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Jan 25, 2023 @ 7:05 EST
Tal Fishman, Free Time Situation, and the Relationships That Influence Its Content | Celeb$fortune 2022

Who won't enjoy watching reaction videos? And who else is better at making reaction videos than the YouTuber, Tal Fishman? Born on December 27, 1996, Fishman is the American YouTuber, and social media star best known for his channel, Reaction Time, with over 14.7 million subscribers.

Tal first started his Youtube journey alongside his brother, Adi Fishman with their collaborative channel Tal and Short. And later when Adi decided to focus on his education, Tal started Reaction Time which is now one of the biggest reaction channels.

Though Tal originally gained fame through the now-defunct app, Vine, he got his big break on social media through his YouTube videos. Fishman, who is also the co-founder of TikTok talent management company, TalentX Entertainment, also has a sister named Shani Fishman.

Know About the Income Source of Tal Fishman's $7 Million Net Worth: Did He Quit YouTube?

Tal Fishman possesses a net worth of $7 million thanks to his successful social media career.Tal Fishman has worked with prominent brands including Porche.
Photo Source: Tal Fishman, Instagram

With a massive fan following of 14.7 million subscribers on Youtube, 1.3  million followers on Instagram, and 2.2 million followers on TikTok, Tal Fishman is estimated to hold a net worth of $7 million as per different sources. Even though he does not post as much as before on YouTube, it is still his biggest source of income.

He launched his YouTube career alongside his brother, Adi Fishman in April 2014 with the YouTube channel Tal and Short where the duo posted funny goofy videos and comedy skits that caught the attention of the audience and they hit 200K subscribers within a year.

However, the younger Fishman lost his motivation after a year and that's when Tal launched his separate YouTube channel, Reaction Time in 2015. He now has over 14.7 million subscribers and 4.25 billion views on his channel from which he makes an average of $5,500 per video through Adsense alone.

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After the success of Reaction Time, he then created another collaboration channel, Free Time with his influencer friends, Nick Mayorga, Michael Rosillo, Joseph Sim, Cenna Rashidi, Anthony Rivera, and Adi. With over 2.88 million subscribers and 2.59 million views, Free Time is popular for comedy videos, pranks, and challenges videos.

Being a big name on YouTube, Tal no doubt has a huge fan following on other social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. With over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, Tal Fishman and 2.2 million on TikTok, Tal Fishman, he earns around $3,400 per sponsored post and $1,700 per sponsored post from Instagram and TikTok respectively.

Besides, he also makes a good buck from his branded merchandise, Reaction Time, where he sells different clothing apparel. He also co-founded the talent management and media company, TalentX Management, which managed the popular collaborative group, Sway House.

Meanwhile, Tal took a break from YouTube for months as he was struggling to come up with new video ideas. Not to forget, Youtube has lots of new guidelines and has become more restricted over the years now. Whatsoever, Fishman is now back again on YouTube and has been posting videos regularly for his fans.

Three Years and Tal Fishman & Maddie Dean's Love Has Become Stronger Than Ever.

It's not unknown to the world that Tal Fishman is head over heels in love with the model influencer, Maddie Dean. The fan-favorite couple has been together since April 2019 and has been going stronger than ever. Fishman officially introduced Maddie as his girlfriend to the world after five months through a YouTube video.

Tal Fishman has been dating model Maddie Dean since 2019. Tal Fishman and his girlfriend, Maddie Dean have been dating for nearly four years now.
Photo Source: Tal Fishman, Instagram

The pair celebrated their three-year anniversary in April 2020 where they shared how much they mean to each other and appreciated fans' support and love on their Instagram handle. They have not said anything about getting married, but looking at how supportive Fishman was when Dean told him that she was pregnant in her prank video, it's no doubt he would be a great husband.

Why Are Tal Fishman and the Squad Not Posting on “Free Time” Anymore? Is It Due to His Feud with Brother, Adi?

If you have been following the Fishman brothers since the very beginning then you might know how inseparable Tal and Adi were. So, it came as a huge shock to the fans when the brothers stopped filming and even hanging out together.

Tal Fishman with his Free Time members.'Free Time' group came to an end after the feud between the Fishman brothers.
Photo Source: Chloe Smith, Instagram 

Due to the unknown feud between the brothers, their collaborative group, Free Time also came to an end. The group stopped posting the videos in April 2021. While the exact reason for the dispute has not been revealed, there have been rumors going on that it is due the Tal's girlfriend, Maddie Dean. But nothing is ever concrete.

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