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Apr 3, 2020 @ 17:03 EDT
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Looking at Abby Rao and Daisy Keech [net worth: $600,000] together will get you to think the two are twins somehow, or even just sisters. And they actually are later, not by blood or anything. Being best friends has got to call each other sister, right? But Abby's relationship with Bryan Quang Le, aka RiceGum, since they broke up is more popular than anything else.

Born on July 20, 1997 (age 23), Rao is originally Slidell, Louisiana, near New Orleans, and moved to Los Angeles in order to pursue a career in modeling. And yes, she's been able to fulfill that dream. I mean, have you seen her Instagram profile? Yeah, now you know what we're talking about. And her parents are reportedly split up & remarried too, and she always dreamt of becoming an actor from a young age.

Daisy Keech and Abby Rao.Keech and Rao have become besties is a pretty short time due to their similar interests.
Photo Source: Abby Rao, Instagram

Rao is a successful model alright. She was a cosmetologist in Mandeville, Louisiana, when she received her first invitation from playboy millionaire, Dan Bilzerian, around September 2018, and then she went on to move to LA in November 2018. She attended the Ignite party hoping to be a spokesperson for the company. Now, she is a spokesperson for major clothing companies, and thus, earning big. Not to mention she'll rise to higher fame, now that she's part of clubhouse, with girls with the same interests and lifestyles.

Abby Rao's Net Worth of $200,000 Is Only the Beginning; Watch Out, But She Apparently Was a Child Actor

As of April 2020, the Instagram model Abby Rao is worth $200,000 As an ambassador for prominent companies like Fashion Nova, Knock Out Watches, among others, you know she's earning pretty from social media. Of course, her photos are the main piece of attraction on her IG page. So, the engagements on her sponsored posts has to be staggering, isn't it?

Abby Rao's portrait at the beach with Daisy Keech's mom at the back.Rao always wanted to be a singer since she was young, but it never held up (BTW, that's Keech's mom).
Photo Source: Abby Rao, Instagram

The 22-year-old started posting modelling photos on Instagram since August 2017 and gained major attraction when she started dating YouTuber RiceGum. But the breakup got even more attention on YouTube than one would've expected. Although, now, she's moved past it and is part of a new collaborative group The Clubhouse Beverly Hills.

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In addition, in case you haven't noticed while Googling 'Abby Rao', she is designated as a film star. And she does have an IMDb page in her name, without a photo. It seems she used to be a child actor in the past until 2017 with a minor role on Kung Fu Yoga. She was a part of The Jack of Spades and Enemies Among Us in 2010, having started in 2008 with Lockjaw: Rise of the Kulev Serpent.

She's a Co-Founder of 'clubhouse BH'!

Daisy Keech might've had her own problems with the co-founders of the Hype House, having been allegedly cut out of the title too and then cutting the 'Best Friend' ties with Thomas Petrou, but she is making sure Rao is also mentioned as the co-founder of clubhouse. Yeah, pretty sure you shouldn't let her go unnoticed during interviews and in reports.

The likes of Kinsey Wolanski [net worth: $900,000] and Chase Keith [net worth: $300,000] have already joined as the members of the house. It's unclear but the members of LA Clickhouse were also there during Keech's new house tour in Beverly Hills. And within a month of the tour of the new house LA Clickhouse moved in to, Kathleen Belsten, aka Lufu, has left the group. She was not there in clubhouse, but others like Mariana Morais, Leslie Golden, Jay Laurent might move too, once we know the real deal of why they were there during the lockdown.

@chaserwe lowkey ate this ???? @abbyrao @daisykeech♬ Roses - Imanbek Remix - SAINt JHN

Keech, also known to have the first real IG booty according to her, is adamant in expanding throughout several other social media platforms besides just TikTok, which everyone seems to believe is her major platform. And to be fair, she is off to a great start. Keith is still a major influence on TikTok, but the girls are known to have been big on Instagram, and Keech on YouTube as well. They could all learn something from each other and grow.

