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Nov 9, 2022 @ 12:45 EST
Everything You Need To Know About Logan Wodzynski. Pierson Wodzynski Baby Brother: From Net Worth To Girlfriend | Celeb$Fortune 2022

Logan Wodzynski (b. September 9, 2000) is an aspiring American YouTuber, TikTok content creator, and social media influencer best known for his comedy videos and dance moves on his TikTok page, logan wodzynski. But more than that he is popular as the younger brother of YouTuber, Pierson Wodzynski.

Born to Karin Wodzynski and Matt Wodzynski, Logan is very close to his family, even closer to his elder sister, Pierson. There's no doubt humor runs in the Wodzynski family which is also the reason why The Wodzynski siblings amassed a huge fan following in a short span of time. And now their mother, Karen has also started her career on YouTube.

Logan Wodzynski Followed His Big Sister's Step To Be Influencer.

Logan Wodzynski and Pierson Wodzynski are very close since their childhood.
They share a bond like no other.
Photo Source: Pierson Wodzynski, Instagram

As we all know, Logan Wodzynski and his sister, Pierson Wodzynski share a very special bond, unlike other YouTuber siblings. They are not only shy to pull pranks on each other but also do not lack behind to express their love for one another through small gestures.

Truth be told, Logan basically looks like the male version of Pierson. What's more, he himself admitted that he looks exactly like his big sister with long hair in an Instagram video where Logan and his father were using an Instagram filter with a wig.

And, it's not hidden from the fans that Logan pursued his career in social media following his sister's success. Even though he started his YouTube channel, Logan Wodzynski in 2013, a year ahead of Pierson, he only started posting consistently after Pierson got her big break in 2020.

The 22-year-old has now garnered 240K loyal subscribers on his YouTube channel where he has posted over 55 videos at the time of writing. One of his most popular videos is titled "CONFRONTING PIERSON ABOUT MARRYING BRENT" which got over 1 million views.

Besides, he also appears regularly not only on Pierson's video but also on videos of other members of the AMP World like Stokes Twins, Lexi Hensler, Brent Rivera, Lexi Rivera, Ben Azelart, Andrew Davila, Dom Brack, and Jeremy Hutchin.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Logan Wodzynski? Know About His Acting And Modeling Career.

As per estimating sources, Logan Wodzynski holds a net worth of around $100,000 as an emerging social media icon. Even though YouTube is his main source of income, being a social media influencer, he also makes bucks from sponsorship and brand endeavors on social media.

Logan Wodzynski is gaining popularity through his comedy skits and entertaining videos.Logan Wodzynski amasses a net worth of $100,000 as an influencer.
Photo Source: Logan Wodzynski, Instagram

Wodzynski makes an average of $950 per video from his YouTube channel where he mostly posts pranks, challenges, and comedy videos. Being a bubbly person with a cheerful personality, he never fails to entertain his followers.

Following his success on YouTube, he has now forayed his career in Instagram as well as TikTok. He has over 568K followers on his TikTok account from which he makes an average of $450 per sponsored video. His most popular TikTok video is "AND ITS ALWAYS THIS SONG!!!" which got over 4.6 million views and 1.2 million likes.

Similarly, with over 173K followers on his Instagram account, logan wodzynski (@loganwodzynski), he earns around $700 per post through brand endorsements and sponsorships. Well, talking about his sister, Pierson is estimated to be worth $750,000.

You may not know but Logan used to do acting as well as modeling gigs during his childhood. He got his first commercial at the age of thirteen which was for Micro Chargers. What's more, he was also on a print ad for Purina Puppy Chow dog food boxes for three consecutive years which was all over Walmart, Target, and so on.

Who Is Logan Wodzynski's Girlfriend? Is He Dating Lexi Hensler Or Kennedy Tristan?

Being a social media influencer is never an easy job when people are keeping an eagle eye on their love life and the same goes for Logan Wodzynski whose dating life has been a trending topic time and again. He has been shipped with not one or two but three girls at a time(shocking right?).

And you guessed it right, the first person to top the list is obviously Pierson Wodzynski's best friend, Lexi Hensler who used to live under the same roof as him. The rumors of them dating sparked after fans noticed their undeniable chemistry in the video.

Logan Wodzynski and Lexi Hensler were rumored to be dating.Prank or Dream Come True For Logan Wodzynski?
Photo Source: Logan Wodzynski's Instagram

To add fuel to the rumors, Logan even pranked Hensler by confessing his feelings and even got married to her for a day for the video. Besides, during a Q&A video, he chose Lexi Hensler over Lexi Rivera when he was asked who will he date between the two which also stirred rumors among the fans.

However, with Hensler moving away from Huntington to Los Angeles, leaving the AMP world after four years, their relationship has surely deteriorated to the point that they have even unfollowed each other on social media. Also, the fact that Lexi has a new boyfriend, Justice also explains their drifting relationship.

Apart from Hensler, he was also rumored to be linked with Kennedy Tristan who appeared in his several videos. The fans noticed their chemistry during the videos and started shipping the two together. However, Wodzynski clearly denied having any feelings for her saying they are just good friends.

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Meanwhile, the Instagram sensation was also rumored to have a romantic relationship with another social media icon, Kathleen Hixon aka Kat. Apparently, they used to post a lot of pictures and film videos together due to which fans speculated that Kat was his girlfriend.

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