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Sep 4, 2021 @ 4:23 EDT
Meet Lexi Hensler — The Amp World Member With a Story to Be Told

In recent years, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram have emerged as the hottest social media platforms which flourish new celebrities with each passing day, and among them is 23-year-old Alexandra Elizabeth Hensler, aka Lexi Hensler, (b. Dec 5, 1997), who is popular as a YouTuber, TikTok content creator, and Instagram star. If you have spent time on these social media platforms, there’s a good chance you may have stumbled upon one of her posts.

While both of her parents are from the medical field, with her mother, Monique Hensler, running a kids hospital in San Diego and her father managing a failing hospital in different parts of the world, Lexi chose a different career path by graduating with her Bachelor's in Business. Lexi, who is of French and Ukrainian ethnicity, has Sagittarius as her zodiac sign.

During her high school years, Hensler was bullied to the point that she even ate her lunch in the restroom to avoid her bullies. Unable to cope up with bullying, the former model changed her high school, due to which she lost the chance to grow up with her older brother, who is now in Washington DC. From acting to being a social media influencer, Hensler's journey to fame was full of struggles.

Who Is Lexi Hensler Dating? Why Did She Break Up with Her Boyfriend, Christian Wilson?

While fans are shipping Lexi Hensler with different YouTube personalities like Twan Kuyper, Paris Rosenbaum, and Faze Rug, she is still coping with her heartbreak from a long-term relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Christian Wilson. Wilson is a motivational speaker and also a co-founder of mental health organization called Anthem of Hope, which helps those battling depression, anxiety, suicide, and addiction.

Former YouTuber couple Lexi Hensler (left) and Christian Wilson (right) with a dog in a photoshoot during their fake wedding prank event.As is the case, the pair were also on board with the whole fake wedding prank trend on YouTube.
Photo Source: Lexi Hensler, Instagram (Deleted)

The former couple, who were best friends for more than two years, dated for a year and a half before calling it quits in early 2021. Lexi announced her split with Wilson through an Instagram story to which Christian also confirmed through a similar break-up post on his Instagram. She later officially announced their separation through a YouTube video with the title “we broke up” but did not disclose the reason for their break up, respecting Christian's privacy.

What Is Lexi Hensler’s Net Worth? How Much Does She Earn from Social Media?

As of 2021, Lexi Hensler is estimated to control a net worth of around $1 million, earned through her social media endeavors. Well, her income is not only limited to social media as she makes a good fortune from branded merchandise, Lexi Llama. With over 3.29 million subscribers, she alone makes an average of $8,000 per video from her eponymous YouTube channel, Lexi Hensler.

Likewise, Hensler also has a large fan following in both her Instagram (2.5 million followers) and TikTok (7.8 million followers) handles, which are other streams of earnings for her. The blue-eyed YouTuber makes an average of $6,600 per post from Instagram handle, Lexi (@lexihensler), and $6,100 per post on TikTok handle, Lexi Hensler (@lexihensler), strictly through sponsorships and brand endorsements.

Lexi started her YouTube journey back in 2017, however, she got fame quite later in her online career. Her views started drastically rising after she first featured her fellow YouTuber friends and now Amp World members, Brent Rivera and Ben Azelart back in early 2019. Amp World is a digital content studio that manages other popular celebrities like Lexi Rivera, Pierson Wodzynski, Andrew Davila, Jeremy Hutchins, Dom Brack, and the Stokes Twins (Alex Stokes and Alan Stokes).

From left to right, top to bottom: AMP World members Alex Stokes, Brent Rivera, Dom Brack, Lexi Rivera, Alan Stokes, Ben Azelart, Pierson Wodzynski, Lexi Hensler and Andrew Davila in matching getup at the beachhouse.Amp World is one of many collaborative social media groups.
Photo Source: Amp World, Instagram

Well, her acting career is not so impressive as the social media star has not managed to bag any noticeable role even though she started professional acting at the age of 14. Besides acting, she also tried her luck as a stand-up comedian doing shows in Hollywood.

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Prior to her successful career as a YouTuber, Hensler even worked as a model for different agencies. Some glimpses of her early modeling career can be found on her Instagram as well. With her natural melodious voice, it won’t be a surprise to fans if one day she decides on a career in music as well.

Her Love for Llama Led Lexi Hensler to Even Name Her Merch As Lexi Llama

Lexi Hensler has always been obsessed with llamas, and the whole world knew about her love for this animal when she named her merchandise, Lexi Llama. Launched in December 2020, her merchandise sales include everything from high-quality hoodies to tees, masks, and many more.

And, you guessed it right, there are different designs of llamas imprinted on these products to showcase her love for llamas just like the brand name. In order to appreciate the hard work of the person behind her design, Hensler even dedicated one of her llama merch to her graphic designer, Larry.

As we are well aware that many of the merch companies clown their fans and sell cheap clothes in the name of brands that do not last long, but that won’t be the case in the llama merch as Lexi herself claimed that she only sells the highest quality clothes. Her hoodies come in different sizes weighing 400-500 grams, unlike other merch hoodies that weigh 100-200 grams made from low-quality fuzzy materials making a case for her claim of a better clothing line than others.

Donating a Certain Portion of Merch Earnings to a Mental Health Organization

If you have been following Lexi Hensler, then you certainly know that she never backed out of supporting or helping people, be it emotionally or financially. From helping her friends financially to donating money and other materials to needy people, she has won everyone’s heart with her kindness.

Watch: Lexi Hensler Announced the Launch of Her Clothing Line

And, if that did not melt your heart, then you surely will be her fan after knowing that she even donates a certain percentage of her earnings from her Be Llamazing merch that will go to a mental health organization called JED Foundation for research, helping people with mental health and so on.

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While, her ex-boyfriend, Christian was dealing with severe depression and anxiety, and she, herself dealt with suicidal thoughts during her high school bullying, the 5'2'' actress surely knows the importance of mental health.

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