Shaun McKnight

Sep 26, 2022 @ 14:10 EDT

Shaun McKnight (b. May 5, 1974) is an American entrepreneur, business executive, and the man behind the infamous DIY hairstyles YouTube channel, Cute Girls Hairstyles, founded by his YouTuber and entrepreneur wife, Mindy McKnight, which is also the channel's current new name. He is one of the most popular YouTube dads and has even spoken about his business strategies at numerous conferences.

Born in Idaho, McKnight graduated with BA-Latin American Studies from Brigham Young University and later passed MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management. He is fluent in both Spanish as well as English language and follows The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Shaun McKnight Left His Job As a Business Executive For YouTube.

Many might not know, but Shaun McKnight is actually the true mastermind behind the formation and success of the YouTube channel previously named Cute Girls Hairstyles. It all started when his wife Mindy McKnight was bored of the same old waterspout hairdos and started creating new hairstyles for her 18-month twin daughters, Bailey McKnight and Brooklyn McKnight.

(L-R) Cute Girls Hairstyles family in 2005, Brooklyn McKnight (age 5), Shaun McKnight, Kamri Noel McKnight, Rylan Olivia McKnight and Bailey McKnight.From 2005.
Photo Source: Shaun McKnight, Instagram

At first, the influencer mom was only capturing pictures of those trendy hairdos and placing them in a photo album folder beside the sink in the bathroom hoping to pass it to her daughters as an heirloom. But after giving birth to two more daughters, Kamri Noel McKnight and Rylan Olivia McKnight, she decided to blog about those hairstyle techniques, still named Cute Girls Hairstyles, which started getting popular over time.

That's when Shaun came up with an idea and suggested his wife film those hairstyle techniques and upload them to YouTube. While Mindy began creating the different easy hairdos, Shaun began managing the operational and technical part of the channel along with his full-time job as a Business Development Director for Nature’s Sunshine Products in Utah.

Even though they initially only made $8.45 from their channel, with time, their audience gradually expanded, increasing the online video revenue. However, even after their increasing popularity, they were not taking any brand deals and endorsements for the first four years, fearing that fans would think they have been sold out.

And when the pair noticed that they were making much more from their channel than Shaun's full-time job, they decided to take a risk and fully invest their time and commitment to YouTube. Having a master's degree in international business, Shaun's branding initiative and strategies successfully made Cute Girls Hairstyles financially viable and constantly popular.

Shaun McKnight's Net Worth in 2022.

As per estimating sources, Shaun McKnight holds a net worth of $2 million. Obviously, the majority of his income comes from their family channel, Mindy McKnight. But it does not mean his income is only limited to it as he is also the President and COO of M-Star Media, Inc., and has partnerships in Bucket List Studios, Clamour Live, and Beddy’s, a premium zippered-bedding company.

Shaun McKnight resting on a couch with their dog on top of him with its eyes closed.He became a full-time work-from-home dad after the channel's success.
Photo Source: Shaun McKnight, Instagram

Besides, working in the business and marketing field for over two decades, his resume is also pretty impressive. Apart from working as Business Development Director for Nature’s Sunshine Products, he was also the Int'l Sales & Marketing Manager at National Enzyme Company.

Meanwhile, McKnight is responsible for social strategy, business development, operations, and data analytics for their five channels, including their main channel, their daughters' channel, Brooklyn and Bailey, and Kamri Noel, Millennial Moms (which focuses on lifestyle and parenting), and Squared.

Launched on Mar 17, 2009, the family channel now has over 5.6 million subscribers with 1.3 billion views. The channel, which initially focused on only hairstyles, now also features lifestyle family vlogs, beauty, fashion, and crafting videos. They make an average of $4,000 per post from their main channel where they have posted over 742 videos at the time of writing. They do not receive millions of views in their videos like they did before, but they still churn out videos with no difference in their standards.

Meanwhile, their Instagram page Cute Girls Hairstyles (@mindymcknight) has 1.5 million followers with their sponsored posts also earning $4,000 on average. The Mormon dad has partnered with several world-famous companies such as Unilever, Google, Puma, Amazon, P&G, Johnson & Johnson, AT&T, Covergirl, Walmart, Disney, Lionsgate, Nike, and various others. Their achievements have been covered by various media outlets including Forbes, Disney Jr., Variety, Nickelodeon, People, ABC News, Cosmopolitan, and other national and international news publications.

Here's The Secret Behind Shaun and Mindy McKnight's Happy Marital Life.

Being married for over 24 years, Shaun McKnight and Mindy McKnight have seen the inspiration in YouTube history. Having been together for so long, they surely have their ups and downs just like a regular couple. But even so, what most people admire in their relationship is their support, commitment, and dedication toward one another.

A wedding photo of Shaun McKnight (left) and Mindy McKnight (right) after their wedding in their wedding attires under a tree.The pair got married at the end of July 1998.
Photo Source: Shaun McKnight, Instagram

The pair is parents to their six wonderful children including their twin daughters, Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight, Kamri Noel McKnight, and Rylan McKnight, alongside two adoptive black children, Paisley McKnight and Daxton McKnight, the latter of whom is an autistic child with ADHD.

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