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Mar 13, 2020 @ 4:11 EDT
Everything about Annie LeBlanc's career and net worth.

How could a four-year-old have a YouTube channel? It's unnatural but Annie LeBlanc did. Her parents actually filmed her gymnastics, which she did for fun, just for the sake of their family members to watch. And before you know it, she was all over the internet.

Born on December 5, 2004 [age 15], in Augusta, Georgia, as Julianna Grace LeBlanc, her interest shifted from gymnastics as a toddler to acting in her pre-teens and early teens and then to singing side-by-side with acting. Now she's a vlogger, executive producer and a social media phenomenon as well. And she's only 15 years old.

Annie LeBlanc taking a selfie in her car.If you want her to talk numbers, she's not interested, but she does get a lot of it.
Photo from: annie grace ?, Instagram

It just goes to show what the internet can help you achieve. She's been considered one of the biggest Gen Z female stars in 2018 by Famous Birthdays. And with all the professions that LeBlanc's taken up, her net worth also accumulated gradually over the years, as she is known to do things for the fun of it rather than the money. But of course, these stars do get paid prettily.

Annie LeBlanc's Net Worth of $2.5 Million Is Really No Underestimation

As of March 2020, Annie LeBlanc controls an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. It's not surprising as it is attributed to her entrance into the glam world since the age of four. Much of the wealth is sourced from her career as a vlogger, actress, social media sensation, musician and fashionista, as she never pursued professional gymnastics.

Annie LeBlanc profile photo.Despite not thinking too much of social media, it is her biggest source of half of her income.
Photo from: annie grace ?, Instagram

The girl's fortune might leave you scratching your heads, but all the deals and merch sales are not without money, despite her main reason of doing what she does every day is just because she wants to have fun. Her YouTube earnings bring in a pretty hefty amount, so does her Instagram earnings. Her music career has been quite successful with millions of views on her videos, and her acting career's been nothing short of awesome. But it will take some time for her to cement a role on TV or on the international screen. And her wealth is justified by her career as you read below.

Annie Left Gymnastics Since She Had No Wish to Go Professional

LeBlanc was born to mother Katie and father Billy. She has a younger sister by the name of Hayley LeBlanc. She also had an older brother, Caleb Logan, who tragically passed away aged 13 due to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

The 15-year-old started doing gymnastics since she was two years old. And she was really determined at it; so much so that she wouldn't leave the beam unless she did something right. In order to show the family members and relatives of her cute gymnastics practices, her parents set up a YouTube channel named Acroanna when she was only three and started posting photos of her practicing. You won't find the name since it's changed to 'Annie LeBlanc' now and features her music videos and other entertainment content.

Watch Her As a Level 7 Gymnast at the Age of 9

The girl practiced her moves and had so much fun along the way. That's the only reason she did gymnastics despite gaining attention more than only her relatives on YouTube. Of course, seeing a 4-year-old flawlessly perform would entertain anyone (better watch out for the current 3-year-old gymnastics enthusiast Adelynn Goodrich then, eh?).

She learned all the necessary tricks to be labeled a Level 9 competitive gymnast and would've been eligible to compete at the "elite" level, including the Olympics, at Level 10. Remember, Simone Biles and Laurie Hernandez were Level 9 gymnasts when they won Gold at the Olympics at her age. But Annie had no such interest in competing professionally. Perhaps partly due to her stage fright (yes she does too). But she just doesn't see the point in it if she won't have fun; she was too stressed by it until then. So, she left the world of gymnastics in 2017, having been a part of it for almost a decade.

Had she continued her journey professionally, there would've been a significant addition to her net worth. But her other career paths were also gearing up to more fame. there was nothing stopping her.

The Vlog Journey Also Started As a Family Thing Until She Was Independent and Ready for Her Own Fashion Ventures

When she was six, her parents started a vlogging channel named 'Bratayley' following the lives of the entire LeBlanc family. It was also intended for their relatives, but LeBlanc was already way ahead with her gymnastics routines. The channel might have been for Hayley this time since her parents named it after her. Replace 'Brat' in the channel name with 'H'. Yeah, there you go.

Annie LeBlanc in the middle of vlogging.It's amazing to think that she's only 15 and has already achieved so much.
Photo from: annie grace ?, Instagram

In an interview with CNBC, she said she considers herself a vlogger for eight years now and rightly so. These days, she's checking out her closet in front of the cameras and showing what it means to be a real online star these days. Most of her non-music videos are related to beauty & makeup, her phone, and even her workouts. It's basically a show of how lavish her lifestyle is, but with her, it's all about having fun.

