Jeremy Hutchins

Aug 23, 2021 @ 18:57 EDT
Jeremy Hutchins

Everything comes with a price and in order to achieve your goal, you must sacrifice something in your life. And Jeremy Hutchins’ success can be taken as an example of hard work really pays off. Jeremy, originally from Cleveland, Ohio, left his whole family and flew over to Los Angeles, California to follow his dream to be a YouTuber.

Who is Jeremy David Hutchins? Wiki, Age, Birthday

Jeremy David Hutchins aka Jeremy Hutchins (b. April 19, 2003) is an aspiring American YouTube content creator, TikToker, and social media influencer notable for his self-titled YouTube channel, Jeremy Hutchins, where he posts pranks, comedy videos, vlogs and dares every Friday.

Jeremy Hutchins

Everything you need to know about the Young influencer Jeremy Hutchins. (Image Source: Instagram)

The American native started his journey in social media at a very young age however, he only got his big break after joining the AMP squad, a digital content group that manages other popular YouTubers like Brent Rivera, Ben Azelart, Lexi Rivera, and many more. Born to a German mother and Korean father, Jeremy is a single child to his parents and his zodiac sign is Aries.

His father, David Hutchins is also popular on Tiktok as @papahutchins and has around 265K followers. During his high school, his schoolmates were really jealous of his popularity and even spread the rumors of him being gay and bisexual.

Growing up with Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and stuttering problem, he was bullied a lot during his childhood and was really insecure to the point that he didn’t even want to talk about these problems. In order to be strong enough, he even played Karate and won Male Competitor of Ohio in 2013 and Outstanding Competitive Spirit in 2014.

How Much is the Net Worth of Jeremy Hutchins? Know how much he earns from his social media.

Considering the humongous following on his YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, Jeremy Hutchins is estimated to be worth $500,000-$750,000 as of 2021. The 6’3” tall influencer primarily earns from YouTube AdSense and sponsorships where he has over 2.25 million subscribers and earns around $6,600 per video on average.

Jeremy amassed astounding net worth all by himself. (Image Source: @jeremyhutchins)

Additionally, Jeremy’s estimated earnings from Instagram is around $31K-$34K per post on Instagram where he has over 2 million followers and posted 298 times at the time of writing. Blessed with natural good looks, he mostly posts his selfies and pictures with his squad on his Instagram which is deluged with thousands of likes and comments.

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Similarly, he is also quite popular on his TikTok for his dance moves, point-of-view (POV), lip-sync videos, and comedy videos. With over 9 million followers and 288 million strong likes on his TikTok handle Jeremy Hutchins (@jeremyhutchins), he makes an average of $5400-$9000 per sponsorship post

Jeremy moved from Ohio to Los Angeles Just to be a Member of the AMP squad. Know Why He Took a Break from Social Media.

Jeremy Hutchins has always dreamt of being popular since his childhood and this explains the reason why he started TikTok (then Musically) and Instagram just at the age of 9.

With his bubbly personality, he gained over 1000 followers on Instagram even in the 4th grade. As we all know success in social media comes up with a price, where you have to deal with hate speeches and trolls. And dealing with hate on social media at a young age can traumatize one's life.

In the early days, Jeremy received a lot of hate comments to the point that he even stopped using social media. With time he learned to face these judgments and then returned again at the age of 14 stronger than ever. And from then on, he has never really cared about people’s opinions and hate online.

Success was not an overnight thing for Jeremy as he has been on social media for nearly a decade now. The blue-eyed content creator shifted from his birthplace and left his family behind, just to join the AMP squad in early 2020. And, his hard work really paid off as he gained over 2 million subscribers on his YouTube only in 1.5 years.

Who is Jeremy Hutchins Dating? Why did he keep his relationship with his Ex-Girlfriend, Katie Sigmond a secret?

Good news girls!!! Jeremy Hutchins recently announced that he is officially single and is not involved in any kind of romantic relationship after his breakup with Katie Sigmond.

Jeremy Hutchins

Jeremy Hutchins with his ex Katie Sigmond. (Image Source: YouTube) 

Talking about Katie, she is a TikToker and a YouTuber who is known for posting explicit and nude pictures on OnlyFans, a subscription-based website that enables creators to get paid for posting videos and photos for fans. Jeremy who used to call Katie a “Crush” in YouTube videos, dated her for about 3 months.

The former couple kept their relationship under the radar because they didn’t want the internet to judge and pressurise their relationship. Though Jeremy didn’t reveal the exact reason for their break up, his friends recently spilled the tea that they called quit after Katie joined the OnlyFans.

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Before Katie, Hutchins was in a relationship with numerous girls, none was a serious relationship but a fling. What’s more, he even got a long list of crushes which includes the popular TikTokers like Chloe Rosenbaum, Ellie Zeiler, Jimena Jimenez, Loren Gray, and many more. Considering the fact that he even got his 1st kiss in the 4th-grade, one can assume Jeremy is the lady's man.

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