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Apr 27, 2022 @ 11:40 EDT
Elliana Walmsley Has a Dark Side in the Family, In One Way | Celeb$fortune & Net Worth

Energetic, bubbly, realist, optimist, dancer, influencer, introvert, and extrovert! Elliana Kathryn Walmsley, aka Elliana Walmsley, is a bit of everything and does not mind that she doesn't fit into a specific category. Born on 23 June 2007, Elliana is an American actor, dancer, YouTuber, and social media star who rose to fame after appearing in Lifetime's reality show Dance Moms.

Walmsley made a name for herself when she was crowned with Miss Petite Dance America at the age of just eight. Elliana, who managed to be called one of America’s most flexible and talented dancers, has a big crush on Leonardo DiCaprio and dreams to be his dance partner one day.

Apart from being a celebrity dancer, Walmsley is a member of Piper Rockelle’s Best Friends gang which also involves Lev Cameron, Jentzen Ramirez, Jenna Davis, and Emily Dobson. It may surprise many but Walmsley hates to brag about her talent and achievements which is also the reason why her teachers and classmates at school never knew of her talent and awards before Dance Moms.

Family Background: Is Elliana Walmsley Adopted?

Born to a dancer mother, Yolanda Walmsley, and father, Kevin Walmsley, in Boulder, Colorado, Elliana is not an adopted child like many people think she is. In fact, she has two elder brothers named Jakeob Walmsley and Luke Walmsley.

Elliana Walmsley (right) with her mother (left) taking a selfie in sunglasses and a filter on.She did celebrate Mother's Day 2020 on social media.
Photo Source: Elliana Walmsley, Instagram

The rumors of Elliana being adopted sparked after the news of her mother, Yolanda being abusive towards her children came forward. Well, Yolanda has been accused of being abusive even since the mother-daughter duo was in the Dance Moms.

Elliana's Brother Luke Accused Yolanda of Being Abusive, But She Instead Alleged That Luke Molested Her

While Elliana Walmsley looks at her mother Yolanda Walmsley as her role model, her brother Luke Walmsley has been accusing their mother of abusing them. Luke first started exposing his mother in 2020, uploading videos on his TikTok and Instagram pages where Yolanda is seen being verbally and physically abusive.

Luke accused Yolanda of beating him and his sibling after being heavily drunk and high on drugs. He further revealed that he was kicked out of the house at the age of only 15. Besides, a report of Yolanda being arrested for domestic violence went viral on the internet in 2020 as well.

Unlike her brother, Elliana defended her mother saying Luke was telling a lie and claimed Yolanda never raised a finger on her or her sibling. Instead, she blamed Luke for molesting her several times and even took her innocence when she was just five. Even though the dancer did not go deep into the abuse for "legal reasons", she did reveal that the abuse traumatized her and that it still makes her cry thinking about it.

Elliana further explained the behavior of her mother in the video shared by Luke saying that her brother was throwing cups and other stuff and Yolanda was just protecting her. The 14-year-old also revealed that Luke has been in jail several times for his actions.

Elliana Walmsley Was Born to Dance

Dancing has been in the blood of the Walmsley family which may also be the reason why Elliana Walmsley had a passion for dancing just at the tender age of 18 months (Surprising, right?). She first learned ballet at the renowned dance academy, Joffrey Ballet, and then studied at Master Ballet Academy in Scottsdale, Michelle Latimer Dance Academy in Colorado, EDGE Performing Arts Center, and The Millennium Dance Complex, both of the latter two in Los Angeles.

Elliana Walmsley doing a full standing split while on a scooter.She's the got the gene for flexible dancing of course.
Photo Source: Elliana Walmsley, Instagram

Walmsley got her breakthrough when she and her mother joined the reality TV show, Dance Moms season 6 as an ALDC mini-team. And when the mini team got disbanded, the ocean-eyed YouTuber joined the elite team and became a permanent member of the cast during Season 7.

Elliana again returned to Dance Moms in season eight to join Abby's new dance company. She has also competed on Dancing With The Stars Juniors as well as the annual national dance competition The Dance Awards two times in the years 2017 and 2020.

Walmsley originated the lead role of Grace in the off-Broadway musical Dance Divas Nutcracker in 2017 and also performed on JoJo Siwa's tour. Besides, the actress has also toured with 24/7, JUMP, and NUVO dance conventions in their 2019 season.

Elliana Walmsley's Net Worth In 2021

As per different estimating sources, Elliana Walmsley amasses a net worth of around $500,000 as a dancer, model, reality star & actress, YouTuber, and social media influencer. After getting her big break from Dance Moms, she has been impressing the whole world with her dance moves and has even been called one of America’s most flexible and talented dancers.

To this date, Walmsley has worked in more than seven music videos for renowned musicians like DJ Snake, Lauv, and Barbie. Besides, she played the role of Clara in the Brat web series Chicken Girls and also modeled for Petite 'n Pretty.

With her increasing popularity, Elliana started getting a huge fan following on her social media platforms as well which further became her source of income. With over 4.1 million followers on TikTok (@ellianawalmsley) and 2.1 million followers on Instagram (@ellianawalmsley_), she makes around $4,000 per post from TikTok and $6,000 from Instagram strictly through brand endeavors and sponsorship posts.

Sawyer Sharbino was also a member of The Squad once. Have a read about him.

Walmsley launched her self-titled YouTube channel, @elliana, in April 2016 and earns an average of around $3,500 per video with her 1.38 million subscribers. Besides, she also made a good buck from sponsorship videos as her videos are sponsored by popular brands like Zuru, ROMWE, Native, and so on.

Elliana Walmsley Knew Her Relationship With Boyfriend Jentzen Ramirez Was Not Going To Last Long. Is Piper Rockelle The Real Reason Behind Their Split?

Elliana Walmsley and Jentzen Ramirez were one of the most loved couples of the Piper gang, named just The Squad. Since the day Walmsley joined the squad, Ramirez had a thing for her and it did not go unnoticed by the fans. Jentzen initially started to call her "crush", and when they made their relationship official in late 2020, the fans just lost it.

The couple was head over heel for one another and did not leave any chance to show off their affection be it on Instagram or on YouTuber. However, Walmsley still thought that their middle school relationship might not last long but wanted to enjoy the love until it did.

Elliana Walmsley (second right) with her ex-boyfriend Jentzen Ramirez (far right) with Piper Rockelle (second left) with her boyfriend Lev Cameron (far left).They often start their relationships as each other's crush.
Photo Source: Elliana Walmsley, Instagram

And true to her intuitions, their relationship lasted for over a year before the couple decided to split their ways. As they did not reveal the further details of their breakup, there came many speculations, one being Ramirez's love for Piper Rockelle. The latter is still in a relationship with Lev Cameron though.

What's more, Jentzen even revealed that he and Rockelle had feelings for a very long time in a YouTube video but it was just a prank, as is most of these videos they make. Besides, the ex-lovers are still good friends and claim to have no hard feelings for one another. After all, they do make videos with 'ex-boyfriend'/'ex-girlfriend' in their title quite often. Of course, crushes and breakups tend to happen in The Squad, more pronounced since Ramirez's controversial breakup saga with Sophie Fergi when she was a part of the group as well.

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