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Apr 7, 2022 @ 0:16 EDT
Middle-Child Kamri Noel McKnight Maybe a Millionaire By Net Worth | Celeb$fortune 2020

Meet the next wanna-be Kardashians, The McKnight Family. Just like how Kardashians ruled over reality show business, McKnights are also expanding their business from YouTube to the music industry to now beauty industry. And, while Kardashians have a momager, Kris Jenner to look over them, Mindy McKnight is the mastermind behind the success of the McKnights.

Kamryn Noel McKnight, aka Kamri Noel McKnight (December 27, 2002), is an American actress, YouTube star, social media icon, musician, and photographer who is best known for the YouTube channel, Kamri Noel with over 2.05 million subscribers. She rose to fame after being featured on her mother's DIY hairstyle channel, Cute Girls Hairstyles.

Kamri Noel McKnight Background: Family, College

Born in Glendale, Arizona, Kamri Noel McKnight is the third child of the father, Shaun McKnight, and entrepreneur-influencer mother, Mindy McKnight. She has two elder sisters, Brooklyn McKnight and Bailey McKnight-Howard who are twins, a younger sister, Rylan Olivia McKnight, and two adopted siblings, Daxton McKnight and Paisley McKnight.

Kamri Noel McKnight rasing her left hand holding a flower bouquet for a portrait pose.Kamri Noel is a middle child, so to speak.
Photo Source: Kamri Noel McKnight, Instagram

After getting fed up with the same old “waterspout” piggies hairstyle for then eighteen months old twins, her mother, Mindy created her own different trendy and unique hairstyle techniques. She used to try DIY hairstyles on her daughters, photographed them, and kept them in a small photo album.

It was not until October 2008 that Mindy finally gathered the courage to showcase her talent through her YouTube channel, Cute Girls Hairstyles with the support of her husband. This channel soon became the top hairstyling channel on YouTube and Kamri & her sisters, who used to appear as hair models, also rose to stardom through it.

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In order to carry forward her success, Kamri came up with her own spinoff channel, Kamri Noel, at the age of thirteen. Besides YouTube and social media, she has also made her name in the acting and music industry. She can play different instruments such as guitar, piano, ukelele as well as a little bit of violin.

Talking about her hobbies, she loves traveling and has already traveled to 26 countries so far. McKnight is currently studying Neuroscience at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. She and her whole family are Mormons and follow The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

How Much Is The Net Worth of Kamri Noel McKnight?

As per estimating sources, Kamri Noel McKnight amasses a net worth of $1 million thanks to her huge social media fan following. No doubt, her main source of income is her self-titled YouTube channel, Kamri Noel, from which she makes an average of $2,600 per video through endorsements.

Kamri Noel McKnight laying on her back with top half upto the waist hanging out the bed.The comments under the pictures often ask where she gets each piece of clothing from.
Photo Source: Kamri Noel McKnight, Instagram

Following her success on Cute Girls Hairstyles, she launched her own channel in April 2014. Unlike her mother's channel, her videos are not just focused on lifestyle-oriented content, but also on a sketch comedy theme. She has created five different personas that she features in her videos time and again.

These different fictitious characters deliver a unique sense of humor, crazy idiosyncrasies, and a whole lot of fun i.e. Kimmy being the annoying little sister, Kozy Mae; the quirky but sweet and sassy Southern Grandma, K-Swag; not-so-awesome neighbor boy, Kenzington Kashmere Clark III; rich, snotty, dramatic, prep high school cousin, and Kalium; a modern nerd obsessed with puffins.

Being a popular YouTube star, McKnight has expanded her fan base on other social media platforms as well such as Instagram and TikTok. She has garnered over 1.6 million followers on her homogenous Instagram account, Kamri Noel McKnight (@kamrinoel), from which she makes an average of $4,500 per sponsored post.

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Similarly, the blue-eyed influencer has over 1.5 million followers on the TikTok page, Kamri Noel, from which she earns around $1,200 per post through sponsorships and live streams. One of her most popular TikTok is the video of her teaching making three easy college meals using an air fryer which got over 4.8 million views. Meanwhile, the blonde beauty regularly promotes her mother's hair care line, Hairitage by Mindy McKnight, as well as the twins' fashion line. Besides, her acting career is not so impressive as she has managed to garner only three acting credits in her name working for Crazy Fast, Studio C, and Dance Like Me.

Who Is Kamri Noel's Boyfriend? Is She Dating Grant Knoche?

While her elder sisters Brooklyn McKnight and Bailey McKnight have never been shy to share about their love life, it's not the same with Kamri Noel McKnight who has never talked about her love life. Maybe it's because she likes to keep her personal relationships separate from her professional life. But that does not mean, she has not been rumored to be linked with anyone to this date.

Kamri Noel McKnight posing in a Valentine's Day theme surrounding sitting with her back on the wall and a heart-shaped lollypop upto her face.If she had a boyfriend, her parents would probably let her reveal them as they do with the others.
Photo Source: Kamri Noel McKnight, Instagram

The 5'5" actress was once rumored to be dating pop singer and actor, Grant Knoche. However, she denied those assumptions saying that the former Kidz Bop member is like a brother to her.

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