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Jun 23, 2020 @ 6:49 EDT
What Is Ellie Zeiler's Net Worth? Details of Her Social Media Earnings and Charity Works

Ellie Zeiler is a social media influencer and activist better known for being the closest doppelganger of Charli D'Amelio [net worth: $4 million] in terms of looks. She rose to overnight when a lot of users started saying how similar they looked and D'Amelio did comment on the situation. Within three to four months, she has gained over 5 million followers on the video-syncing app, TikTok.

Born on March 6, 2004 [age 16], Ellie is from San Diego, California, and attends the Del Norte High School in her home town. She has twin brothers, Ben and William Zeiler, with her parents, Rick Zeiler and Sarah Zeiler. She is of the Jewish community, and her best friends are also twins, Sophie and Lola Bulkin.

Ellie Zeiler's Net Worth

Ellie Zeiler posing for her net worth.She's being dubbed Charli D'Amelio's look-alike, but much less in a good way.
Photo Source: Ellie Zeiler Instagram

As of 2020, social media personality & activist, Ellie Zeiler controls a net worth of $150,000. The majority of her income sources are her obvious rise in fame which led to sponsorship deals and endorsements in her social media posts. She also promotes her own branded merchandise with the hope of releasing her own cosmetic line one day.

In addition to being a social media influencer, she has also competed in a cooking competition called, Chopped Junior, hosted by Tim Allen, who also manages Chopped as well. She was eliminated after the Entrée round of the episode, Beginner’s Duck, in season 3 of the show in 2016. She was just 12 years when she competed.

The Sudden Social Media Boom of Ellie Zeiler

There have been many instances where people have told Zeiler to stop acting like Charli D'Amelio, who were likely once lashing out at D'Amelio themselves. But putting it all behind, she has continued to post videos that may or may not resemble D'Amelio, even hinting she might be joining Clubhouse, started by Daisy Keech [net worth: $600,000].

Ellie Zieler posing for a photo.Zieler controls a net worth of $150,000.
Photo Credit: Kate-Yeonjae Jeong, The Teen Magazine

Meanwhile, Charli doesn't think too much of Zeiler's presence, saying they have a very basic look and "It's chill."

Zeiler started her Instagram account in July 2018 but only began posting more regularly since March 2019, with only 29 posts, at the time of writing. And ever since that time, you could see visible similarities between the two, even her clothing style from way before D'Amelio was famous. She now has over 300,000 followers on her Instagram page, ellie zeiler, and has the potential to earn $1,200 for each post through sponsorships.

Ellie Zieler showing nine different emotions in different photos.She "may" be joining the clubhouse.
Photo Source: Ellie Zieler Instagram

Meanwhile, she started her TikTok page, Ellie Zeiler, only since March 2020, after the COVID-19 lockdown took effect, and she wanted to use her time for something. Since being recognized for her similarity, she has gained over 5 million followers in just a matter of months and posted over 250 times. She can potentially earn around $4,000 per post on average from sponsorships.

As for a possible YouTube channel, she told The Teen Magazine that she is currently working on creating one.

As an Activist, She Started the 'Together As One' Movement in 2019 with Her Twin Best Friends

Main Article: How Ellie Zieler & Bulkin Sisters Created 'Together As One' and Established It As a Non-Profit

Growing up Jewish, Zeiler says she was constantly made fun of for her religion until a year ago, even through high school. She found that her best friends, twins Sophie and Lola, had the same problem of receiving prejudiced behavior from their fellow students. When she learned that they were thinking of starting a movement, she was all in.

Ellie Zieler centered with her best friends Sophie and Lola Bulkin.Three friends with a bigger dream that just giving.
Photo Source: Together As One, Instagram

In 2019, they started the platform "for teens to hear other people’s stories, no matter their culture." Following the Chabad of Poway shooting incident, they felt they needed to do something because they attended the temple's preschool. In response, they sold T-shirts to fund the victims of the shootings.

Now, they have extended it to much more as Together As One is now a nonprofit organization and incorporated it into their school club, while hoping to expand it elsewhere as well.

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