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May 18, 2022 @ 11:06 EDT
Piper Rockelle's Squad Member Emily Dobson Is Trained in All Forms of Dance Styles | Celeb$fortune & Net Worth 2022

What's more complicated than the dating history of Piper Rockelle's squad members? The squads' crushes have been changing at such a pace that it's really confusing the audience. So, let us make it clear to you guys! Piper is dating her crush, Lev Cameron, the Jentzen Ramirez-Elliana Walmsley pair no longer exists, and Jenna Davis is single now after a few moments with Oliver Muhl.

So, left is Emily Dobson (b. April 3, 2008), but just when she finally seemed to have moved on from Sawyer Sharbino with a newfound crush on Jordan Clark, there hasn't been a "crush" video from her for months. Apart from being a popular member of Piper's squad, Dobson is an emerging actress, dancer, YouTuber, TikTok star, and social media influencer.

Emily Dobson's Background

Born in Los Angeles, California, Emily Dobson was into dance and arts from a very young age. Her father, Douglas Dobson who is a well-known photographer in Los Angeles always supported her decision to follow her path in dance and art. Emily, who is a single child of her parents, started learning ballet at the age of three and soon ventured into ballroom dancing at five.

A young 9-year-old Emily Dobson in midst of her ballroom dancing showcase.Dobson practiced various forms of dance styles from around the world when she was young.
Photo Source: Emily Dobson, Instagram

Inspired by Karina Smirnoff on Dancing with the Stars, Dobson has been creating history winning many national competitions. Even at a very young age, she has already performed for the 2018 California Star Ball, Emerald Ball DanceSport Championships, the Sony Pictures event Evening Under the Stars, and many more.

Emily and her dance partner, Robbie Milstead, made it as the top three contestants in the 2016 Utah Nationals. What's more, the 14-year-old has been a United States national finalist in dance thrice. Besides, she also trained in art at Pauline's Art Studio and organized her first art exhibition at a tender age.

Emily Dobson Herself Accepts That Her Net Worth Is $700,000

Recently, Emily Dobson made a video titled "I Google Myself" where she Googled different information about herself and even cleared out some rumors related to her age, siblings, and the fact about her being a vampire. In a nearly 10-minute long video, she cleared out she does not have any sibling named Mae, her age is not 91, she also has two pets, and she also revealed that she has parents which apparently Google showed she did not have any.

And when Dobson searched for her net worth, the results showed it to be between $350,000 and $700,000 for which she just accepted on a whim that she is worth $700,000. Well, the majority of her source of income is obviously from social media and brand endorsement which she gets as an influencer.

Emilt Dobson holding two inflatables that reads '1M' to mark her 1-million subscribers mark.She's nearly 2 million at YouTube subscriber-count.
Photo Source: Emily Dobson, Instagram

Emily has nearly 1.9 million subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel, Emily Dobson, from which she earns $3,500 per video. Besides, she has also appeared in music videos with her ex-boyfriend, Swayer Sharbino for the song titled, Put You First. Dobson has a huge fan following on her TikTok account (@emily.dobson) as well as her Instagram page (@itsemilydobson).

With around 3.8 million followers on TikTok and 1.3 million followers on Instagram, she is estimated to get $3,000 per sponsored post and $3,500 per sponsored post from TikTok and Instagram respectively. It is, of course, attributed to brand partnerships and endorsements.

From Sawyer Sharbion to Jordan Clerk, Emily Dobson's Long List of Crush

It's not a new thing to have many followers, at least not in the group of Piper Rockelle and her besties. Sometimes, it seems like the competition is going on among the squad members to see how one can actually have many crushes (funny right?).

Emily Dobson is also inadvertently following the tradition of making crushes and has called numerous people her crush in and out of their group. One of her most hyped crushes was none other than a former member of the Piper gang, Sawyer Sharbino, whom she even gave a "boyfriend tag" on her videos.

Emily Dobson craddling her dog Harley Dobson as she smiles at the camera.Her last date was apparently her dog, Harley Dobson, after tricking her squad members.
Photo Source: Emily Dobson, Instagram

The couple broke up after being together for some months but had not disclosed the exact reason for their split. Sharbino, who later had a crush on Sophie Fergi, did share a little information about their break up saying as they are still very young to be committed to a serious romance and that they split for good reason.

Then, the TikToker had a crush on actor, Thaddeaus Ek and singer, Stefan Benz who even competed for a date in her video. And Dobson then added a new name to her crush list and that is a teen actor and model, Jordan Clark.

What's more, Dobson already confessed her feeling for the Screwball actor, and Clark also reciprocated his affection. Although, for some months now, the two haven't been seen together in any of her videos. Seemingly having separated from each other, Clark seems to have been on the prowl.

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