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Jul 1, 2022 @ 13:38 EDT
Who Is Austin Armstrong Dating? What Is His Net Worth? Everything of the Schnacky Fam Member Here | Celeb$fortune 2022

Austin Tyler Armstrong, aka Austin Armstrong (b. 27, 1997), is truly the definition of a social media heartthrob. He’s young, charming, athletic, and funny which has resulted in him building a very big following on social media.

Born to Jeanie Armstrong and Linzey Armstrong, he is a mix of Blackfoot Indian, African, English, Irish, German, Swiss and French descent. He has two brothers, one being the influencer Dillon Armstrong and a sister named Elizabeth Armstrong who is a singer-songwriter.

How Much Is The Net Worth of Austin Armstrong? Know More About His Social Media Earnings and Clothing Brand

As of 2022, Austin Armstrong is estimated to be worth $250,000 earned through his social media endeavors and modeling career. His earnings are not limited to social media only as he is also the founder of a luxury clothing company called Novello & Co. which sells branded hoodies, vintage rings, snapbacks, and so on.

Armstrong became an internet celebrity after his videos of flipping the hat became viral over TikTok earning 61M views. With over 3.6 million followers on his TikTok page, Austin (@austintarmstrong), he makes over $2,800 per sponsored post.

Austin Armstrong (left) with his friend (right) both with hats on while in a car as he takes a selfie.He was already a hats guy after all.
Photo Source: Austin Armstrong, Instagram

The 24 -year-old garners decent wealth from his Instagram as well as YouTube pages. Through brand endorsement and sponsorships on Instagram (@austintarmstrong), he has over 429K followers and makes an average of $1,700 per post.

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Besides, the Christian social media influencer also ventured on a YouTube journey with the video titled Me and the bro's in the year 2020. With over 358K subscribers on his YouTube channel, Austin Armstrong, he makes around $350 per video.

Not to forget, he is also very good at singing and has covered songs of popular singers including Jeremy Zucker and Jack Johnson. Besides, he has partnered with prominent brands like MARLOWE, Best Buy, Wawa, Fossil, and so on. Additionally, he is also on Cameo where he where takes a certain charge for a video message to fans.

Meanwhile, Austin is also a member of a collaborative group called The Schnacky Fam which comprises social media influencers like Allie Schnacky, Noah Schnacky, Colby Schnacky, Carol Chaves, Matt Cooper, Ella Schnacky, Noelle Schnacky, Kristin Marino, and Malik Brookins. He is managed by a talent management and creative agency, Recapture Entertainment, which the Schnacky family's father owns.

All of the Schnacky Fam members recently decided to launch their own content house called Immersed House, in mid-June 2022, after partnering with the tech company Immerse.

Who Is Austin Armstrong's Girlfriend? Is He Dating Allie Schnacky?

Just like any other collaborative house, The Schnacky Fam also has a fan-favorite couple who never admit whether they are or not. And that couple in this group is Austin Armstrong and Allie Schnacky who have already given each other the "Crush" tag.

A snapshot of Austin Armstrong's TikTok clip of him reacting to a video by Allie Schnacky (right) taking about her crush."Austin knows it's him," fans figure out.
Photo Source: Austin Armstrong, TikTok

From being each other's date for Valentine's to getting married in Vegas for the sake of a prank, they have been entertaining fans with all these videos. While some fans think they genuinely have fallen for one another and are secretly dating, others think they are just doing it for clout in order to gain views.

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