Net Worth of Every Sway House LA Member Ever, And Who's Dating Who

Jul 25, 2020 @ 11:53 EDT
Net Worth of Every Sway House LA Member & Who's Dating Who? | Celeb$fortune

Despite the variations in net worth, the Sway House guys don't act like they have less of anything.

Sway House LA is a TikTok collaborative creator group, residing in a 7,800-square-foot mansion in the Bel Air section of Los Angeles since January 2020, an initiative that one might call a follow-up on the infamous Hype House, also in LA. But among all these collab houses cropping up here and there, Sway House is probably made up of most controversial members on the video-syncing website and the community.

Neighbors have been sick of their ignorance of social-distancing guidelines and doing all sorts of things in a previously quiet neighborhood. That's another topic to discuss. And so is the one about the arrest of two of the members on drug charges and consequently quitting.

The Sway House MansionThe neighborhood first thought they were some frat boys.
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Sway House LA was established on January 4, 2020, conceptualized by TalentX Entertainment, a talent development company led by CEO Warren Lentz. And partnering with ICM, they represent the members of the house. And since inception, brands have been rushing to get a deal out of each one of them. So you know their net worth values are all pretty.

Current Members

The current Sway House members include Bryce Hall, Anthony Reeves, Kio Cyr, Griffin Johnson, Blake Gray and Noah Beck, the most recent member. By now, it is widely known that despite having a sort of a rivalry (kind of) with the Hype House and consequently clubhouse, some of these guys date the members of the other house.

The income sources of these members include social media sponsorships from brands that they often get, and paid content & promotion they give on their posts and videos. Additionally, these guys also respectively share their own merch line that they gain considerably gain from. All of it applies to almost every single social media influencer out there.

Bryce Hall Net Worth

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20-year-old Bryce Hall is considerably the most famous member of the collaborative building, also the founding member, and probably the most notorious of them all (not leaving the house despite the arrest). He has over 11 million followers on Tiktok, 5 million followers on Instagram and 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube. With such a following, Hall is worth $750,000.

Bryce Hall Net WorthPhoto Source: Bryce Hall, Instagram

He dated Addison Rae [net worth: $3 million] for a brief while. They still spark dating rumors Every Single Day, despite claiming multiple times that they're just friends now. Of course, Hall is always in the middle of conversation of every relationship rumors among the collab houses. He also dated Elle Danjean for half a year in 2019.

Anthony Reeves Net Worth

18-year-old Anthony Reeves is a relatively new member of the TikTok community, but still maintains a following of almost 10 million people on the social media app. He takes half of that following to Instagram with almost 5 million followers, while also boasting 400,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel despite posting just twice. His net worth is estimated to be around $400,000, as of mid-2020.

Anthony Reeves Net WorthPhoto Source: Anthony Reeves, Instagram

Reeves is also dating another Hype House member and Shorty's TikToker of the Year (surprising it didn't go to Charli D'Amelio [net worth: $4 million]) Avani Gregg [net worth: $2 million]. It started with rumors from way back in November 2019 but was confirmed in early 2020. By the looks of it, everything seems to be sunshine for the pair at the moment.

Kio Cyr Net Worth

19-year-old Kio Cyr a social media influencer boasting a following of over 7 million on TikTok. He also has over 2 million followers on Instagram and 320,000 subscribers on YouTube. He is collectively worth $250,000.

Kio Cyr Net WorthPhoto Source: Kio Cyr, Instagram

On the dating side, he did date aspiring model Olivia Ponton [net worth: $200,000] for a brief while in early 2020. But they two parted ways in late June in a surprising turn of events (really surprising), with Cyr later revealing fans had something to do with the breakup. It seems Ponton later joined Hype House as well, and both have removed traces of each other on Instagram.

Griffin Johnson Net Worth

21-year-old Griffin Johnson amasses over 8 millions fans on TikTok, calling himself a "Tik Tok star wannabe" and is actually an aspiring actor, having recently started it with the Brat web series Attaway General. He also adds 3.3 millions followers on Instagram and over 830,000 subscribers on YouTube. Johnson is currently worth $350,000.

Griffin Johnson Net WorthPhoto Source: Griffin Johnson, Instagram

Johnson is actually better known for confirming Dixie D'Amelio [net worth: $700,000] as his girlfriend after associating with her on Attaway General. The relationship seems to be in the right place for now, except the cheating accusation that D'Amelio had to shut down.

Blake Gray Net Worth

19-year-old Blake Gray is a veteran social media influencer, primarily Instagrammer, having started on YouNow in 2015 and already traveled as part of the Magcon 2016 tour & Jacob Sartorius' [net worth: $1.5 million] opening act in 2018.

