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Dec 27, 2022 @ 12:29 EST
Maddie Dean's Relationship with Tal Fishman & Free Time's Dissolution May Be Connected | Celeb$fortune 2022

Madeline Rose Dean (b. September 29, 2000) aka Maddie Dean is an aspiring American model, TikToker, Instagram influencer, and YouTuber. She came to prominence after being associated with the popular YouTuber and social media content creator, Tal Fishman.

Dean, who is originally from the small town of West Chester, Pennsylvania, later relocated to Los Angeles in order to pursue her dream to be a fashion model. She has a sister named Danielle Dean who is a graduate of the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee Campus.

How Much Is the Net Worth of Maddie Dean?

As per estimating sources, Maddie Dean holds a net worth of around $100,000 as an aspiring model and social media influencer. She started modeling in her teenage years for which she even left her hometown of Pennsylvania and shifted to Los Angeles, California.

As an aspiring fashion model, Maddie Dean possesses a net worth of $100,000.Maddie Dean rose to fame thanks to her YouTuber boyfriend, Tal Fishman.
Photo Source: Maddie Dean, Instagram

The 5'9" tall model is now represented by Elite Model Management and State Management Los Angeles. She has already worked with prominent fashion brands like Aleta Couture, Mac Duggal, Atria, Lounge Underwear, and so on.

Her income is not limited to modeling as she makes good bucks from brand endorsements and sponsorships. With over 210,000 followers on her Instagram account, Madeline Dean, she makes around $800 per sponsored post.

Similarly, she has amassed quite a good fan following on her TikTok page, Maddie Dean, which she launched in November 2019. With over 804,000 followers, Dean earns an average of $645 per post on TikTok strictly through brand endorsement and sponsorship.

Maddie also launched her YouTube channel, Maddie Dean, on September 2019 and has over 459K subscribers at the time of writing. Well, it was not her idea to start her channel, and in fact, her boyfriend Tal Fishman forced her into starting it.

But after spending some time making videos, Dean revealed that she had actually started loving it and that it has become one of her biggest hobbies as well. Unlike TikTok and Instagram, she is not so active on YouTube as her last video was posted a year earlier. To date, she has posted over 28 videos and makes around $3,200 per post from her self-titled channel.

Maddie Dean's Weight Loss Journey: Here's Her Before and After Transition

Maddie Dean was bullied for being over weight.
Maddie Dean shed 70 pounds through a healthy diet and consistent workout.
Photo Source: Maddie Dean, Instagram Handle

If you have followed Maddie Dean then you surely knew she was not as lean and thin in her teenage as she is now. The American model has admitted time and again about being bullied and picked on due to her weight during her teenage years.

Dean started gaining weight massively when she turned 12 years old, and by 16, she was already 180 pounds with 5'6". Due to constant criticism, Maddie became insecure to the point that she would wear long clothes in order to hide her body even in the scorching hot summer.

Well, people used to make fun of her not only because of her weight but also for having big lips. After struggling with her weight for years, the 22-year-old finally started her journey to weight loss. Through motivation, persistence, and goal, she began dieting and eating healthier along with working out which helped her to lose 70 pounds.

In fact, Maddie revealed her secret to losing weight as an 80% healthy diet and 20% workout. Dean always tells her followers to set goals and aspirations to achieve something in their life which will make it easier to reach their goals. She has always been open about her weight loss and hopes that her journey will inspire others to adopt a healthy lifestyle as well.

Maddie Dean and Tal Fishman Have Been Going Stronger for Two Years Now. Are They Tying the Knot Any Time Soon?

Maddie Dean and Tal Fishman is one of the most loved influencer couple.
Three years and more to come.
Photo Source: Tal Fishman, Instagram

Fans went crazy when Tal Fishman finally introduced Maddie Dean as his girlfriend after being single for many years. The couple first started dating on April 2019 but officially announced their relationship after five months in September 2019 through a YouTube video.

In fact, Maddie's first YouTube video was titled THE BOYFRIEND TAG w/ Tal Fishman where she introduced Tal as the love of her life and even shared some juicy stuff about her dating life. The couple has been in love for more than two years now and their love seems to grow stronger with each passing time.

The love birds celebrated their three-year anniversary in April 2020 where shared how much they mean to each other and appreciated fans' support and love on their Instagram handle. They have not revealed anything about getting married. However, looking at how supportive Fishman was when Dean told him that she was pregnant in her prank video, fans are eagerly waiting for them to get married and eventually become a parent.

Did Maddie Dean Cause the Feud Between Tal and Adi Fishman?

Tal Fishman and Adi Fishman was one of the most loved brother duos on social media since the start of their career. The brothers created a channel together named Free Time which amassed over 2.98 million subscribers consisting of comedic content including reaction videos, skits, sketches, funny Q&A videos, and vlogs.

This collaborative group comprised YouTubers Nick MayorgaMichael Rosillo, Joseph SimCenna Rashidi, and Anthony Rivera apart from the Fishman brothers. However, there seems to be a feud going on between Adi and Tal as fans noticed that they are not filming together as often as before.

Tal Fishman and Adi Fishman's relationship has drifted apart.Adi Fishman and Tal Fishman are no longer filming together.
Photo Source: Adi Fishman, Instagram

To add fuel to the fire, Adi even moved out from their Free Time group house leaving fans to speculate different reasons for their row. Though the brothers have not spoken anything about their problem, fans are speculating that Maddie Dean was the reason for the split between the two brothers.

Some fans even noticed that the brother stopped filming together after Adi and his girlfriend, Emily Alexander pranked Tal and Maddie for cheating on one another which stirred problems in their relationships. It was at the same time, Emily who used to live together with Maddie moved out of their house. Since then they have not been seen together.

What's more, both Adi and Emily unfollowed Dean on her social media account and were not seen at Dean's 21st birthday party while all their friends, as well as Tal's family, were present there. Meanwhile, fans are hoping for the Fishman brothers to sort out their issues and be the inseparable duo like before.

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