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May 15, 2020 @ 14:09 EDT
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Full Name Alexander Holte Lagina
Famous Name Alex Lagina
Birthdate 1987
Age >32
Hometown Traverse City, Michigan
Education University of Michigan, Mechanical Engineering, Class of '08
Father Martin G. Lagina
Mother Margaret Olivia Lagina (née Cooper)
Sibling(s) Madeline M. Lagina (Sister)
Uncle Rick Lagina
Aunts Marianne Gardner (née Lagina) & Terese Fornetti (née Lagina)
Job/Profession General Manager @ Mari Vineyards
Famous for The Curse of Oak Island
Net Worth $10 million
Relationship Status Possibly Single

The Curse of Oak Island strikes a certain uncertainty in some people, so much so that they are connecting "the curse" to the death of people related to the cast members in recent years. Dan Blankenship, a shareholder, was the latest one, however unrelated, to have passed away in March 2020 at the age of 95. Another stakeholder, Craig Tester's son Drake Tester passed away aged 16 in March 2017 due to a seized disorder he had since birth. But it wouldn't be right to make up Rick Lagina [net worth: $11 million] or Alex Lagina's death. Yes, the false rumors have been talked about so much more often than you think (discussed later).

Born in 1987, in Traverse City, Michigan, Alex Lagina is the son of younger Lagina brother, Marty Lagina [net worth: $110 million], with wife M. Olivia Lagina. He has a sister, Maddie Lagina, a Resident Physician at Michigan Medicine. A name, Lauren Mari Lagina also popped up in the obituaries for Alex's grandmother Ann & grandfather George, as well as his maternal grandfather Ivan Cooper (M Olivia's father).

Marty Lagina sitting with hands on a table as his son Alex Lagina stands beside him looking at the camera.Alex Lagina is the only male heir of father Marty Lagina.
Photo Source: M Olivia Lagina Facebook

And if you don't know Mari is the name of the Lagina brothers' grandmother, whom Marty's Mari Vineyard is named after. They haven't talked about Lauren yet, but she passed away a long time ago possibly as a young girl, because she's mentioned as deceased in all those obituaries. She is most-assuredly Alex and Maddie's other sibling.

Alex Lagina's Before Oak Island, Education & Job/Profession

Like his sister, Alex Lagina also grew up in his hometown of Traverse City, Michigan, and moved on to study at the University of Michigan. Like his father, he also has a background in Mechanical Engineering as he graduated from university in 2008. Before that, he likely attended the Traverse City Central High School like his sister Maddie and family friend Craig's son Drake.

Since 2009, he's returned to Traverse to be a part of the family business. He was appointed the General Manager of Mari Vineyards, owned by his father, as Marty pursued on to fulfill his brother Rick's dream of treasure-hunting in Oak Island. The 64-year-old had bought the majority stake in Oak Island Tours, Inc., in 2006 for the sake of his brother.

Rick Lagina, Marty Lagina and Alex Lagina posing for a photo.The treasure-hunting Lagina men.
Photo Source: M Olivia Lagina Facebook

Mari Vineyards is located at 8175 Center Rd. in Traverse City and spreads across 30,000 square feet, which not only includes the finest local wine-producing facilities but features many of Michigan products like the stone from the Upper Peninsula, wood and repurposed local materials. There's even a mural made out of 15,000 corks on display at the winery, showcased the tasting room.

A sunset mural made up of corks as mentioned in the paragraph.At first glance, it doesn't seem like corks were used, does it?
Photo Source: Up North Live

The Lagina son is busy managing the winery, but who could escape the chance to get some of that glam fame. He's not strayed from his position in Mari, but he has appeared on The Curse of Oak Island, as well as it's spin-offs Drilling Down and The Curse of Civil War Gold as a series regular cast member. Of course, the paychecks adds to his net worth, but not really the point of it. Alex is actually all about finding things that already have a significance rather than having some sort of mystery behind them. And there's a lot, check them out.

Net Worth & Social Media Presence

As of May 2020, Rick Lagina owns a big chunk of a net worth of $10 million, not just from being on History Channel's The Curse of Oak Island. While he's the only heir of his father's $110 million net worth, a portion of that wealth value is obviously slowly being added up to his own fortune. But it might be a little unethical to talk about that aspect of their life for now.

Alex Lagina holding a glass of beer in celebration.Is it weird? That it's beer, not wine?
Photo Source: Alex Lagina Instagram

And if you think he might earn some more on the side with social media, think again. His only known to be using Instagram, and that also hangs in question only. He does have a Facebook account and is extremely private about everything on social media. His last post on Instagram was on August 2019, but he occasionally features on the Curse of Oak Island page. On Facebook, no point in following him as his posts are all private. Though, he has a whole fanbase on the social media giant.

On Instagram, despite not posting anymore, he has over 7,100 followers on his page, Alex Lagina, having posted only 26 times. Unlike Maddie, Marty and even his mom, he isn't on LinkedIn either!

Why Were There Death Rumors of Marty Lagina's Son? Spoiler Alert! He's Alive

Legend has it that a total of seven people must die during the excavation or any other treasure-hunting method during the search of the Oak Island treasure before the treasure itself can ever be found. The curiosity you have of how many people have died so far has the answer "six", reportedly, since the first death in 1861.

But why would people think Alex was not alive anymore? On March 26, 2017, the death of Drake Tester, the son of Marty Lagina's former college roommate and now his energy business' partner Craig Tester, due to a seizure disorder devastated the longtime friends (Marty & Craig). Drake was almost 17 during his death, for which the entire Central High School commemorated the guy. He used to feature on the show with his dad too.

It's not the reason Alex was thought to have passed away as well. His absence was noted when he stopped posting on Instagram from August 2019. There's literally zero posts there for almost a year. It's weird how people started searching for clues to Marty Lagina's son's death as even Rick Lagina's death hoax became a kind of a trending thing.

But as you can all witness in the seventh (2020) season of The Curse of Oak Island, the crew is very much alive, but sadness has not stopped either. In March 2020, Dan Blankenship, father of the show regular David Blankenship, passed away. And as an Oak Island resident, he knew more about the island's mystery than anyone else. He was honored on the show in front of everyone who cherished him.

Relationship Status: Does Alex Lagina Have a Wife?

As you can imagine, the extremely private Alex may or may not have a romantic relationship. The fact will not be known until he (or his mom) gives you anything to talk about a possible girlfriend, much less a wife.

Alex Lagina looking away from the camera.There might be a mystery girlfriend.
Photo Source: Alex Lagina Instagram

However, there was one Easter egg on his Instagram account which may or may not have been a sign of his dating someone. He tagged Kaatje "Tia" Dohm in a photo (above) with a poetic caption, and it turns out, she lives in Traverse City as well and works as a Sr. SEO Analyst at GTB and Ford Motor Company, as well as Barre Instructor at Modus45 Fitness.

The photo is from a little under a year ago, so who knows what Alex's relationship with the girl he tagged is. You'll just have to wait. Or get discouraged altogether, stop stalking him to get the truth out and never bother to know about it as you enjoy the show. Or whatever...

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