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Jan 8, 2022 @ 11:26 EST
'One of Us Is Lying's Barrett Carnahan Married His Wife to Strike Infidelity Rumors Down

William Barret Carnahan (b. Sep 22, 1992) aka Barrett Carnahan is an American actor best known for starring in ConstantineCobra Kai, Grey's Anatomy, The Thundersman, and Alexa & Katie. With over a decade-long experience in acting, the graduate of Caldwell High School is a popular face on Netflix.

Born and raised in Caldwell, Ohio, USA, Carnahan is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie and never shies away from having a fun and exciting experience. His fearlessness when it comes to taking risks has served him well when it comes to acting.

Achieved The Success Barrett Carnahan's Father Always Dreamt About

Barrett Carnahan was always intrigued by the idea of becoming an actor from a very young age. Well, his love for acting did not come as a surprise as his father also tried his luck in the entertainment industry but could not get any impressive role apart from the sitcom Nashville Network (TNN)

A young Barrett Carnahan (right) swinging a kick at his dad in a vintage photo.Fighting was Carnahan and his father's favorite thing to do when he was a kid.
Photo Source: Barrett Carnahan, Instagram

Carnahan, who also has a sister,  began his acting journey by performing in CPAC, the local theater in Cambridge. Even though he had a strong desire to be an actor, he still considered going into an occupation like journalism or arts which he had some control over. Eventually, he decided to listen to his heart and chase his dreams just after graduating high school.

The American native landed his first role in the monster thriller movie, Super 8, at the age of 19, followed by roles in The Pledge, Fun Size, Sleepy Hollow, Constantine, Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy, Colony, and so on. However, he got his breakthrough from Nickelodean’s The Thunderman which helped him make a decision to relocate to Los Angeles, the acting hub for emerging stars.

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Moving to LA was not easy as he thought as the 29-year-old had to do different side jobs in catering and retails along with his acting profession. His hard work started to finally pay off and Carnahan got the success he deserved when he got to play the role of Aiden in the TV series, Alexa & Katie.

His success further reached a new height with his recurring role on Cobra Kai, the sequel to the Karate Kid. He then starred as Jake Riordan in Peacock’s murder mystery drama, One of Us Is Lying, and as Derek Turner in the thriller TV series, Cruel Summer which has been popular among fans.

Barrett Carnahan's Net Worth in 2021

As per different estimating sources, Barrett Carnahan holds a net worth of around $500,000 thanks to his decade-long acting career. Starting his career at the age of 19, he has now worked in more than 30 plus movies and television shows. Likewise, he is repped by A3 Artists Agency, LINK Entertainment, and Goodman, Genow, Schenkman, Smelkinson & Christopher.

Barrett Carnahan with a weird smile on his face, Cobra Kai screenshot.Carnahan only had smaller roles before 'The Thunderman'.
Photo Source: Barrett Carnahan, Instagram

Carnahan's television series credits include Reckless, Modern Family, Constantine, Gray's Anatomy, Alexa & Katie, Cobra Kai, and many more. In films, he held a starring role in A Christmas Tree Miracle, A Matter of Faith, The Sub, Carl, and so on. Besides, he has been getting praise for his role in the newly released TV show, One of Us Is Lying.

Apart from acting, the 5' 11" actor has been earning from his Instagram account, Barrett Carnahan (@barrettcarnahan210) with 265,000 followers through brand sponsorships and endorsement posts. He alone makes around $1,000 per post strictly through sponsorships.

Not many people might know but before Barrett made his acting debut, he also tried his luck as a YouTuber. He launched his self-titled YouTube channel, Barrett Carnahan in March 2008 where he has posted over 27 videos. One of his most popular videos was titled, High School Musical on stage Part one (The Start of Something New), which has over 92,000 views.

Barrett's Undeniable Chemistry With Isabel May Have Led to Infidelity Rumors

Barrett Carnahan, no doubt is a very talented actor who can play any role swiftly and do justice to any character, be it the younger self of the iconic villain of Cobra Kai, John Kreese, or high school lover, Aiden in Netflix's Alexa & Katie. But he once got into trouble for his outstanding chemistry with his on-screen lover, Isabel May, of Alexa & Katie, which nearly broke his decade-long relationship with his spouse, Nina Carnahan (née Kubicki).

Barrett Carnahan (left) with Isabel May (right) on 'Alexa & Katie'.The chemistry was only on screen.
Photo Source: Alexa & Katie, Netflix

Carnahan and May's relationship has been one of the most captivating storylines of the season. Their undeniable chemistry on the show led fans to speculate that the on-screen love couple was actually dating in real life as well. This sparked the rumors of Barrett cheating on Kubicki and breaking off their relationship for Isabel, but the pair shut the rumors with their marriage in the most chaotic year of the 2010s.

Barrett Carnahan's Wedding with Nina Kubicki Was Called Off Due to COVID Outbreak

Barrett Carnahan has been a celebrity crush of many girls over the years but he only has eyes for only one person, his wife Nina Kubicki. He has been in love with Kubicki, now Carnahan herself, for more than 10 years now, and their love seems to grow stronger with time. How did they meet? Carnahan quite frequently likes to tell the story of how he sat beside her on a bus a decade before their wedding.

Barrett Carnahan (right) kissing his wife Nina Kubicki on her forhead beside a vintage car right after their wedding.They had a June wedding in 2020.
Photo Source: Barrett Carnahan, Instagram

The pair got engaged in 2018. The pair originally was planning to get married in May 2020 last year but their plan got delayed due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. Then after waiting for a month, they finally tied the knot on 17 June 2020 in presence of their friends and family only.

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Carnahan and Nina are head over heels in love with one another and do not leave any chance to show off their love especially on Instagram. From Valentine's Day to Anniversary, the couple does not shy away to appreciate their affection and togetherness.

Fans Are Excited As 'Cobra Kai' stars, Carnahan and Annalisa Cochrane, Reunited for 'One of Us Is Lying'

There's no doubt that Cobra Kai has a whole different fan base, and when the news of their favorite actors from the Cobra Kai universe starring in the same show broke out, they could not be any happier. Even though Barrett Carnahan and Annalisa Cochrane both appeared in the Netflix hit, they did not have any scenes together which made fans further anticipate how their chemistry will turn out in the new show.

In Peacock’s YA drama, One of Us Is Lying, based on the best-selling book of the same name, Carnahan and Annalisa will be playing the role of popular high school love birds as Jake and Addy. The series is about five high school students, who got into detention but one of the students named, Simon, dies, making the remaining four students suspects of the murder.

Barrett Carnahan (top left) with the rest of the six 'One of Us Is Lying' cast.The show has already sparked another chapter for it to be made for TV.
Photo Source: Barrett Carnahan, Instagram

Jake, the captain of the football team, and Addy, the popular cheerleader, and princess all planned their next 60 years together, but when Addy’s cheating secret came out, they ultimately break up. Other casts of the series include Marianly Tejada, Cooper Van Grootel, Chibuikem Uche, Mark McKenna, Mellisa Collazo, and Jessica McLeod. Season 2 is yet to be announced.

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