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Mar 14, 2020 @ 15:24 EDT
Bryce Hall Net Worth Reveal | Income Sources, TikTok/Instagram/YouTube Earnings, Sway LA, Addison Rae Dating Timeline, Controversies, Merchandise, Age 20

This article about the net worth of social media influencer, Bryce Hall, not of the NFL quarterback with the same name.

Addison Rae [net worth: $3 million] rumored to be dating Bryce Hall. There's something we hear every day in the TikTok world. While the former tried convincing the public they just love hanging around each other much often but they're not a thing ANYMORE, the outsiders seem to be convinced they're STILL romantically together. And they have a good reason to think so.

Born on August 14, 1999 [age 20], in Ellicott City, Maryland, Hall's been around for just over half a decade, and there's not much need to be said to about him. He's been a social media sensation ever since. He's the kind of social media personality who jumps from one platform to the other when the former is no longer on the trend and gets the same amount of love.

Bryce Hall sitting on the street.Bryce Hall was raised by a single mother.
Photo Source: Bryce Hall, Instagram

With his multiple social media endeavors, he's earning pretty. Vine, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, you name it, he's getting paychecks from everywhere. But he didn't start out being that pretty for the ladies. There's much to be said. And oh, he's also a member of the Sway LA House, a similarly different TikTok collaborative than Hype House.

Bryce Hall's 2020 Net Worth of $750,000 Has Many Sources

As of March 2020, Bryce Hall controls a net worth of $750,000 The income sources to back it up is a host of sponsorships in all his successful social media accounts, primarily YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. But as with any YouTubers, he also has his own line of custom merchandise sales.

Social Media Influencer Bryce Hall controls a net worth of $750,000.Social Media Influencer Bryce Hall controls a net worth of $750,000.
Photo Source: Bryce Hall, Instagram

While many believe it's Vine that the trick kid started out with, he proclaims it was YouNow that really got him started in bringing in money. Yeah, surprising. But he's moved on to YouTube & Instagram and now has millions of people following him.

First Thing's First: Clear the Room about the Dating Timeline between Bryce Hall and Addison Rae

Okay, there are a few things that you probably missed when you didn't do your daily routine check of the online drama updates (well not that big of a drama). The dating timeline seems to be a little weird. Some people don't even know they dated. While they did date, both of them say they're just good friends. If they did break up, how come they still act like they are dating? Was there any cheating involved?

The Intimate photos between Bryce Hall and Addison rae in their relationship timeline in mid-January could not be ignored.The Intimate photos in mid-January could not be ignored.
Photo Source: Bryce Hall, Instagram

Here's how it went: Bryce Hall and Addison Rae met in October 2019, enjoyed their time hanging out together, were a thing for a few weeks in mid-January 2020 and apparently (meaning: really!) broke up by the end of the month, but they still remained the same goofy friends despite people claiming Hall cheated on her. They did clear things up that they are very good friends and continue to make content together. Where the two stand now: friends, very good ones at that.

From Addison's point of view: During an interview with ET in late February, Addison first rests the rumors saying they are just friends. She then explains how they first met in October and immediately clicked, despite being, quote, acquaintances, unquote, only because they were around the same people a lot. They sparsely hung out when Easterling was in LA, and when she moved there, the meetings became frequent.

As for if they ever dated at one point, she isn't confused in saying "no". Sure, perceiving their time together as staying together and figuring things out for themselves is valid when she denies their dating rumors. But she does say they were like on and off, to figure those things out. They were branching off to two different things and decided it was best that they remained "just friend".

Watch From 3:34 - The Full Talk about Addison's Relationship with Bryce

However, Bryce says they did go out once, meaning it was around the time they were figuring things out. In an interview with Hollywire (video a little below), three weeks before Addison's ET interview, he shed some light and spilled the tea. He talks about his "first date" with her at Katsuya, the Sushi thing. He also reminisces October as the time they first met.

At the time, he said the thing was going well at the moment. But tweets from the two of them before that Hollywire video was uploaded on YouTube explained otherwise. It seems between the time Hall did that interview and the time the video was actually uploaded, things were finally settled between the two — friends.

On January 30, Hall posted a tweet about how they were not going to be "kissy kissy anymore" and then declared he loves her & were still remaining friends, meaning they did date for a while. But right before the tweets time, there were cheating rumors online with Hall linked to Sydney Vézina and that the relationship was going sour. But Addison also posted more than half a day later to assure everything was okay between the two of them.

As for the future, Addison says she doesn't really know (video above). But after coming off a breakup from a five-year-long serious relationship, she says she really likes being on her own for now.

And as for Bryce, he also previously squashed gay rumors by asking Elle Danjean out to be his girlfriend, and she said yes. They dated for six months, and he announced the mutual breakup via a YouTube video titled We Actually Broke Up, after rumors started due to the absence of each other on their social media 'following' list.

