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Dec 27, 2019 @ 19:12 EST
'The Real Housewives of Orange County' star Shannon Beador has a net worth of $10 million, after getting a$1.4 million divorce settlement from ex-husband, David Beador.

Here, you will learn the details of Shannon Beador's net worth, her sources of income (including her salary in RHOC), the divorce settlement with ex-husband David Beador, her frozen-foods line and the lawsuit against Jim Bellino.

Starting her career on the screen just back in 2014 with Bravo TV's The Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon Beador is still going strong on the show, even after that divorce, which was a huge boon for her by the way, in terms of her net worth. Still, 19 years of marriage and three kids later, there's bound to be some emotion left in her.

Born in March 1964 [age 56], in Southern California, Shannon Beador is a determined individual who lives a holistic lifestyle in a house with a hospital-grade air filtration system and no wi-fi. Immediately after joining RHOC and tackling the issues in her already 13-year-old marriage, she found out how not-so-fairytale-like her marriage was, and over the years, she knew she had to separate from her now ex-husband, David Beador.

Shannon Beador's portrait photo of her smiling. She has a net worth of $10 million.Shannon Beador joined the cast of 'The Real Housewives of Orange County' only back in December 2013 and started appearing in 2014/Season 9.
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After filing for divorce in 2017 and finalizing it in 2019, her net worth has been fairly boosted by the divorce settlement. But it is not the main source of her millionaire-status fortune. But as of late, she's also claimed she lost some of the money during a lawsuit proceeding. Still, her net worth is nothing short of envying.

Shannon Beador's Net Worth of $10 Million, As of 2020, is Updated after the Divorce Settlement

As of January 2020, Shannon Beador's net worth is an estimated $10 million earned from five years of appearing in The Real Housewives of Orange County, the divorce settlement, several endorsements and deals, her line of frozen meals and her sponsorships with NBC Universal. Her wealth is actually more than that of her co-star friends, Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson. And it's not completely because of her divorce settlement at all. She gets paid more than them, and there are several other sources for her as mentioned above.

Shannon Beador has a net worth of $10 million after getting the divorce settlement from ex-husband David Beador.Shannon Beador's divorce settlement is not her only source of net worth.
Source: Bravo TV

According to a recent salary leak, Beador reportedly earned $900,000 from RHOC Season 14. Considering she will be around for a while despite her besties, Judge and Gunvalson, leaving the show, there's still time to increase the net worth amount. Still, the full cast is yet to be announced. For comparison of the net worth of the RHOC members:
Kelly Dodd - $10 million
Vicki Gunvalson - $7.3 million
Braunwyn Windham-Burke - $3.3 million
Tamra Judge - $3 million
Gina Kirschenheiter - $1 million
Emily Simpson
- $900,000

If you're here after reading the article from Celebrity Net Worth, then you should remember, it's not been updated since last year. The net worth from the publication is considered the same as her ex-husband's, $20 million, which is acceptable if they were still married and the divorce settlement was not over yet. Every value of wealth is shared between husband-wife after all. Now that they are divorced and are their own independent self, only her part is needed to be considered. It's not that we're taking half their total net worth. Shannon's really earned at least $10 million.

Shannon and David Beador's Divorce Settlement

Main article: Shannon Beador & David Beador Divorce Settlement

In December 2017, Shannon filed for divorce from David, which went on for a year and a half. After a lot of drama, the finally settled on an agreement in April 2019. As per his desire, Shannon received $1.4 million in cash and a $10,000 per month in child and spousal support while obtaining much of the joint assets to himself in order to "equalize the division of community property as set forth herein".

Shannon & David Beador with their three daughters.They were ordered not to leave Orange County so as to effectively co-parent their three daughters.
Photo: Charles Sykes for Bravo TV

The monthly support amount was reduced from the initial ordered price of $30,000 after both of them asked for it to be reduced on different occasions. Again, the main article for the divorce settlement (including how the assets were divided), the link is given above.

