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Jan 29, 2023 @ 11:48 EST
Oliver Moy and His Brother Sebastian Are Leading North Star Boys with Their Own Musical Career | Celeb$fortune 2023

While Sway House and Hype House were having a cold war of their one, Oliver Moy (b. 7, 2001) and his brother Sebastian Moy came up with a new collaborative group named North Star Boys (NSB) in August 2021. This collaborative content house based in LA includes social media influencers like Ryan Nguyen, Justin Phan, Darren Liang, Regie Macalino, Kane Ratan, and the Moy brothers.

Born to a Chinese father and a Columbian mother, Natalia, Oliver is an Asian-American singer, songwriter, YouTuber, TikTok star, and social media influencer. Hailing from Florida, he has four siblings, Alex, Nick, Mateo, and Sebastian Moy who are all popular on social media.

North Star Boys is the first Asian American content group that is invested in and managed by Tyler Ratanamongkala Bray, aka Manager Ty, who recently got listed as The Forbes Under 30 Class of 2022. This collaboration group aims to be the voice, inspiration, and role model to young Asian Americans. However, they got into headlines after using the Stop Asian Hate mural for a "thirst trap" photo.

Oliver Moy's Net Worth in 2023: Here's Everything About North Star Boys and Their Musical Career

North Star Boys are the first Asian-American influencer group. North Star Boys received backlash for posing “thirst traps” in front of a Stop Asian Hate mural.
Photo Source: North Star Boys, Instagram

As per estimating sources, Oliver Moy, who goes by Oli, is estimated to be worth $200,000 earned through his social media endeavors and musical career. Not to forget, he also sells branded merchandise which is another stream of income source for him.

Oliver launched into the social media scene through Instagram in November 2015 but got his big breakthrough on TikTok. He first posted his TikTok video which is a duet with Ryan Collin in February 2018, and with his charming personality, it did not take him long to garner a large fan following.

His point-of-view (POV) clips, lip-sync, and comedy videos on TikTok became a hit with the audiences, and soon became one of the trending artists on the platform. Oliver now has about 12 million followers on his TikTok page, Oliver Moy from which he makes an average of $9,000 per post through sponsorships and live streams.

Moy first forayed into Instagram, not with the intention to be an influencer but to showcase his photography skills. Growing up, he was always interested in photography and filmmaking and with time became more proficient. From his homogenous Instagram page, Oliver Moy, he earns around $3,500 per sponsored post.

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The Florida native also owns a self-titled YouTube channel, Oliver Moy where he posts vlogs, challenges, and storytime videos. He has garnered 453,000 subscribers on his channel from which he makes an average of $1,000 per post.

Meanwhile, Oliver and his group have been ruling the internet with their entertaining content and good looks. This collaborative group consisting of Darren Liang, Regie Macalino, Ryan Nguyen, Justin Phan, Kane Ratan, Oliver, and Sebastian Moy, has already amassed 4.6 million followers on TikTok, NSB, 398,000 followers on Instagram, NSB, and 511,000 subscribers on YouTube, NorthStarBoys, at the time of writing.

Following their success in the social media scene, NSB then launched their musical career back in 2022 with their debut song You Are My Star followed by another song, Sunshine. Both of their songs have become hits among fans resulting in them performing over 13 plus live concerts and shows so far.

Meanwhile, the Moy Brothers launched their merchandise called Moy Army which sells branded hoodies, face masks, sweatpants, shirts, and many more. They also started their bubble tea shop called Mu Tea boba. Besides, NSB as a group also has merch that sells t-shirts and hoodies with their faces imprinted on them.

Oliver Moy Dreams of Collaborating with Justin Beiber in the Future

Oliver Moy performing Sunshine with his group, NSB. Oliver Moy's fame skyrocketed after debuting with North Star Boys.
Photo Source: Oliver Moy, Instagram

Oliver Moy launched his musical career alongside his brother, Sebastian Moy as The Moy Boys in the year 2019 with the song Up All Night in 2019. And within a few months, their popularity rose a lot and they garnered thousands of loyal fans whom they call Moy Army.

The brother duo has officially released six songs to date which can be streamed on different platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud as well as YouTube. Besides, they have performed on different stages around the world and dream to be big musicians in the coming days. Among all their songs, Sweetheart, Nautical, and Up All Night are popular among fans.

The 21-year-old has always been a big fan of Justin Beiber since his childhood and hopes to collaborate with him in the near future. And talking about his favorite in Korean music, he is a big fan of BTS and once expressed how he wants to go to their concert through a tweet.

Is Oliver Moy Dating Sophie Díaz? Why Did He Break Up With Tessa Bear?

Oliver Moy no doubt has countless women standing in line to be his girlfriend. However, it broke their hearts when he became close with Mexican TikToker, Sophie Díaz. Even though the rumors of Moy dating Diaz has been in the headlines for a long time, they only mentioned each other as their crush.

Oliver Moy and his rumored girlfriend, Sophie Diaz.Were Oliver Moy and Sophie Diaz just friends?
Photo Source: Sophie Diaz, Fan Page

The news of their fling came out after the rumored couple started posting affectionate pictures and videos on social media. However, to the dismay of the fans, Diaz denied having any romantic relationship with Moy, and even Oliver claimed in one of his YouTube videos to have dated only one girl in the past i.e Toireasa McGuire aka Tessa Bears.

Talking about his relationship with Tessa, the former couple never made their relationship official in public and only referred to one another as their "best friends". However, Oliver's brother, Sebastian Moy did spill the news of them dating time and again, calling them a cute couple and also referring to Bears as his Moy's girlfriend in his videos.

Tessa even traveled back and forth from England to America in order to spend time together with Moy. Well, it seems like they ended their relationship on bad terms and some people are even claiming Moy cheated on her numerous times as both Tessa and Oliver have deleted all their pictures from social media.

And when Sebastian pranked his brother for posting the pictures of his ex-girlfriend Tessa on his wall, she was not so happy with it and even called their behavior immature for not asking for consent in her live stream. Besides, Tessa has moved on with her life and is now dating Lily Rose.

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