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Jan 12, 2023 @ 7:27 EST
North Star Boys' Sebastian Moy Has Multiple Net Worth Paths, Including Music with Brother Oliver | Celeb$fortune 2023

Meet the youngest member of the newly launched content house North Star Boys, Sebastian Jacob Moy (b. April 11, 2003) aka Sebastian Moy. He is an Asian-American TikToker, YouTuber, social media influencer, and singer who is popular for his short comedy and lip-sync videos.

Born to a Colombian mother and Chinese father, he has four brothers, Oliver Moy, Alex, Nick, and Mateo who are also well-known social media influencers. He, alongside his brother Oliver, founded North Star Boys in August 2021 which includes social media influencers like Ryan Nguyen, Justin Phan, Darren Liang, Regie Macalino, and Kane Ratan.

Moy has been homeschooled his entire life due to different circumstances and did not have any social skills or friends during his teenage years. So, he shares a good bond with his fans who love him unconditionally. Growing up, he was always insecure about his short height, but with constant love and support, he has learned to brace his insecurities.

Sebastian Moy's Net Worth in 2023: North Star Boys Have Ventured Into Musical Career

Back in September 2021, Sebastian Moy revealed his net worth to be $110,000 in one of his YouTube videos. He shared this on a video titled, MY NET WORTH?? (Googling Myself), where he googled himself using different keywords like his age, ethnicity, sexuality, and so on.

North Star Boys and their musical career.
North Star Boys is the first Asian American collaborative group with millions of fans all over the world.
Photo Source: North Star Boys, Instagram

However, in these years, his fan following and popularity have drastically increased so it won't be wrong to say that his net worth might have increased by hundreds of thousands by now.

Growing up in a family of online celebrities, he was always into social media and all. And in the year 2016, he found the perfect platform to showcase his creativity, then, where he basically used to post lip sync, and comedy videos as well as some dance moves.

With his charismatic personality and entertaining content, the brown-eyed 'Instagram sensation' soon gained a huge fan base. As of now, Sebastian has over 10.6 million followers and 415.1 million strong likes on his TikTok account, Sebastian Moy

As per estimating sources, Moy makes an average of $8,000 per post from his TikTok page through brand endorsement and sponsorships. One of his most viewed TikTok is titled, "#stitch with @iamkingjunior hi", which got over 29.4 million likes and 5.8 million hearts.

The 6'3" TikTok star is also quite popular on Instagram and Youtube as well. With over 1.7 million followers on his Instagram account, Sebastian Moy, he makes an average of $4,600 per sponsored post. As an Instagram model, he has worked with numerous prominent fashion brands.

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He started his YouTube channel, Sebastian Moy, on March 22, 2016, and now has over 551K subscribers count. The Florida native earns around $1,000 per post from his self-titled channel. Besides, he also makes a good buck from his merch, Moy Army which sells branded hoodies, t-shirts, accessories, face masks, sweatpants, and many more.

Besides being a member of the Asian-American collaborative group, North Star Boys, he and his fellow members have won the hearts of millions with their dance moves, comedy skits, and entertaining videos. Managed by Tyler Bray, they have accumulated over 5.5 million followers on TikTok, 505,000 followers on YouTube, and 400,000 followers on Instagram.

And after successfully ruling the social media world, NSB has now turned attention to the music industry and released their debut song, You Are My Star. Since then, they have released another song, Sunshine, and have performed over 13 plus live concerts and shows.

Sebastian Moy's Music Career and Talk Show

It's not a secret that Sebastian Moy, just like in other aspects, is also gaining popularity as a singer. He along with his elder brother Oliver Moy debuted as The Moy Boys and released different songs on their self-titled YouTube channel, The Moy Boys.

They have released many popular songs like Sweetheart, Ice Cream, Nautical, and Up All Night on Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube. They have performed their songs live in different parts of the world and have fans from all around as well.

Many might not know that Sebastian once hosted a secret talk show called, The Sebastian Moy Show, on the Flighthouse YouTube channel. In the show, he invited numerous social media icon guests like Baby ArielPiper Rockelle, and Kristen Hancher.

Who Is Sebastian Moy's GF? Is He Dating Gela Walter?

Sebastian Moy with his rumored girlfriend, Gela Walter.Sebastian Moy is rumored to be dating model, Gela Walter.
Photo Source: NSB Fan Page, Instagram

Among all the North Star Boys, Sebastian Moy has always managed to draw the attention of their fans with his good looks and innocent smile. And his love, no doubt, is one of the most popular topics among the fans. 

After his break up with Dylan Conrique back in 2019, he has managed to keep his love life under the radar. However, it seems like Moy is finally ready to share his romance with the public as he shared the snaps of kissing his best friend, Gela Walter.

The Florida native even shared some pictures on Snapchat with the caption "It's Official" where he was seen proposing to the model, Walter with a ring. But he later revealed that they were pranking Gela's dad. Whatsoever, the rumored couple seems to be head over the heels in love and always share affectionate pictures together.

Besides, fans love to ship him with other North Star Boys members, including Ryan Nguyen & Darren Liang, and have even made many romantic fanfictions on Wattpad. To add fuel to the fire, Liang mostly flirts with Moy on YouTube videos, and even jokingly calls Sebastian Moy his boyfriend.

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