Welcome to 'clubhouse' — Daisy Keech Takes You to a Tour of Her New Collaborative Building

Mar 31, 2020 @ 6:20 EDT
Welcome to 'clubhouse' — Daisy Keech Takes You to a Tour of Her New Collaborative Building

Daisy Keech is not primarily a TikTok influencer, as much as she is an Instagram/YouTube fitness influencer, but she is looking out for some creative TikToker for her brand new house. Now, from this point, we choose to ignore all the drama that happened in her recent past with the Hype House and her recent outburst against former best friend Thomas Petrou. Because she chooses to do so too. And we're totally on board with it.

In her latest YouTube video (now that she's posting regularly again), Keech turned on the camera to introduce her fans to "the next chapter of my life". To get things out of the way, she first thanked her fans for sending her positive messages in the comment section for encouragement. You could see her dog, Harley, walking around in the background, who follows her everywhere throughout the entire video.

Just when you feel like life is falling apart, really, it's coming together. I promise you, everything is really happening for the greater good.

The 20-year-old announced her plans to form a new collaborative house quite a while ago, as we've already mentioned before, naming it clubhouse (really, no capitalization). She's already got investments for an impending LLC and also has recruited two growing social media users, Chase Keith and Abby Rao (remember, also a co-founder), who are continuing on making content during the self-quarantine period. And judging by the house's Instagram account, the house will appropriately named The Clubhouse BH later on.

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As described earlier, the new 12,000-square-foot house is located in the Beverly Hills area, which she said is twice the size of Hype House and sits on a one-acre lot finished with a semi-glass-pool, a gym, a George Washington painting (3Gs!) and a movie theater, finished with lion statues in the front lawn, fit to her liking, 'cause she's Leo. You could see the cameraman and a couple of cars reflected in the glass behind her as she led the viewers to the entrance with the statues seen very clearly (Well, she actually climbed on it, so... yeah).

In a room which she couldn't tell what it's called, there was a lovely fireplace, the aforementioned painting, a photo of Buddha on the wall (also in the meeting or gaming room whichever necessary), with glass door (or wall?) overlooking the pool, and Abby on the couch, who she referred to as her "Best Friend". Yeah. And oh, she gave you a glimpse of the bathroom with lots of mirrors. Charli D'Amelio did say the bathroom was the best place to film TikTok videos because of the lighting and the mirrors.

Daisy's mom, Shawna Keech, was in the kitchen, which led to a fun room with an elevator in between, serving the guests... something... And Mariana Morais, aka Maarebeaar, said "hello" as Daisy continued on to the show the office area with the garage in sight. Leslie Golden, aka Lesliehannahbelle, was there without showing herself on the way to the second kitchen.

Katy Jo RaeLynn, Jessica Bartlett, Leslie Golden and Marianna Morais in the LA Clickhouse.The two on the left, Morais and Golden were in the clubhouse, presumably moving in too.
Photo Source: Leslie Golden, Instagram

Seth Ondrick & Jay Laurent came out of another room and the latter tried to take over Daisy's lead, but she got it back after one room. Everything was only downstairs. The upstairs is all bedrooms, but this time, she had her own closet, instead of just the hallway. When she tried introducing one room, her mom's dog, Ricky, came out of it, leaving the room nameless.

She finally showed her huge room with a fireplace so that she could film her YouTube videos (the last one was filmed here), as well as her big bathroom with glass windows opening the backyard below. When coming out to the balcony, she inserted an ad of her Keech Peach booty workout program, of course, pausing to give a look at the doctor-certified real booty.

Jay Laurent ProfileLaurent is also probably moving in, or maybe he was just helping.
Photo Source: Jay Laurent, TikTok

Finally, she went downstairs to the not-so-basement-looking basement area with another fun room with a pool table, and then she entered the movie theater. Yes, like an actual small movie theater with just the right seats that actually massage you, a projector and that white screen that lights up with the movie for the viewers to watch.

Surprisingly the theater room leads to a secret room, decorated as if a just-married couple was living there. As she went out to the swimming pool area, she introduced someone as her boyfriend, a Greek statue she could actually sit in. There were a bunch of other statues in the outdoor dining room.

Daisy Keech in a Greek Statue.There's her boyfriend.
Photo Source: Daisy Keech, Instagram

She then led us to an open area meant to be something she has yet to come up with.

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Daisy is clearly starting the new decade with a new chapter in everything. And as you noticed, most people that featured in her video are members of the LA Click House. Yeah, Mariana Morais, Leslie Golden, Jay Laurent "were" all once in that house. But it seems, that, too, has already dissolved. So, all these guys have probably most definitely already recruited into the clubhouse. Of course, Laurent already declared it in his TikTok videos. One person is sure, however — Kinsey Wolanski. Yes, "the" Kinsey Wolanski, Vitaly's former partner in crime, will be joining clubhouse, according to the announcement made by the group's Instagram page, as well as her own announcement. Others have yet to announce.

Kinsey Wolanski's announcement into the clubhouse.Considering Keech's plan to span all the social media platforms, YouTube, Instagram and such, Wolanski is an interesting addition.
Photo Source: Kinsey, Instagram

As Keech ended her video with, "Stay tuned for more content to come, I've so, so much planned...", keep in touch with Celeb$fortune, as well, for more updates in the coming days.

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