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Aug 31, 2021 @ 16:34 EDT
Meet Pierson Wodzynski, Brent Rivera's Girlfriend and AMP World Member, Discover Net Worth

'When you truly dream of something, the whole universe will try to make that true' is what Pierson Wodzynski (b. Feb 18, 1999) believes is behind her success. From being a fashion photographer to gaining 2 million subscribers on YouTube in less than two years, Pierson’s cheerful personality, penchant for making people laugh, and clever sense of humor have surely helped her to win the hearts of millions of people.

Wodzynski is a photographer, YouTuber, TikToker, and Instagram star who is basically known for her entertaining comedy skits, dance videos, challenges, and pranks on her YouTube channel. Graduating from the University of California, Santa Barbara, in Communication, she has a younger brother, Logan Wodzynski, who also followed the steps of his sister and is now a YouTuber with around 177,000 subscribers.

How Did Wodzynski Become a Member of 'Amp World'?

Pierson Wodzynski, who always dreamt of being famous, was searching for the opportunity to establish herself as an actor or social media influencer. She auditioned for different programs and even became a girl for a Craiglist just for 100 bucks. Then, her look took a major turn when she participated in a short dating show for Awesomeness TV where the celebrity Bachelor was Brent Rivera, and his sister, Lexi Rivera, chose the ideal date for them.

Pierson Wodzynski (center) during her time on Awesomeness TV's dating show with Brent Rivera (left) and Lexi Rivera (right).Wodzynski met Brent Rivera and subsequently Amp World from the dating show.
Photo Source: Pierson Wodzynski, Instagram

Being the competitive person that she is, the American native eventually won their heart and the show with her confidence and great sense of humor. After three months, Rivera finally made her dream come true when he invited her to be a member of their group called Amp World, and the rest is history. She not only gained name and fame after joining the squad but also met some true friends that she was lacking in her early days.

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Other members of Amp World consist of Ben Azleart, Dom Brack, Lexi Hensler, Andrew Davila, Jeremy Hutchins, Alan Stokes, Alex Stokes, Caleb Burton, and Mason Fulp.

How Much Pierson Wodzynski's Net Worth?

Pierson Wodzynski holds a net worth of around $750,000 thanks to her emerging career as a YouTuber. With over 2.1 million subscribers, estimating sources put the average earnings for each video of Wodzynski on YouTube at $5,700 from sponsorships.

Well, her income source is not only limited to YouTube, as she garners good fortune from sponsorship and brand endorsement posts on TikTok and Instagram. From her Instagram handle, PIERSON (@piersonwodzynski) with over 2.4 million followers, she earns an average of $6,000 per sponsorship post. Likewise, with over 9.3 million followers and 235.4 million strong likes on her TikTok account Pierson (@pierson), she can make around $7,400 per sponsorship post.

Pierson Wodzynski holding a bag with a big smile on her face.Her personality itself attracts millions of followers.
Photo Source: Pierson Wodzynski, Instagram

One of her most popular TikTok clips is with Savage Love hitmaker, Jason Derulo, which has over 19.3 million views and 2.2 million hearts. Considering the fact that the 22-year-old owns a Subaru car worth thousands of dollars, one can guess how lavish a life she is living. What’s more, she even recently bought a house worth millions with her best friend and fellow YouTuber, Lexi Hensler.

Relationship Timeline: Who is Pierson Wodzynski Dating; Brent Rivera or Twan Kuyper?

Fans have been shipping Pierson Wodzynski with Brent Rivera since the day she joined Amp World. And, when the rumored couple started to call each other as their crush and even more, Wodzynski confirming her feeling for Rivera, fans couldn’t help but ship them as Bierson.

The former fashion photographer can be seen spending more time with Rivera than any other member of her squad which further adds fuel to their dating rumors. Moreover, they are not shy of posting their affectionate pictures on social media, traveling to different places around the world like Paris, Greece, Italy, and Hawaii, which speak nothing but love. What’s more, they even got pretend-married and went on a pretend-honeymoon for their YouTube videos.

Brent Rivera (Left) and Pierson Wodzynski (Right) posing for their pretend-wedding in behind the cake."Best 24 hours ever," Wodzynski wrote on Instagram.
Photo Source: Pierson Wodzynski, Instagram

Well, it seems like not only their squad members but Rivera’s ex-girlfriend, Eva Gutowski, also approves of their relationship as they often film together. Besides, she even said her personality is similar to Gutowski, which might be why Rivera was drawn to her in the first place.

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Recently, Wodzynski filmed two YouTube videos titled Bad Timing with YouTuber, Twan Kuyper, and fans couldn’t help but ship them together looking at their amazing chemistry. The funny part is Rivera even confronted them in a video, and they both denied dating. Before Rivera, Wozdynski only dated two other guys and one of her relationships lasted for 3 years during her high school.

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