Shannon Beador's Complete Salary Sheet and Expenses

To be straight forward, Shannon reportedly earns $800,000 per season of RHOC. But she's been given different values of fortune since she joined the cast. Her recent contract should give her around $800,000. That's also about the amount ($900,000) which David claimed in Feb. 2019 that she earned from the show.

The divorce-proceeding court documents filed in October 2018 had Shannon declaring her salary to be $400,000. But the February 2019 documents read that she expected to pay off almost half of her earnings of 2017, i.e., $423,000, in taxes.

Shannon Beador looking surprised.She was already noting her entire money-related issues in the court documents.
Source: Bravo TV

In the 2017 court documents too, she listed her average monthly income as $37,767, labeling herself as a 'reality television personality'. She also listed David's monthly salary as $108,168, as of December 31, 2017.

As for her expenses, she listed a monthly rate of $30,235. She noted a $10,000 expense for 'filming preparation', per the affidavit. Her final account balance was listed as $45,352 after attorney costs, taxes and credit card debt.

Additional Payments — She Also Earns from Her Frozen Meals Line

The TV is obviously not the only thing she's got to boost her net worth. The court documents also mentioned Storms was paid an additional $181,290 from Center Entertainment Group, the one that managed the reality TV personality's bookings and endorsement deals. According to NBC Universal, she also received a payment of $5,150 for the network-sponsored events.

Shannon Beador used her 40 lbs weight loss experience to open a frozen foods line.Shannon Beador used her 40 lbs weight loss experience to open a frozen foods line.
Photo from: Bravo TV

In April 2018, the mother-of-three announced she was launching a line of prepared frozen meals, Real for Real Cuisine, with QVC, emphasizing seafood and vegetarian options. Now we know where she lost those 40 lbs last year. All the meals are made to be 450 calories or less. She said the move was influenced by her split from David.

Beador Claimed She Lost "A Quarter of a Million Dollars" in the Legal Battle against Jim Bellino

In her $30,235 expenses, the 56-year-old noted a part of it per month was gone for the attorney's fees when she defended herself "against a defamation complaint brought by the spouse of a former castmate". On part two of the RHOC Reunion show dated 24 December 2019, she told Andy Cohen, the star tallied her expenses totaled to a maximum of $250,000.

Jim Bellino, the ex-husband of the former cast member Alexis Bellino, initially sued Tamra and Shannon for $1 million in 2018 with a claim that they defamed him on Heather McDonald's podcast and on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. He accused them of suggesting his trampoline business was responsible for injuring customers.

Three Photos: Shannon Beador, Jim Bellino and Alexis Bellino together, and Tamra Judge.The case between Bellino and Judge is still developing as Shannon was removed from it.
Source: Bravo TV

Shannon was later dismissed from the lawsuit by a judge earlier in January after Bellino failed to prove how he could emerge victorious against her. Later reports in June revealed he paid $137,340.25  for her legal fees, much lower than the $220,000 she demanded before. He later even sued McDonald in June 2019.

In the reunion with Cohen, Shannon was sobbing when asserting she'd lost four years of tuition for her daughter going to college next year because of the cost. As soon as she discussed the amount he lost, another RHOC member Kelly Dodd, who's also worth $10 million, yelled at her for the dismissal from the suit. But she shot back, "I'm a good two to three years out and you gotta keep paying attorneys."

Shannon Beador rubbing the tears off her face.Shannon claimed she'd lost four years' worth of tuition money for her oldest daughter.
Source: Bravo TV

Judge also entered the discussion, stating, "Heather McDonald had asked us some questions. We answered them. It was just on pop culture and news and she was talking about his divorce. And we answered her questions and he didn't like what we said, so he sued us."

It seems the drama will keep continuing on as it does in every other reality TV show. Still, a life without the marriage drama but instead with grown-up daughters, Stella Beador, Adeline Beador (twins), and Sophie Beador, isn't so bad. With time, her salary will be able to compensate for the losses. The buzz is, her frozen meal line is doing absolutely great.

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