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Dec 4, 2021 @ 8:58 EST
What Happened to Benji Krol: Is He Dating a Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

Being a social media personality, you must watch your every move or it won't take a minute to ruin your hard-earned reputation. And who is a better example for this than the popular TikToker, Benji Krol, who has been stuck in various controversies time and again and was nearly canceled from social media.

Benjamin Aleksander Krol (b. December 14, 2000), aka Benji Krol, is an aspiring TikToker, YouTuber, and Instagram influencer best known for his TikTok videos with over 27 million followers. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to an Argentine mother, Alejandra, and a British-Polish father, Aleksander, he has two brothers, Thomas and Rowy. Besides, he also calls Liza Anokhina aka anokhinalz, a Russian TikTok with 32.1 million followers, as his little sister.

Even though Krol is now based in Madrid, Spain, he grew up in different countries like Switzerland and Canada which helped him learn several languages like English, Spanish, German, French, and also a little bit of Italian. As much interesting as his professional life is, his love life also has stirred the internet time and again.

How Much Is the Net Worth Of Benji Krol? His Social Media Presence and Earnings

As of 2021, Benji Krol is estimated to be worth $500,000 thanks to his huge fan following on social media platforms. He started his career from and now has over 27.2 million followers on his TikTok account, Benji Krol (@benjikrol) from which he makes an average of $21,500 per sponsored post, including the live stream earnings and collaborations.

Benji Krol (right) with his self-claimed sister Russian model Liza Anokhina.Liza Anokhina (left) was known as the Russian child vlogger before social media fame.
Photo Source: Benji Krol, Instagram

Krol's first viral TikTok was the video of him turning himself on Penelope which got over 2.4 million likes. And since then, the 20-year-old has been ruling this platform with his dance moves, comedy skits, and POV videos. Besides, he has also collaborated with other popular TikTok stars like Jadaa Blue, Sophie Sorrells, Lizy Elizabeth, and many more.

When you have a large fanbase on TikTok, it's obvious you will be popular on other social media platforms as well i.e Instagram and YouTube. And, sure enough, Krol has managed to surpass over 2.4 million followers on his eponymous Instagram account, Benji Krol (@benjikrol) from which he makes around $6,500 per post strictly through sponsorship and brand endorsement.

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Benji launched his self-titled YouTube channel, Benji Krol in March 2014. However, he started posting videos only four years later in March 2018. With over 1.34 million subscribers and 51 videos on his channel, Krol makes around $4,000 per post. Besides, he is also on Cameo where takes a certain charge for a video message to fans.

Benji Krol and His Ex-Boyfriend, JeyJey, Were Accused Of Child Grooming

Benji Krol and his former boyfriend Jorge Gardi, aka JeyJey, were accused of grooming a minor in August 2020. The victim accused the gay couple of using their fame to manipulate and coerce him into doing sexual things for their pleasure.

"Benji and JeyJey were one of the first gay couples I’d seen receive so much support," the post goes. "I looked up to them and took inspiration from their TikTok videos. However, their social media fame blinded me and I didn’t realize how they took advantage of me until talk about my experience with close friends in July and August 2020."

Benji Krol (right) almost face to face close to ex-boyfriend Jorge Gardi (left), aka JeyJey.Krol and JeyJey never officially confirmed the start or end of their relationship.
Photo Source: Benji Krol, Instagram

The alleged victim further shared screenshots of his FaceTime log and their explicit text through the anonymous Twitter account. The victim also revealed that Gardi sent him the pictures of Benji mast*rbating. What's more, Krol also then added the alleged minor on Snapchat and sent him nude photos as well as snaps of his "d*ck".

Benji clearly stated that some of this sexting accusation was true and also revealed that he is also the victim of Jorge's manipulation. Meanwhile, Gardi also took full responsibility for his action and even apologized to the victim and Benji. A lot of the posts that are related to the accusations are now deleted, however.

Benji Krol Attempted Suicide Following the Allegations: He Was Nearly Canceled Due To This Incident

Benji Krol nearly took his own life following the allegations of grooming a minor. When the news of him and his lover, JeyJey exploiting a child came forward, Krol at first, clearly denied all the allegations saying it's just a rumor. However, he backtracked his claim and admitted that some of these accusations are true.

Benji also released a written apology to the victim through his tweet where he also claimed to have attempted suicide after the sexting accusations. He further revealed that after the incident, Gardi simply left him and had not contacted him since then leading to their break up. Following this incident, Benji received a lot of hate comments and death threats and was almost canceled from social media.

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Krol again posted a 30-minute video on his YouTube channel explaining the incident in detail. He then claimed that the victim also lied to him about his age saying he was 16 years old at the time of the incident. The YouTuber explained some of the sexual assault accusations were true and also opened up how Jorge manipulated him as well. There is a twist though, which involves JeyJey's return to social media with half a million followers less than before, where he says that they still "talk every day and help each other through everything."

Well, this is not the first time Benji has been in the headlines. Earlier the same year, nude pictures of Krol were leaked on Twitter which went viral. Benji is not the only TikTok celebrity whose nudes were leaked online as other influencers like “TikTok Queen” Charli D’Amelio, Tony Lopez, Bryce Hall, and even actress Jennifer Lawrence were the victims of a hacking crime in which their private photos and videos were published on the internet without their consent.

Who Is Benji Krol's Boyfriend or Girlfriend? Is Krol Dating Nic Kauffman or Abby Roberts?

After the dramatic breakup with his boyfriend, JeyJey following the child grooming accusations, Benji Krol has been single for quite some time now. However, this does not stop the rumors of him being linked to fellow TikTok star, Nic Kaufmann.

Nic Kauffmann (left) look at Benji Krol (right) with their hands in their jacket pockets.It's only just a rumor.
Photo Source: Benji Krol, Instagram

As per sources, the rumored couple first met through TikTok after Benji slid into Kaufmann’s DMs and it did not take long for them to become BFF. The lovebirds have been inseparable since then, always filming videos together. Krol who has opened up about him being bisexual time and again, seems to be in head over heels for Nic for whom he even travels back and forth from Spain to Germany.

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Well, Kaufmann is not the only one with whom Krol is rumored to be linked with. His dating rumors with his best friend and social media star, Abby Roberts, have been on the internet for years now. However, both Roberts and Krol have clearly said that they are just friends and denied the rumors of their affair numerous times.

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