alex and Madeline "Maddie" Lagina.

The younger Laginas are uncles and aunts themselves as well, with at least two kids coming from the Gardners only. And the two sisters also made a rare appearance on a bonus clip from Season 4 of The Curse of Oak Island. If you haven't seen it, here it is.

Watch: The Lagina Sisters Special

How Old Is Peter Fornetti and What Does He Do?

According to sources, Fornetti was born in 1996 and is now 24 years of age. He attended Kingsford High School [2014 graduate], and in case you're wondering, Cayla Ruth may have been his prom date.

While most Lagina kids (except Alex, of course) aren't too keen on being on TV, despite Rick's desire for his nephews and nieces to be more involved with The Curse of Oak Island, Fornetti isn't backing out of it. He's been with them since graduating high school and has been in every episode this season (S08). Considering he's been there only half the time before, we'll likely be seeing him through April as well. The school will determine that though.

Of course, the others have their own line of work for them to be free for the show. But so does Fornetti. He was a teacher of some sort, before involving in his current line of work. According to his LinkedIn profile, Fornetti is an associate producer at Prometheus Entertainment, the company that brought us their show in the first place. Since he's been there since 2014, he's obviously an important member of the crew. Coincidentally, he's also an associate producer for a few episodes of the show alongside Alex.

Peter Fornetti with his family, two brothers, one sister, one sister-in-law, a nephew and a niece and his parents,during his graduation from Marquette University.
Introducing Peter Fornetti's family: Father John Fornetti, Mother Terese Fornetti, sister Julia Fornetti, brothers Daniel Fornetti & David Fornetti with his wife, and a nephew & a niece.

Fornetti graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Marquette University in May 2018 and was a Research Assistant there for the last two years of his study. His study is further going on with a MA in mental health counseling from West Virginia University.

Meanwhile, he was a college readiness teacher at Detroit Cristo Rey High School for a year in 2018 and a hygiene assistant at his father's The John Fornetti Center, from 2011 to 2013. He is destined for a contribution to the health sector.

Peter Fornetti Net Worth

As a fortune website, it is obligatory to mention Fornetti's net worth. But as with any low-profile TV celebrities, the numbers aren't that definite. Still, many have made guesses, or estimations, we should say, his net worth lying around $250,000 with an annual salary of $150,000.

Alex Lagina and Peter Fornetti on 'The Curse of Oak Island'.They're going for gold this season.
Photo Source: The Curse of Oak Island, History Channel

Considering his time with the show, the figure is reasonably modest, but it's only a matter of time he goes professional in his field of study. It seems the health and medical industry is just too dear for any Lagina kid. As is discovered, his cousin and Marty's daughter Maddie is also a physician.

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Fornetti's social media presence isn't well-versed with only about 1900 followers to his name on Instagram. But it seems he's got fans like the others do. And this year is probably a really important one.

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