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Jun 13, 2022 @ 7:12 EDT
Who Is Carol Chaves Dating? Why Did She Get Surgery? | Celeb$fortune & Net Worth 2022

Carol Chaves is an aspiring YouTuber and TikTok star who is best known for being the part of the collaborative house called The Schnacky Fam which consists of social media influencers like Noah Schnacky, Allie Schnacky, Austin Armstrong, Colby Schnacky, Ella Schnacky, Noelle Schnacky, Malik Brookins, and Kristin Marino.

Chaves, who is based in Orlando, is popular for her lip syncs, lifestyle vlogs, and her pranks videos. Born in Brazil, her bubbly and cheerful personality and sense of humor have helped her gain a large fan following over the course of time. She is managed by Recapture Management just like the other members of her group.

Is Carol Chaves Close to Her Parents? Did She Have a Surgery?

With a birthdate of  16, 1999, Carol Chaves was born to Brazilian parents, Reginaldo Chaves and Ana Luiza Lanna Chaves. Growing up in a close-knitted family, she is very close to both her parents as well as her brother Ryan Chaves.

Carol Chaves taking a selfie with her iphone.She had a few insecurities of her own growing up.
Photo Source: Carol Chaves, Instagram

Her family is very supportive of her decision to pursue her career on social media and often promotes her posts and videos through their personal social media accounts. Just like her parents, she is also a Christian and often shares her belief in Christianity through her Instagram.

Meanwhile, if you have been a fan of Carol for quite some time now then, you surely know that she had insecurities regarding her own body, especially her breasts. So, in October 2021, she finally had breast reduction surgery. Even though she did not give the details of her surgery, Chaves did say that she is feeling more confident with her new body.

How Much Is The Net Worth of Carol Chaves? Know About Her Merch

As per estimating sources, Carol Chaves holds a net worth of $200,000 thanks to her rising career as a social media influencer. She launched her career through YouTube in the year 2013, however, started posting regularly from 2020.

With over 377K subscribers on her self-titled channel, Carol Chaves, she makes an average of $500 per video through ad revenue. Till now, she has posted over 593 videos including pranks, challenges, vlogs, and entertaining short clip videos.

Carol Chaves holding a silver YouTube plaque for her 100,000 subscriber mark.Every one of her Schnacky Fam friends has got one too.
Photo Source: Carol Chaves, Instagram

Similarly, the 5'6" influencer has managed to garner a loyal fan base on other social media platforms as well. With over 266K followers, she earns around $1,000 per sponsored post from her Instagram page (@itscarolchaves) where she has posted over 213 times.

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The Brazilian YouTuber has over 2.3 million followers on her TikTok account, CAROL (@itscarolchaves) from which she makes an average of $1,800 per post strictly through sponsorships and brand endorsements. Besides, she also garners a good sum by making personalized videos through Cameo. Her merch sells high-quality products which can be bought at

Meanwhile, back in February 2021, she got into headlines, after the TikTok video of her altering Noah Schnacky's phone voice navigation with her own voice so she could give him instructions went viral over the internet with 7.4 million views and 1.4 million likes.

Who Is Carol Chaves Boyfriend? Is She Dating Colby Schnacky Or Malik Brookins?

After going through numerous heartbreaks from her past relationships which resulted in her having anxiety issues and all, Carol Chaves has now vowed to not settle for anything less than a man who is hopelessly romantic as she is and loves & respects her true self no matter what.

Carol Chaves (left) on the back of Colby Schnacky (left) and Kristin Marino (right) on the back of Noah Schnacky (right).There are a number of fan-ships within the group.
Photo Source: Carol Chaves, Instagram

While some think that she has finally found her "Mr. Perfect" in her fellow YouTuber Colby Schnacky, others think that Colby is really not interested in her as he is not making any moves. Even though they have given each other the 'Crush' tag, they seem far from being lovers.

What's more, there have even been rumors spreading that Chaves and Schnacky's relationship is just for clout to get views. Besides, Carol is even seen flirting with another group member, Malik Brookins, confusing fans whom she has in her heart.

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