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Sep 17, 2021 @ 16:55 EDT
Amp World's Ben Azelart Chose YouTube over Skateboarding, But Why?

Benjamin Roger Azelart aka Ben Azelart (b. Jan 10, 2002) is an actor, YouTuber, skateboarder, and social media influencer best known for his pranks, vlogs, challenge videos, deadly dares, and adventurous content. Born to a dentist mother, Jill Azelart, and father, Lionel Azelart in Dallas, Texas, he basically grew up in Hawai'i with his older brother, Julian Azelart.

The 19-year-old, who is mixed of French-Irish-German descent, liked to be called Ben "Dangerous" Azelart for the deadly dares he has been doing since his childhood. Not only is his professional life interesting with thrill-seeking adventures, but his confusing relationship with Lexi Rivera also has been entertaining his viewers since forever.

This Is Ben Azelart’s Net Worth and Income Sources

As of 2021, Ben Azelart is estimated to be worth $2 million. The majority of his income is from his eponymous YouTube channel, Ben Azelart, which has over 8 million subscribers count at the time of writing. As per estimating sources, he makes an average of $16,000 per video from his YouTube, where he has posted nearly 200 videos with over 1.2 billion total views.

Ben Azelart (left) posing alongside Billie Eilish.Fans were particularly shocked to see Azelart in the same photo with Billie Eilish, but photoshopped?
Photo Source: Ben Azelart, Instagram

As popular as he is on YouTube, Azelart has also managed to garner a large fan following on his other social media platforms like TikTok (14 million followers) and Instagram (5.7 million followers). From his TikTok handle Ben Azelart (@benazelart), he earns around $11,300 per post through endorsements and sponsorships.

Likewise, he gathers an average of $15,000 per sponsored post from his Instagram handle, Ben Azelart (@benazelart). His popularity has helped him to land sponsorships with brands like Predator Helmets, Immortal Shoelace, DVS Shoes, and many more.

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Though the American native tried his luck on an acting career, he has not managed to bag any noticeable role since 2018. He last appeared on the reality web show Bucket List and family science web fiction series Brobot with Brent Rivera and his ex-girlfriend, Lexi Rivera.

The fact that the 19-year-old YouTuber bought a house worth $2 million, and rides the latest Mercedes AMG GT car shows his luxurious life. Besides, his merchandise, Stay Wild Shop also helps him make a good fortune where he sells branded hoodies and sweatpants.

What Made Ben Azelart Choose YouTube Over Skateboarding?

Before starting his YouTube journey, Ben Azelart was enjoying his life as a skateboarder participating in different competitions like the Association of Skateboarders, Hawai'i, and King of the Groms. But after he met YouTubers, Eva Gutowski, and her then-boyfriend, Australian YouTuber Alex Hayes, Azelart decided to pursue his career in YouTube at the age of 14.

Ben Azelart hanging from a building by holding on to another person's hand.He insists on being called "Dangerous", but this one's background is photoshopped as well.
Photo Source: Ben Azelart, Instagram

Then, Azelart first posted his short lifestyle video The Start of My YouTube! back in August 2016. In the first year of starting his channel,  he used to film lifestyle and travel videos which helped him garner 7,000 subscribers on his channel. You guessed it right. Just like other members of AMP World, the green-eyed Instagram sensation also got fame after being featured in Brent's videos, who, at that time, had 4 million subscribers.

So, it won't be wrong to say that Rivera surely has changed the life of all of his friends and is the reason behind their success. The other members of AMP World, co-founded by Brent, include Lexi Rivera, Pierson Wodzynski, Lexi Hensler, Jeremy Hutchins, Dom Brack, and Andrew Davila.

Ben Azelart’s Podcast 'Stay Wild' Surely Suits His Personality

If you have been following Ben Azelart for while then you know that his love for performing thrilling dares has no limit. From jumping off the cliff to lighting his hands on fire, he is known for doing extremely dangerous stunts for his videos. The 6'2" tall influencer has even risked his life and done 24-hour challenges in the ocean, jungle, desert, and so on.

Ben Azelart sitting on the podium for his 'Stay Wild' podcast.Azelart announced his 'Stay Wild' podcast in October 2021.
Photo Source: Ben Azelart, Instagram

So, when he announced the Stay Wild podcast in October 2020, fans were sure that it was going to be the wildest podcast ever. Through his podcast's very own channel, which has over 570,000 subscribers, Azelart has already exposed his friends' love story to his own crazy hook-up as well as break-up story. And what is next to come is unpredictable.

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For someone who was only trained for a month, Ben surely had the guts to participate in a YouTuber vs TikTokers Boxing match against YouTuber, Landon McBroom, which is itself a challenge for a YouTuber, although it is starting to be quite prevalent these days. As expected, it did not take McBroom, a natural-born boxer, to dominate and win against Azelart, who had not even punched a single person before one month of their match.

Who is Ben Azelart's Girlfriend? Why Did He Break Up With Lexi Rivera?

Ben Azelart, who was in a relationship with the YouTuber and social media star, Lexi Rivera, has found a new love interest, Hannah Thomas. Though he is yet to announce his relationship with Thomas, he did admit in several videos that he is not single anymore.

Collage of four pictures of Ben Azelart and Lexi Rivera in the same scenario.Azelart and Rivera are still pretty much the same.

Photo Source: Ben Azelart, Instagram

Azelart announced his breakup with Lexi through a YouTube video titled We Broke Up. The former lovebirds have not disclosed the reason for the split, but they revealed that it's their mutual decision. Even after break up, they still share a strong bond as ever and often film together, being involved with the same collaborative web group after all.

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