Blake Gray Net WorthPhoto Source: Blake Gray, Instagram

As a Sway House member, he now has a $400,000 fortune, accumulating off of a following of 4 million on TikTok, 3.9 million on Instagram and 416,000 subscribers on YouTube. Though he was nominated for the Teen Choice Award for Choice Instagrammer in 2016, he's stopped posting on YouTube since June 2017.

He's been in the dating scene all over the place. Elle Danjean was his first-known girlfriend in early 2018. He also dated Olivia Occhigrossi later that year to move on from this relationship too sometime in 2019. He is now stirring up rumors with Amelie Zilber.

Noah Beck Net Worth

19-year-old Noah Beck is a new member of Sway House alongside Gray and just came to the limelight recently. Regardless, he already has 7.7 million fans on TikTok and 2.5 million on Instagram but does not operate a YouTube channel yet. Beck is currently worth $200,000.

Noah Beck Net WorthPhoto Source: Noah Beck, Instagram

You won't get to know who Beck is dating right now, but he did respond to rumors that Charli D'Amelio is the one swaying his heart. He was even linked to James Charles [net worth: $25 million] a while back. Of course, it's just the beginning for him. These rumors will be around.

Members Who Don't Live in the Mansion

Nick Bean Net Worth

Rather than a member, 25-year-old Nick Bean is really the creative director for the Sway House. Since being a pro-YouTuber and the oldest member of the group, he is just paving the path for his fellow members. His YouTube channel is subscribed by 1.65 million people and began posting since January 2015. He also has 2.5 million fans of TikTok and 874,000 followers on Instagram but doesn't post much on either. Bean is worth $375,000 as of 2020.

Nick Bean Net WorthPhoto Source: Nick Bean, Instagram

The North Carolina-native has also been a part of the YouTube collab, Our Journey, with the likes of Loren Gray [net worth: $4 million], Baby Ariel [net worth: $2 million], Zach Clayton, Weston Koury, Mario Selman, Brennen Taylor. Meanwhile, he dated Bianca Sotelo in 2018 and is currently single. He did joke about dating Selena Gomez once (of course not).

Quinton Griggs Net Worth

16-year-old Quinton Griggs was made viral with a video of him dancing in a food truck and is one of those whose hair is one of the strangest features. Finding TikTok when in a "dark place" and inspired by former Sway boy Jaden Hossler, he has almost 6 million fans on the video-syncing platform and invites 1.6 million on Instagram. He controls a $170,000 fortune with also a mere 150,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Quinton Griggs Net WorthPhoto Source: Quinton Griggs, Instagram

Griggs mentioned in an IG live in April 2020 that he's single, but he was later linked to Cynthia Parker by June 2020. Well, Parker captioning a TikTok video with him as "my baby" says a lot.

Now Labeled Former SwayBoys

It's not been a pleasant few weeks for the SwayBoys, particularly for two of them who resigned from the collaborative. Josh Richards and Jaden Hossler were actually among the original founding member of Sway House, with the former being a partner of TalentX Entertainment. The two announced their departure in late May and issued statements of apology after a string of scandals.

Josh Richards Net Worth

18-year-old Josh Richards was an early bird to have signed with a manager in late 2017 and now has signed a recording contract to Trailblaze a New Music Style. He still has over 20 million fans on TikTok, still stagnant either way, 6.5 million followers on Instagram and 2 million subscribers on YouTube. With a host of income sources besides social media, he's collected a wealth worth of $1.5 milion.

Josh Richards Net WorthPhoto Source: Josh Richards, Instagram

During his own controversies, he was also dating another controversial girlfriend Nessa Barrett [net worth: $200,000], while also driving a wedge between Charli D'Amelio and Chase Hudson [net worth: $800,000]. But the two announced their breakup in late June, stating they needed to mature on their own paths. And despite not staying in the Sway House, he still collaborates with the members on a daily basis.

Jaden Hossler Net Worth

19-year-old Jaden Hossler also has a music career and one of the two who was arrested on drug charges with Bryce Hall. His journey on TikTok began in the summer of 2019 and now is followed by over 7 million fans on the platform. He's also got a music career to hold on to with almost 4 million Instagram followers. His YouTube channel isn't doing bad either with over 1 million subscribers. Angels & Demons is his biggest hit.

Jaden Hossler Net WorthPhoto Source: Jaden Hossler, Instagram

The $400,000 worth Hossler isn't one to shy away from relationships either. He dated Madison Lewis since mid to late 2019, but the romance ended in early 2020. He's signed to DTA Records for now, but there's no telling what the future holds for him.

There's one more thing to discuss. Sway House LA's own social media accounts have quite the following, though fickle in comparison to the individual accounts. Their Instagram page has 1.7 million followers, and their TikTok account is followed by over 4 million people. And of course, branding is done quite often from these pages.

Renting the mansion at $11,000 a month and partying so hard to disrupt the neighborhood paints the picture of the kind of money these guys have. For now. It's only a matter of time they get caught in lawsuits and such, unless they do something to turn it around.

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