Social Media Earnings: His First Paycheck Was from YouNow

The common verdict of where he first started out with was Vine. Of course, it was one of his pioneer social media platform, and he got a massive following of 30,000 before the platform was shut down in January 2017. But it's not the main platform he started out with.

Bryce Hall's social media activity started around late 2014. He was 15 at the time and still reminisces about how he was a nerdy guy and used to get bullied in school. Around the time he started Vine, he was also active on the live-streaming platform YouNow. And that's what he likes to consider his start into online fame, according to his statement in the interview with Hollywire.

A 10-year-old Bryce Hall during a haircut.He was a bullied kid, and then he changes his hairstyle.
Photo Source: Bryce Hall, Instagram

The 20-year-old discusses how he went online and live-streamed to actually just make friends and chat with new people. “I remember I was getting 15 views talking to like, 15 people. And then it just progressively got larger and larger,” he added. And he realized he could make money off of it, not that he intended to. His live-streams were monetized and he struck a partnership deal with from the live-broadcasting platform. Then he got his first paycheck.

Watch: Bryce Hall Talks His First Date with Addison Rae, His First Paycheck and His First Viral TikTok Video

After Vine got shut down and YouNow started losing user broadcasters, he hopped on to and we all know where he headed since then. He had 1 million followers on it before it was merged with TikTok in late 2017.

Instagram Earnings

Although it's not his primary platform, he does make a lot out of his online fame. He generally posts snaps of his time in Sway LA and, of course, the parties the party guy attends.

I'm not a Model, he says.I'm not a Model, he says.
Photo Source: Bryce Hall, Instagram

With his 2.9 million followings and having posted almost 1000 times on his Instagram page, Bryce Hall, he makes an average of around $7,800 from each of his posts. The money, of course, comes from his partnerships and sponsorships on all his social media platforms. And his own Party Animal collection was also recently released as his merchandise.


With, Hall also hopped on to YouTube but already had an account since February 2015. His joined date shows February 14, 2015. Coincidence? Since then, he's been known as a YouTube content creator, with TikTok getting the bigger hype. Most of his videos are skits and challenges he and his friends do. They mostly include the Sway LA boys, Josh Richards, Anthony Reeves, Jaden Hossler, Kio Cyr & Griffin Johnson, and Easterling often rides along with him. Don't forget, Mackenzie Zieglar [net worth: $3.5 million] too.

The 7 Sway LA members.The Sway LA has stalkers waiting outside their house too.
Photo Source: Bryce Hall, Instagram

Amassing a massive 1.1 million+ subscribers on his account, Bryce Hall, he makes around $1,700 from each of his 140+ videos through sponsorships based on the number of views. And views just keep coming in millions on each of his videos, starting seriously since 2018.

And there's one thing you might wanna know. In case you didn't watch the Hollywire video completely, the one person he really wants to collaborate with is Logan Paul [net worth: $19 million] and maybe even the NELK boys. And despite being a fan of David Dobrik [net worth: $7 million], he doesn't see himself doing those types of videos.


Of course, TikTok is overshadowing every other platform these days, despite not being the main one for Hall either. He has 3.8 million followers on the video-syncing platform and posted over 400 times. From each of those posts, he earns an average of around $3,000 due to sponsorships.

In terms of his first viral video, the one with Sean Kingston on his very own song definitely takes the number 1 spot, he professes in the Hollywire interview again. The video of he and his boys singing along to "you're way too beautiful, girl" as Kingston hops into the scene has over 20 million views now.

And He's Not without Controversies: He Really Regrets "A Lot" of Things

It's probably nothing new that people spark up things from celebrities' past that come up to be a scandal, but Hall's really entangled himself in some controversies he'd rather like to erase from his life. And he really does want it removed and never talked about.

Michael Weist with Bryce Hall and Jackson Krecioch.Michael Weist with Bryce Hall and Jackson Krecioch.
Photo Source: SuperFame

Once, he and his friend Mikey Barone accused his then-manager, Michael Weist, of sexual harassment and hacking his Twitter account. Weist, of course, sued the two for defamation and took the matter to the court. It was settled out of court where they were required a public apology to Weist. The matter was also included in the Hulu documentary, Jawline. And Hall's Twitter account really was hacked. He had to use a secondary account.

In 2018 too, Hall was accused of assaulting another YouTuber named BadZach, allegedly pinning him into a bathtub and punching him several times. He later admitted his mistake with "Humans make mistakes". He also made a video of Answering the Questions I've been Avoiding, mentioning his biggest regret in his life, the controversies.

Biggest regret of my life, probably all the controversies I’ve ever been in and I was in a lot… I regret those, immensely.

Add this to his list as he, along with Sway House member Josh Richards, made a diss track against Chase Hudson [net worth: $800,000] after he allegedly hopped on the DMs of Richard's girlfriend Nessa Barrett [net worth: $200,000].

Bryce Hall and all the Sway LA members are represented by TalentX management company, and VP Michael Gruen and talent manager Gavin Rudolph seems to be living in the house as wardens. And there's no such thing as a rivalry between the Sway LA and the Hype House.

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