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Jun 28, 2020 @ 4:26 EDT
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Avani Gregg (b. November 23, 2002) is a social media influencer and the winner of the Shorty Award for TikToker of the Year 2019. She's a member of the infamous Hype House with Chase Hudson [net worth: $800,000], Thomas Petrou, Addison Rae [net worth: $3 million] and friends with former member Charli D'Amelio [net worth: $4 million].

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The Indiana-native is currently dating Sway House LA member Anthony Reeves, counter-intuitively to what one might've thought. She is biracial and a makeup enthusiast, who blew up to fame with her Clown Check video on TikTok but actually started out with Musical.ly. And she doesn't really like her nickname 'Clown Girl'.

Avani Gregg's $2 Million Net Worth

Makeup TikToker Avani Gregg is worth $2 million through sponsorships on social media and endorsements via branded merchandise sales. With such an impressive follower-count in all her social media accounts, she is undoubtedly collecting an impressive amount from sponsorships, which is her major source of income.

Avani Gregg holding the Shorty Award.Avani Gregg is the recipient of the 2019 Shorty Award for TikToker of the Year.
Photo Source: Avani Gregg, Instagram

Despite not looking for fame and getting on social media just for the fun of it, she went viral with the Clown Check video and started vlogging on YouTube as well. She's since joined Hype House and sells branded merchandise of her own. But she has her dream of starting her own line of cosmetic and fashion line one day.

Considering she did not give up gymnastics even after many suggestions to do so, she may very well succeed in that. She did have to give gymnastics up though after facing a fractured broken back.

Gregg's Social Media Presence

The half-Indian, half-African-American, has come a long way since her viral video that gained over 3 million views. She was 14 when she started social media with Musical.ly and now has millions of adoring fans on the net. Still, she says she gets a lot of hate which she used to ignore. But these days, she simply has fun replying to her hate comments.

A young Avani Gregg with her biracial parents and her two sister.She revels in being part of a biracial family.
Photo Source: Avani Gregg Instagram

Gregg also did get her primary TikTok account deleted by the organization in April 2020, amidst of the Federal Trade Commission controversy, and she had no idea why it happened. She shared her distress on her secondary account, @lilpapiclowngirl, until her reps managed to revive her then-17 million-strong account a few days later.

TikTok Earnings

The 17-year-old's been on TikTok since it's inception, and currently has over 21.5 million followers on her page, avani. With over 4,500 posts, she has the potential to earn between $12,000 to $21,500 per post via sponsorships. That depends on the amount of engagements her social media posts supporting sponsorships get.

Instagram Earnings

The hoodie-lover has been on Instagram as long as she can remember social media for, but her follower-number is still impressive for her age and fame. She has over 10.5 million followers on her page, avani, and with over 410 posts, she earns around $21,000 to $35,000 for every post from sponsorships.

YouTube Earnings

Gregg first started her YouTube channel in July 2015 and only first posted in March 2018 with her short video about a breaking-her-back prank. She has over 830,000 subscribers and has posted just over 20 times, with her subscriber-count increasing by an average of 3,000 per day.

Avani Gregg being carried by boyfriend Anthony Reeves.Surprisingly, Avani's boyfriend is a Sway House member.
Photo Source: Avani Gregg, Instagram

For now, her channel, Avani, gets her around $3,000 every month from sponsorships. Her video views are equally impressive as well. As for her merch sales, hoodies are the most popular ones in there.

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