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May 3, 2020 @ 10:04 EDT
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Learn the Net Worth details of rising TikToker and actor Jentzen Ramirez, covering parts of his early life, dating, controversial breakup from Sophie Fergi, net worth, parents, career, and so forth. 

We have always seen and enjoyed our Jentzen Ramirez from his intriguing YouTube content, pranks, TikTok clips, shorts, and movies. But do we know him well enough behind the lights and camera? Are we aware of the star personal lifestyle and fortune the Young sensation made while many of us are still figuring out a way to earn some decent money?

So in order to seek some motivation as well as learn some facts about the athletic star below we bring you with all the information of Jentzen,

Jentzen Ramirez Bio-Wiki, Ethnicity, Parents, Sister

Jentzen Ramirez Early life, Parents

Snippet of young Jentzen.
Image Source: IMDb

Jantzen was born on August 8, 2006, in Austin, Texas, United States. His zodiac sign is 'Leo' and belongs to white ethnicity. Despite being popular and even his group of friends are all popular, the actor is yet to share information regarding his father and mother but he shares a cool sister Liana Ramirez who is often featured in his TikTok and Instagram.

And the young age of 14, Jentzen is already the recipient of the 2017 Jury Prize at Actors Awards in Los Angeles for 'Best Child Actor' and 'Best Ensemble Cast' for his 2017 feature film The Lurking Man. Yes, the heartthrob to many ladies is also a self-made millionaire, don't believe, check it out yourself,

Jentzen Ramirez Net Worth is $1 Million and Counting

Net Worth

Self-made millionaire at just 'Fourteen'.
Image Source: Instagram (@jentzenramirez)

Jentzen net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. The source behind his net worth is credited to his earnings from YouTube, TikTok advertisements, movies, and merch. Below we present you in-depth details of  all his income sources, starting off from,

Earnings From Movie - Star Wars, The Lurking Man

As of 2020, Jentzen has made around $300k from his movies. As in now, he holds credits for 21 movies, Tv Series, and short which includes lead and supporting roles. Some of his popular movies include The Lurking Man (2017), Thoughts and Prayers (2019), and Adam Ruins Everything (2015), Stars Wars: Generation (Short).

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Ramirez's passion for movie and main source of inspiration for acting was from his sister Liana, who is also an actress and social media star.  After his family moved to Los Angeles, Ramirez got an opportunity to play a substantial role in the feature movie alongside Sharon Lawrence.  He made his first Television debut in a lifetime movie called Babysitter's Black Book. Jentzen also holds theatrical credit for the lead role in Harmony and Slapped.

Similarly, he recently played his first-ever lead role in the movie A Christmas Wish, the movie received good feedback from the critics. He also earned a good amount of money from his commercial roles for brands like SpinMaster, KOHL'S, Charter Business Communications, Proctor & Gamble, Whole Foods, Hello Kylie, Procybs, Kylie, and Chalk Preschool. Matter of fact Jentzen is listed in the top child and teen actors by IMDb alongside Cameron Boyce.

Earnings From YouTube and TikTok

Unlike other movie stars, Jentzen is very close to his fans and followers. And he's a popular Youtube and TikTok star often seen with his squad, Sophie Fergi [net worth: $200,000]: @Sophie Fergi, Walker: @Walker Bryant, Jenna Davis [net worth: $900,000]: @Jenna Davis, Lev Cameron [net worth: $600,000]: @Lev Cameron, Piper Rochelle [net worth: $2.7 million]: @Piper Rockelle, Indi Star [net worth: $300,000]: @Indi Star, and Sawyer Sharbino [net worth: $300,000]: @Sawyer Sharbino.

Some of his popular YouTube videos is LAST TO Say No To The MYSTERY WHEEL WINS $10,000 CHALLENGE, 'RUNAWAYS', MY CRUSH REACTS to my IPHONE Challenge, BREAKING UP With My GIRLFRIEND To See How She REACTS PRANK**SHE CRIED** and other.

Jentzen is new to YouTube as he just opened it on July 29th, 2019. However, the handsome star already has 42, 034, 621 with 650k subscribers. And if we calculate his earnings from YouTube pay rate which is $2 - $4 per thousand views, for starters gives us a total sum of around $100k from Youtube.

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Similarly, the Gen Z sensation is also popular on Tik Tok known from his username jentzenramirez. The 14 years old is quite popular on the video-sharing platform with 784.3 k followers and 7.6 million followers. Well similar to his YouTube channel he too uploads fun content with his squad. Coming to his earnings from TikTok he's making some money from the ad revenue but not as much as YouTube, but in nearby future, if he manages to grow more followers then he'll be earning good money.

Jentzen Ramirez Merch

Yes much like all the YouTubers MrBeast, ZHC, Marko, Charlie D'Amelio, Lil Hiddy, you name it! Jentzen too runs his own merch line. Well, his merchandise collection is cool with stylish prints and designs. He often wears and promotes them on his YouTube, Insta, and Tik Tok.

You can buy it from his official website, his hoodies come in the range of $40 and T-Shirt for around $18. And summing up all his income sources, Jentzen Ramirez's net worth is estimated to be around $1 Million and growing.

Jentzen Ramirez Girlfriend, Crush, Relationship, Dating

If you've been following the 1.63m (5 ft 4 inch) tall star Ramirez then you might be well familiar with the pranks he pulls off with his former crush/girlfriend Sophie Fergi. Well, Ramirez's recent prank (above clip) on his crush or one he also cites as girlfriend Sophie, 12, turned out to be hefty for the Ramirez which ended up with a nasty breakup. While many media outlets are confirming they 'broke up for real' this time. We present you with what's happening for real.

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He made the situation even worse after pulling another prank on Sophie who was already surrounded by an air of melancholy. He made it even worse by faking a crush on Piper; yeah, Lev was cool for the prank after Jentzen offered two packets of hot Cheetos.

Sophie Breaks Up With First Love Jentzen Ramirez

After series of a hurtful prank pulled off by her crush/boyfriend Jentzen - Sophie ends up their relationship, however, we can't deny the fact that Sophie and Jentzen still have a thing for each other; As on the recent episode day Sophie following all the barbed pranks on her gets all nasty and begins to irritate Lev and Piper on 'Liper Day'.

During the end, Sophie all 'burst into tears' let go a 'heart balloon' on the air which means Jentzen and Sophie are over for real this time. Thou we can't deny the fact that Sophie who seemed broken, at the end of the clip writes 'You never stop loving your first love' and 'You will never forget them.'

We surely wish to see the couple back together with all the fun and silly vibes they do together. But for now, all we can do is just wait and watch. Stay tuned to learn more Net Worth updates, Fortune Focus, and Stories of your favorite stars only on celeb$fortune.

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