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And oh, Rao is also Keech's best friend now, putting behind all the Hype House drama. She is determined to "will protect her at all costs".

Social Media Earnings

As is evident, she's pretty big on Instagram and also quite alright on TikTok. That means more chances of sponsorship deals and endorsement opportunities. And with the new acquisition as the co-founder of clubhouse, she's on her way to increase her involvement in other platforms as well. As it's apparent, clubhouse is already creating daily content as well.


Abby's not shy of revealing she's had work done on her body either, as Keech did with her surgery. She's also advertised the plastic surgeon Dr. Kay Durairaj's Aesthetics, as well as Gabe Rosenthal, on Instagram by thanking him for her facial touch-up. She's also got breast implants back in July 2019, advertised by RiceGum. Meanwhile, she also sponsored 24Karats, Dose of Roses, Calvin Kein, Grailed and Rachelment the Label via her posts.

Abby Rao giving out a rare smile.Abby Rao credited Gabe Rosenthal for letting her be able to smile on Instagram for the first time.
Photo Source: Abby Rao, Instagram

Like that, she sponsors several other companies on her Instagram page in the form of credits to having helped her look how she does, with clothes, jewelry and other stuff. Fashion Nova is her first endorsement, prominent among Instagram and TikTok influencers like Danielle Cohn [net worth: $2 million], Addison Rae [net worth: $3 million] and Charli D'Amelio [net worth: $4 million]. She also shares photos of her puppy, Puff, every so often.

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With alluring pictures and smart captions, she's attracted 1.6 million followers on her page, Abby, with only over 74 posts, and constantly updates on the number, even if it is an increase by 200,000. She thus earns an average of around $4,300 from each of those posts through sponsorships. She started posting photos with Keech since January 2020 and gives her followers new photos to look at more often than she used to during her early days.


Rao is not that active on YouTube right now, except for the Famous Birthdays' Guess Their Age video and the 2019 Babes in Toyland Pet Edition Charity event, but she is giving it all on TikTok. Her follower-count is steadily rising, and it's not slow.

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In less than a week from 840,000 followers, she now has over 990,000 followers on her TikTok page, Abby Rao, and has posted only 38 times, at the time of writing. But that may change soon as she's regularly posting clips inside Clubhouse BH, while also featuring Daisy Keech and other social media stars, NELK Boys and even RiceGum. She earns around $800 per post from sponsorships.

Abby Rao and RiceGum May Have Split Up, But She Says She Still Loves Him

Abby Rao and RiceGum started dating since early 2019 and broke up by early November. Within that time, she appeared in a ton of videos with him over on his YouTube, and people have gotten to know her a lot better. Based on her Instagram posts, people were finding her so full of herself. And some people like that still existed while she dated him and even more after they broke up.

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It was good while it lasted. They met at a concert and RiceGum says she was with someone too. They started dating, but the differences in their lifestyles and their choices drifted them apart. She revealed in an interview with Hollywood Life on November 21, 2019, that the breakup happened around two weeks before then. But people were speculating their breakup since that cryptic tweet she gave out on November 5 (and they were probably right) and Keem Star, a very good friends with RiceGum, announced it on RiceGum's 23rd birthday.

She'd gone away to be with her parents after the devastating split and also said that the love was strong and STILL IS. Did you notice the TikTok video she made with him this April (or the last day of March), that she still hasn't removed? She talked to Famous Birthdays about everything she liked about him and judging by the answers, there's still something.

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Abby is also friends with Katie Bell (since she actually lived with her at one point!). The two appeared in a Q&A video with RiceGum as well. Katie also told Before They Were Famous that they were living together by early September. She also told them that she and Abby with RiceGum were moving to West Hollywood, next doors to each other, expressing the desire to make YouTube videos more effectively together.

But it seems she there to stay over at clubhouse. And her YouTube channel may well be active again. So yeah, watch out for her.

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