CNBC also made a quick report of her July 2019 earnings from her videos alone. She earns about $80,000 in that month only.

The Merchandise

With such an interest in fashion & beauty from a young age, she was bound to be making money off of merchandise sales after gathering such a huge social media following. The standard YouTuber merch like T-shirts, hoodies, water bottles, sweatshirts and socks are common.

However, she's already been an entrepreneur, besides vlogging about other brands' stuffs. Annie created a jewelry line of her own titled, Annie LeBling. There's a website built up for it, where she writes, "I created this awesome Annie LeBling collection because I love to express my personal style and I wanted to share it with all of you. Get ready to mix and match, trade with friends, and celebrate life every day with this amazing jewelry!"

Annie LeBlanc often advertises her own merchandise on social media.Annie LeBlanc often advertises her own merchandise on social media.
Photo from: annie grace ?, Instagram

Interest people can buy rings ranging from $20 to $30 as well as bracelets for $15 per piece. And a reminder, she usually doesn't like walking around with too much makeup (despite the tutorials), so you won't have to worry about whether she is the real deal or not.

There's also Bratayley Merchandise you can get from its website set up by Shopify. As mentioned, the store features, hoodies, socks, water bottles and even fidget spinners, bags, leggings and leotards.

The Acting and Singing Careers Just Went Along with Fame

Since being a full-time YouTube star in 2017, she started growing her fanbase at a tremendous rate. She was the online star to watch out for that year. Hannie started flowing the internet due to speculations that she and another social media star Hayden Summerall were dating. It was due to her very first foray into the world of singing that caused the stir. She had released the cover of Alex & Sierra's Little Do You Know on YouTube in June 2017 in collaboration with him. That alone could've gotten her somewhere between $12,750 to $204,000 from ads; a wide range but impressive nonetheless.

Watch: The Record-Winning Cover of Annie LeBlanc and Hayden Summerall's 'Little Do You Know'

It was that very thing that propelled her into the world of acting as well. The song went viral and now has over 53 million views already, close to the original song's 57 million views. It also peaked in number 48 on the Emerging Artists Billboard Chart that month. Then deals just kept coming for her, most notably from the digital company Brat.


Brat media founder Rob Fishman caught up to the Hannie fad and quickly offered them a deal that would change both their careers. In August 2017, it was announced that Brat would release the YouTube series, Chicken Girls, embedding the relationship between she and Summerall as the daily life of friends and dancers at Attaway High, just like their fans had envisioned it. It garnered such a grand success.

Watch: Just to Get You Started on 'Chicken Girls'

The first season of Chicken Girls started off in September 2017 with the first episode raking in 14.5 million views at the time of writing. The second season aired in February 2018, also with millions of views. That same month, a full-length feature film, Chicken Girls: The Movie was announced to be distributed by Lionsgate. Even the news of a deal with Skyhorse Publishing to adapt the series into a book collection was announced in June 2018.

Meanwhile, the third season of Chicken Girls came in September 2018 on Brat's YouTube channel, Brat TV, and the fourth season came in March 2019. She's also a narrator on its spinoff show Sunnyside Up.

In August 2017, YouTube also gave its 'Okay' for the YouTube Red Originals series, We Are Savvy, from Canada's Family Channel. Annie would be the co-host (yes, she's a host too!!!) of the series and focusing on things she actually likes to vlog about: music, fashion, and lifestyle. The pilot debuted also in September 2017 on LeBlanc's self-titled channel. Two shows at the same time, so you see how she's done everything with such intensity. The pilot has almost 6 million views at the time of writing.

There was more involvement with Brat as she was announced in May 2018 to star alongside Addison Riecke in A Girl Named Jo, a teen mystery series set in 1963. She was listed as an executive producer in that series as well as in Chicken Girls (yep, another job description to her résumé). That same month she announced she and Hayley were starring in a new series by Brat.

Watch: Annie & Hayley Gives a Sneak Peek into Their Work

Annie further starred in Brat's feature film, Holiday Spectacular, in December 2018 and then on Spring Breakaway in March 2019.

Since then she took a step back from YouTube in order to pursue work (or fun) in with Nickelodeon. The Hollywood Reporter announced Nickelodeon was starring the LeBlanc sisters, Annie & Hayley, for a new digital series, Annie vs. Hayley: LeBake Off!, a four-episode mini-series to be released later that year. It did air since April 2019 on Nickelodeon's YouTube channel, and you all saw them competing to cook up something sweet on every episode.

