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Jul 20, 2020 @ 10:25 EDT
Tayler Holder Net Worth Reveal | Earnings, Merch, TikTok, Instagram & YouTube Presence, Hype House, Age 22

Here's everything to know about the net worth and online earnings of Hype House member and TikTok star, Tayler Holder.

Among the Hype House members, you could say Tayler Holder is certainly the most experienced one around, if you think about it. The 22-year-old comes from Texas and has already made his way into the screen world being all around. Growing up from Musical.ly and then transitioning into other social media platforms, acting, singing and such has been his journey.

Born on August 19, 1997, Taylor Holder is effectively a social media personality, actor, singer and comedian, at most times, currently of the TikTok collaborative Hype House. He broke into acting with a starring role on the Brat series Dirt since 2018. And sure enough, he's a world traveler, going anywhere he can, performing for his widespread fanbase.

Tayler Holder holding a moon-styled ball in his hand.Holder was here way before the others were.
Photo Source: Tayler Holder, Instagram

And sure it's not to forget he's been a singer since 2018 as well. His debut independent single came in August 2018, titled Fallback. It is also to note he'd been on trips with the former reigning TikTok duo, Lisa & Lena Mantler, who made a comeback recently.

Tayler Holder's 2020 Net Worth May Be in Millions, With Merch Sales Helping Quite a Lot

As of 2020, Tayler Holder is worth $2 million, earned through his social media endeavors and acting career. His earnings are not limited to social media only as he also has a ton of branded merchandise on sale which he gets larger cuts from.

Tayler Holder at a restaurant in front of a plate of two croissants with his hand on his cheek.This may be a post that contributes to his net worth too.
Photo Source: Tayler Holder, Instagram

When talking about his acting career, it's not much of an impressive portfolio besides Dirt as he's not yet managed to expand his experience in the field. As for his music career, he does make cover songs sometimes, but Fallback seems to be his only release and evidently his first video on YouTube. But backtrack it a bit, he apparently released a single, Who I Am, back in April 2017 through Good Times Entertainment.

Cross his hobbies out, Holder of course earns primarily from social media sponsorships and merch sales. And how sponsorships work on social media is something he has been able to crack pretty well. While there is the common YouTube Adsense in the works once you apply for it, he's expanded the net worth-convertible earnings with brand deals and paid content which he sometimes advertises in his videos.

How Much and How Does Tayler Holder Earn on Social Media?

Tayler Holder may be messing up your mind with the girls in his life or simply with his bromance with Sway House's Bryce Hall [net worth: $750,000], but behind the scenes, a lot of his social media posts are money-making machines. A smart man knows how to capitalize every single post into something that helps them earn and get a laugh out of it as well, with the posts being that kind and all.

Tayler Holder climbing on Bryce Hall's shoulders who is sitting.No, he's not bicurious. But this is a 'Fashion Nova' shoutout.
Photo Source: Tayler Holder, Instagram

YouTube has its own Adsense to reward you with once you apply for it with the number of views or subscribers on your channel. Advertisements will be added around your videos to accompany them, meaning the more your video views, the more the income.

However, the Adsense rate isn't as impressive as when you incorporate brand deals & paid content into your posts. And the latter is best for Instagram, TikTok or anywhere that allows brands a place for advertisements. Research says the effectiveness of TikTok in this is taking over the Gen Z industry. But, of course, not every single post is sponsored. The once that are can rack up quite an impressive addition to your net worth.


It's basically his primary source of income. With over 13 million followers and 600 million likes strong on his TikTok handle Tayler Holder (@itstaylerholder), he earns an average of $10,500 per post. This is only an average as not every single one of his posts come with brand deals and sponsorships, despite posting 1,700 times.

Isolating those that do have adverts, his per post value may be much, much more. But he's no Addison Rae [net worth: $3 million] or Charli D'Amelio [net worth: $4 million], who is reported to have earned upto $100,000 every time they sponsor a brand in their 15-second posts.


Like a lot of his TikTok pals, Holder has quite the following on his YouTube channel. On his eponymous YouTube channel, Tayler Holder has over 1.4 millions subscribers and has posted over 55 times. He doesn't seem to delete any of his past videos, potentially earning about $4,200 per video.

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The 22-year-old started the channel in 2016, garnering 57 million video views till date, but only posted his first video, the music, in August 2018. Despite the inconsistencies, his average view per video amounts to 1 million. But that's including the low-count videos as well.

These days, 1 million views is a given for every video. The most popular one being his declaration of Addison Rae and Bryce Hall getting back together gaining almost 4 million views. He's been friends with Hall since his first non-music video as well. Additionally, he's invited Tana Mongeau, a rumored ex Indiana Massara, Edwin Burgos, and some more. Sure, Hype House & Sway House members are often there.


When you have a large TikTok and YouTube following, of course, you'll expand your fanbase on Instagram too, with that, there's another stream of earnings for these influencers.

Tayler Hplder kissing his dog Kiah.Tayler Holder's dog Kiah's separate Instagram account has 33K followers.
Photo Source: Tayler Holder Instagram

Sure enough, Tayler Holder also has a large following on his eponymous Instagram handle, 4.3 million large. He's posted almost a thousand times now and earns well around $11,200 for every post he makes, the way he does on TikTok.

What Kind of Merchandise Can You Get from Him?

The straight answer is hoodies, and you know he loves them. And yeah, there are certain imprints on the hoodies to let you know it's Tayler Holder and no one else. There's even a Bryce and Tayler Hoodie stylized like Rick and Morty on the front, for some reason. Hats, Tee-shirts and such are commonplace in his online wardrobe.

Tayler Holder going shirtless in a field.His favorite merch seems to be no shirt though.
Photo Source: Tayler Holder Instagram

It is also important to note that representation is necessary for these influencers to be able to be all over the place without having to worry about it. That's also why you see these representative companies reaching out to fast-growing influencers who have the potential to earn big.

Holder is represented by Abrams Artists Agency. Additionally, he's also featured in music videos for Casey Baer’s Christmas Time Valentine, Hunter Roberson’s I Did You Better & OWY and Kylee Renee’s Tangled.

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