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May 4, 2022 @ 5:17 EDT
Alex Stokes: Everything There Is on the Stokes Twin in 2022 | Celeb$fortune & Net Worth

Alex Stokes (b. Nov 23, 1996) is an inspiring YouTuber, TikToker, and Instagram influencer best known for his pranks and comedy skits on his collaborative channel Stokes Twins with his identical twin, Alan Stokes. Born to a Chinese mother and American father, Alex is only two minutes younger than Alan.

Alex, with his twin brother, basically grew up in China till the age of eight before they decided to move to the United States. The Stokes Twins were raised by their grandfather who recently passed away due to heart congestion in September 2021.

Alex has faced bullying all his life; back in elementary school for being Chinese and now for being bulkier than his friends. He has openly talked about how his friends and others body-shamed him which used to hamper his confidence. However, even after facing all these, he has not let these comments affect his personality and learned to appreciate his body.

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How Much Is the Net Worth of Alex Stokes?

Many people might not know but Alex Stokes with his brother, Alan, started their YouTube journey way back in 2008 when they were in elementary schools. However, after receiving lots of hate comments, they took a break for more than six years.

Alex Stokes (right) and Alan Stokes (left) posing in front of a jet airplane.Of course, everything has paid off, literally.
Photo Source: Alex Stokes, Instagram

As per some estimating sources, Alex Stokes and Alan Stokes combinedly hold a net worth of around $5 million. With over 13 million strong subscriber-count on their channel Stokes Twins, they make an estimated average of $26,000 per video not just from ad revenue but from numerous partnerships and sponsorships. Most of their videos are sponsored by Raycon, a wireless audio brand.

In order to carry their YouTube fame, they also established a joint TikTok account, Stoke Twins (@stokestwins) in April 2019. From their TikTok with 31.3 million followers, they make an average of $25,000 per sponsorship post.

Their popularity on TikTok is no joke as they receive more than a million views in every post. One of their most popular TikTok is a video titled "What do you think happened" where Alan is sitting on a bathtub full of coke pouring mentos on it which received over 181.1 million views and 12.5 million hearts. However, they seemed to have stopped posting since January 2022.

Unlike YouTube and TikTok, Alex has a personal Instagram account, Alex Stokes (@iamalexstokes), where he mostly posts selfies and photos of himself. The 24-year-old has over 4.6 million followers on his Instagram page from which he makes an average of $12,000 per sponsorship and brand endorsement post. Like TikTok, he's also not posted any photos since November 2021.

Alex's income is not only limited to social media as he also makes a good fortune from his merchandise sales called Double Trouble Shop which sells hoodies, sweatpants, t-shirts, and so on. Besides, he, along with his twin, made his acting debut starring in the sci-fi TV series, Brebot, in the year 2018.

The Stokes Twins recently bought a house worth $10 million from their hard-earned money. What’s more, Alex even received the latest Tesla X car worth thousands of dollars on his birthday from his big brother, Alan.

Alex and Alan Stokes Plead Guilty for Two Fake Robberies Made for Just Videos

Stokes Twins are known for their pranks and comedy videos. However, they once got into a serious problem and were even sentenced to jail due to their prank. The twins were charged with a felony count of false imprisonment affected by violence, menace, fraud, or swatting with the fake robbery prank video.

Alex Stokes (right), Kathleen Hixon (center), and Alan Stokes (left) posing as the three main characters from the infamous 'Squid Game'.They do go over the top with the pranks sometimes and continue to do so at times.
Photo Source: Alex Stokes, Instagram

In the video, the pair pretended to be robbers dressed in all black, wearing ski makes and carrying duffle bags full of cash before getting into the uber. The Uber driver who was unaware of the plan refused them which was seen by bystanders, one of whom complained to the police.

The cops then issued a warning to the Stokes and let them go, but they repeated the stunt four hours later at the University of California and were arrested again. Initially, they were charged with a felony count of false imprisonment meaning they had to serve five years in prison.

However, in exchange for their guilty plea, the judge sentenced the twins to 160 hours of community service, one-year probation, and was ordered to pay restitution. The judge also warned them to stop making videos that mimic criminal behavior.

The Stokes Twins Were Once Homeless and Even Worked 100 Hours a Week

Like everyone else, the Stokes Twins had their own share of struggles before they became renowned. After finishing high school, Alan and Alex Stokes decided to take a huge risk and move to Los Angeles. However, their life did not go as planned as they became homeless; sleeping in a car and showering in a gym.

They sometimes lived in Ben Azelart and their friend's house as they could not afford a house at that time. In order to pay bills, they even worked more than 100 hours a week but never missed uploading videos on their YouTube channel.

Even after going through so many miseries and struggles, not once did they show their sorrow and instead always made people laugh with their pranks and comedy skits. What's more, their YouTube channel was even demonetized for a year and a half until July 2021 due to pleading for fake robbery.

Alex Stokes Nearly Died Due to a Bursting Appendix

Alex Stokes once became seriously ill and nearly lost his life when his appendix burst open in 2020. The social media influencer had been feeling bad for a few days until he was rushed to hospital and after taking a turn for the worse, had to undergo emergency surgery to remove his burst appendix.

Alex Stokes (center) on a hospital bed during his apendicitis recovery with Bex Azelart (left) and his twin brother Alan Stokes (right) beside him.Alex Stokes into immediate care with the situation.
Photo Source: Alex Stokes, Instagram

The doctor also revealed that if he had waited any longer to find the operation, he could have developed an infection that could have taken his life. After the surgery, Alex took a break for a few months from YouTube which made some people assume that he died during the surgery.

Who Is Alex Stokes's Girlfriend?

Due to his cheerful personality and good looks, one might not believe Alex Stokes to be single. But he himself has claimed many times that he is single and desperately searching for his soulmate. The social media influencer once jokingly said that his crushes are all attracted to his twin more than him.

While fans love to pair him with Lexi Rivera or Lexi Hensler, Alex has never talked about his feelings for these beauties. Besides, the 6'1" is known for keeping his personal life very secretive, unlike his twin. So fans might have to wait if he ever shares about his love life.

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