Along with that announcement, she was also set to appear in Nickelodeon's Cousins for Life, which she did in a guest role of acting as herself in an episode that aired in March 2019. The network continued to call upon Annie as she also starred in their Camp Nick web series. It aired in June/July/August 2019 and one of its episodes featured the Jonas Brothers (Episode titled only Camp Nick).

Watch: The Jonas Brothers Give Campers a Challenge to Complete

Furthermore, after a single episode success of Side Hustle, Nickelodeon's buddy comedy series, in January 2020, the network ordered 13 half-hour episodes of the series in February, starring best friends Annie and Jayden Bartels. So yeah, that's her latest project, and she is yet to make a "significant" TV appearance.

And if you're wondering, Annie began dating actor Asher Angel in 2019.


Full circle to her Little Do You Know cover success, Annie took off in music as well. Her other cover of Maddie & Tae's Fly also made it to #34 on the Billboard Charts in country songs on September 9, 2017. She continued making cover songs, while she released her first original single, Ordinary Girl, in November that year. She was also set to go on her first US tour in early 2018, announced in December 2017.

Annie LeBlanc and Her Boyfriend Asher Angel.Annie's boyfriend Asher also featured in LeBlanc's music videos.
Photo from: annie grace ?, Instagram

Her second original, Little Things, was released in February 2018, followed by a pop-country compilation album, Lollipop, on iTunes with Heard Well in May 2018 which included two more of her original singles, Somebody's Heart and Photograph. She was 13 when it was released (difficult to find such talent. And yeah, Loren Gray [net worth: $4 million] is on the same trajectory). Her next single was Picture This in June 2018, collaborating with Austin Brown. She also released It's Gonna Snow as a new Christmas Carol in December 2018.

With more acting roles coming up, she couldn't release a lot more singles than she could manage. Brat TV did release her single Play Nice in June 2019, and then she herself released Utopia in October 2019, featuring you know who (Asher, of course, as a director as well). The video has about 4 million views at the time of writing.

Social Media Earnings

With such an emphatic journey, it's no wonder she's got such a following on all her social media accounts. And if you're unaware, she also gained popularity in video-syncing platform TikTok in her acting/singing career beginnings.

As part of the emerging stars on social media, she's earned the Muser of the Year title at the 2018 Shorty Awards, as well as the Choice Music Web Star at the 2019 Teen Choice Awards. She was also nominated for two Streamy Awards.


Kicking off with her main source of social media income, Annie LeBlanc gets the income off of sponsored ads on her videos, as with any social media platform. With over 3.8 million subscribers and 288 videos made on her self-titled channel, she earns about $4,300 from each of those.

Annie LeBlanc with a green flare.She's moving on to bigger things after her YouTube success.
Photo Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, the family channel, Bratayley, has over 7.2 million followers, but there's not much to earn from here as they are likely to not have made deals in this channel. It's was made just for the relatives to watch. I'm Never Going at the Park AGAIN!, from 2012, is LeBlanc's favorite video ever, particularly because Hayley screaming the title after she steps in a mud puddle amuses her. And it's got 66 million views.

The family's also got two more channels, OMMyGoshTv with over 122,000 followers and TruthPlusDare with more than 182,000 followers. These are a little inactive these days.


The same can be said for Instagram. Users who can acquire deals from various brands they use can sponsor their items without having to say anything about it. The more views and interactions each of their posts make, the more the users get for them.

Annie LeBlanc in a photoshoot for Schön! Magazine.Annie is a big fashion nerd.
Photo Credit: Tiziano Lugli, Schön! Magazine

The Utopia singer earns around an estimated $22,700 on average from each of those sponsored posts of the 1000+ posts she's made on her Instagram page, annie grace ?, garnering a massive 8.5 million followings. The sponsorships are seen quite often.


Annie initially started with and her fame before the platform was even there made her one of the most prominent stars of the platform. When it merged with TikTok, she took her journey there as well. At times, she covers her own songs there as well, while syncing to other media content as well.

Annie LeBlanc for a magazine photoshoot with 'Composure Magazine'.She's not too keen on TikTok.
Photo from: annie grace ?, Instagram

With her account, annie, she's attracted over 15 million followers and posted only 12 times. But she's sustained her follower-count and still gets around $12,300 per sponsored posts from the platform. She doesn't need much from there, however, as her outside career is a much lucrative path to greater net worth. But for fun, she'll do what she enjoys most.

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