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May 20, 2022 @ 14:11 EDT

Ever come across someone who pranks people so much that people hardly believe them even when they are speaking the truth. Yes, that is what happened with the YouTuber, Misty Foster aka Princess Misty (b. October 1, 2004) whose pregnancy announcement got so much hate that she had to lie that it was a prank (why? because people thought she was joking about being pregnant).

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Misty is best known for her pranks, challenges, reaction, and her lifestyle videos. The 17-year-old has been very vocal about socio-political issues and showed her full support for the Black Lives Matter movement that protested against police brutality and racially motivated violence.

Why Did Her Mother Kick Her Out? The Full "Kidnapping" Story

Princess Misty's relationship with her mother is like that of water and fire. Sometimes the mother-daughter duo is inseparable, other times they are at each other's throats. While her mother expects her to follow rules and regulations while living under the same roof, Misty believes that she should have freedom in her life considering the fact that she makes her own money. It is apparently also one of the main reasons for their fight.

A thumbnail from Princess Misty's recent YouTube video of her discussing her pregnancy.She's had mixed responses to her announcements.
Photo Source: Princess Misty, Instagram

And when her mother came to know about Misty's unplanned pregnancy and the influencer's expectation that she should raise the baby as she was the grandmother, Misty's mother just lost it and kicked her out of the house. Not only that, but she also judged her daughter's life choices and said to earn up for her mistakes. So, upon facing her mother's rage, she was forced to leave her home and move in with her lover.

Well, this is not the first time Princess Misty left her house. In fact, the first time she ran away from her house, she got into the headlines of every newspaper in Detroit, and Orlando. Even though she left home after fighting with her mother, there were many rumors of her being kidnapped and even being dead in some media outlets.

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But some fans still believe that she did this all runaway for clout for which she received a lot of hate comments. Not only this, but she also got a lot of hate and judgment when she announced her pregnancy due to which she was forced to announce this news as a prank. However, this decision only made the situation worse as fans were infuriated with the Instagram sensation for joking about this sensitive matter of teenage pregnancy.

Princess Misty Left Her Baby Daddy, RayGotFame, Amid Cheating Rumors

If you have been following Princess Misty then you might know about her on and off relationship with her boyfriend, Ric Carius aka RayGotFame. The YouTuber first revealed about her boyfriend in the year 2020 and now she is already five months pregnant with his baby.

Princess Misty throwing a pose while out Partying in March 2022.Despite everything, she did continue outing while pregnant.
Photo Source: Princess Misty, Instagram

However, their relationship has now come to a halt after the news of him cheating on Misty surfaced over the internet. The rumors came after an influencer posted a video where she claimed that RayGotFame was having a fling behind her back.

Well, the 17-year-old justified the video by saying the girl in the video asked him if she could use this video for clout in order to gain some followers, and he agreed to it as his relationship with Misty was not official at that point. However, the Michigan resident was not so happy with this incident and broke up with him. Besides, Carius clearly denied these allegations when asked on a TikTok video.

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Though both the lovebirds have decided to keep mum after this incident, it seems like they have overcome their differences for now as RayGotFame recently featured Misty's grandmother in his video. Well, there are also chances that they have not got back together and will only be co-parenting their child together. Whatsoever, Princess Misty has mended her relationship with her mother as both have apologized for their mistakes.

Princess Misty's Net Worth in 2022

As per estimating sources, Princess Misty holds a net worth of around $200,000. Obviously, YouTube and Instagram are the main platforms for her income. However, she also makes a good sum from her other social media platforms like TikTok.

She launched her self-titled YouTube channel, Princess Misty, in October 2017, where she has posted over 169 videos and has accumulated over 32 million total views. With over  585K subscribers on her channel, she makes an average of about $700 per post through ad revenue. Besides, she regularly organizes iPhone, MacBooks, and TV giveaways for her fans.

Similarly, she has garnered over 712,000 followers on her Instagram page, @prinmidp_ from which she makes an average of about $2,800 per sponsored post. What's more, Misty is also the brand ambassador of Curlyme Hair which sells high-quality hair extensions.

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The social media icon started her TikTok page @therealprinmidp on May 2021 and has amassed over 7000 followers. Previously, her other TikTok account, @prinmii was banned by TikTok for multiple Community Guidelines Violations. She was able to garner about 1 million followers while earning about $1,000 per post with partnerships and live streams before being banned.

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