Follower Count Review: Charli D’Amelio Rising Through the Ranks

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Before we start, Charli D’Amelio‘s ever-increasing follower count made us create a new content altogether. Yeah, we know you think it’s stupid! Gotcha!

There’s no point in estimating Charli D’Amelio’s net worth when her follower-count on all social media platforms is rapidly increasing. Because the value would just be difficult to estimate entirely. But there will come a time when her rate of increase in numbers will saturate, and then, we could be talking about her fortune only once in a certain interval of time. It’s been a difficulty for all rising TikTok stars.

The last time we talked about D’Amelio was when she got her dream come true of dancing with JLo. She had 22.8 million followers at the time. Now, after 10 days of her big night, the number of followers on her TikTok account, charli d’amelio, has gone to 26.3 million (at the time of writing, of course).

That’s 3.5 million more people pouring into her account. And yes, our estimation of the rate of increase (2 million per week) is still fairly valid.

In her net worth piece, we’ve mentioned she was 19th on the highest followed TikTok accounts with 19 million followers. Can you guess where she’s at right now?


Yeah, the rate has really helped, because it’s more than any other rising TikTok stars. She’s not going to stop climbing up the ladder, is she? In a matter of weeks, she could be surpassing Riyaz Aly on fifth. Loren Gray [net worth: $4 million] is still on top, and Charli’s got a long way to go to reach her level. But they might be butting head one day soon.

On Instagram too, the rate seems consistent, although not two million per week. She’s reached 7 million from 5 million the last time we talked about it. And yeah, more followers means more chance of engagement in those sponsored posts, on all her social media accounts.

If D’Amelio can keep the consistency in her follower rate, there’s no doubt it will come true. After all, she’s already been dubbed the “reigning queen of TikTok” by the New York Times. She might’ve herself been stumped to why she got famous overnight, but she’s already there. She knows she has to keep her composure now and provide even better content. No pressure.

That number for D’Amelio is sure not going to be kept still anytime soon. As she rises through the ranks in that TikTok board, we’ll be keeping you up-to-date with it. And as for her net worth value, the evaluation will come one day again. So, stay connected, there are only four more people she’s got to challenge on the list (the additional one is the social media platform’s account itself).