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Oct 30, 2021 @ 15:18 EDT
Everything You Need to Know About Paris Rosenbaum

When all the people surrounding you is involved in YouTube and content creation, then one is often automatically attracted to do the same. And so is the case of Paris Rosenbaum, who was inspired to start his social media career from his sister, Chloe Rosenbaum, and best friend, Ben Azelart.

Born on April 12, 2001, to Marjorie Rosenbaum and Todd Rosenbaum, Paris is an Instagram influencer, YouTuber, and TikTok content creator known for his lip syncs, pranks, and dance videos. If you have spent some time on these platforms, then there's a good chance you have stumbled upon one of Paris Rosenbaum's videos.

The American native is currently a high school student at the University of Oregon. While his career is taking a good pace, his love life still remains a mystery. However, he did agree to hook up with some of his sister Chloe's girlfriends on several occasions in the past.

Paris Rosenbaum's Net Worth in 2021: His Social Media Journey

As per estimating sources, Paris Rosenbaum holds a net worth of around $100,000 thanks to his emerging career as a social media star. He forayed into the social media scene in June 2012 through Instagram (now with about 57,000 followers) but got fame only after joining TikTok (@parisrozey) in December 2019. He now has just over 145,000 followers on the latter platform.

Paris Rosenbaum posing in front of a wallapaper of two colors, yellow and blue, splitting the image.Rosenbaum is just going with the flow.
Photo Source: Paris Rosenbaum, Instagram

One of his most popular TikTok with 1.6 million views is with fellow friend and YouTuber, Jeremy Hutchins showing some dance skills to the song Abigail. To carry forward his TikTok fame, Paris created a self-titled YouTube channel, Paris Rosenbaum, in July 2020.

Though the 20-year-old has not been active for months, he has already managed to garner over 37,000 subscribers in a year posting only 12 videos. However, he does regularly appears on Azelart, Pierson Wodzynski, and Lexi Hensler's YouTube videos.

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Apart from that, he is also the co-host of Ben Azelart's Stay Wild podcast along with Derek Days. Just like Azelart, Rosenbaum loves to do adventures and thrilling crazy dares. He also did a Surviving 24 Hour On Deserted Island challenge for Azelart's YouTube channel where he nearly lost his life.

Paris Rosenbaum Relationship Timeline: Is He Dating Lexi Hensler?

Paris Rosenbaum, unlike everyone thought, is not dating his fellow YouTuber, Lexi Hensler, and is currently enjoying his single life traveling and partying with his friends. Besides, he has never disclosed his relationship on the internet but, did admit to hooking up with some of Chloe's friends in the past.

Lexi Hensler and Paris Rosenbaum enjoying a picnic on a yacht.They do raise flags sometimes regarding their relationship.
Photo Source: Lexi Hensler, Instagram

It's not new for the fans to start shipping their idol with whoever they got close with, and that's what happened between Hensler and Rosenbaum as well. And given the fact that Paris supported Lexi to cope up with heartbreak following a split with her ex-boyfriend, Christian Wilson, only added fuel to the rumors.

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Paris and Lexi have been friends for a year & a half and their friendship has been growing stronger than ever. From doing crazy pranks together to going on a $10,000 date with Lexi for her videos, he has always been a supportive friend.

Paris Rosenbaum Is Supportive of His Sister, Chloe's Decision to Be an OnlyFans Model

If you have been following Paris Rosenbaum for a while then you surely know about his strong sibling bond with his older sister, Chloe Rosenbaum. The brother-sister pair is even been considered the most cutest and the sweetest siblings by the internet.

Chloe Rosenbaum and her brother Paris Rosenbaum taking a selfie.The brother-sister duo has been best friends since birth of course.
Photo Source: Paris Rosenbaum, Instagram

Well, recently, OnlyFans has been popular among Internet personalities and actors, from Cardi B to Chris Brown, and DJ Khalid to Bella Throne. While some are promoting their content through this online subscription service, others have made this their new source of income by sharing their explicit pictures and videos.

And with the trend, Chloe also started the OnlyFans account in July 2020, and being the supportive brother he always has been, Paris respected her newfound career. Chloe disclosed this news through a video titled "TELLING MY BROTHER I HAVE AN ONLYFANS...", in which he promised not to subscribe to her OnlyFans account.

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