Hayden Haas

May 7, 2020 @ 20:40 EDT

Learn YouTuber, TikToker, and internet sensation Haden Michael Cruz Haas Net Worth, Early life and Career details, Movies & TV Shows, YouTube Career, Girlfriend, Relationship Status, Crush, Parents and other intriguing details in the article.

Hayden Haas Wiki-Bio

Hayden Haas

Snippet of the rising star Hayden Haas
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Many of you might recognize, Hayden Haas as an actor who is known for his role in shows like The Goldbergs and Shameless. While some of you might know him from his ship relation, fun squad challenges, and other intriguing drama which he posts on his YouTube channel Hayden Haas Vlogs alongside his squad, Piper Rockelle [Net Worth: $2.7 million], Sophie Ferguson (@Sophie Fergi,) [Net Worth: $200,000], Julian ClarkMackenzie SolMatt Sato, and Danielle Cohn [Net Worth: $2 Million].

As we've often seen him only in lights and camera, but are we well aware of him behind his Vlogs in real life? How much money Hayden Haas made from his YouTube and move career. So in order to know the facts here, we present you with all the details of the young 12 years old sensation.

Hayden Haas Net Worth is Around $200 Thousand

Net Worth

Living the life of riches.
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As of 2020, Hayden Hass' net worth is estimated to be around $200,000. Thou Hayden which he recently created on May 19, 2019, is quite popular already amassing 194k subscribers with a total of 11,863,680 views with only 28 uploads.

And if we calculate his earning as a normal pay rate by YouTube which $2 - $7, per thousand views, and if we combine external add revenue them it will give us a result of $100,000.

Earnings from TikTok, Instagram, and Merch


Besides YouTube and Vlogging, Hayden is quite popular on TikTok (@haydenhaas77) amassing 4740 followers and 12.5k likes. Similarly, he runs Instagram (@haydenhaasofficial) with 258k followers and a total of 1,275 posts.

Despite the fact, all his channels are rising and growing, Hayden made around $100,000 from his social media endorsements and his merch line.

Earnings from Movie, Salary

If you overview Hass's IMDb page then he holds credit for three movies, 2013 released 'The Goldbergs', Shameless (2011) and superFLY ($20, 723, 581) and domestic video sales of $1, 750, 084.

And as a rising child actor, he earned least of $100k. We've accounted for the sum weighting his movie role and box office collection. All his movies gross average so we assume he earned around $100k adding sum from all his featured movie. And tallying all the sum, Hayden Haas's net worth is estimated to be around $200k and rising.

Birthday, Early Life, Father, Mother, Brother, Family

Hayden Haas Brother Harlo Haas

Hayden (Right) with his younger brother Mike Haas (left) - Identical Twins.
Image Source: IMDb

Hayden was born on July 31, 2007, under the Leo zodiac sign from father Mike Haas but information about their mother is not available as the young actor prefers to keep his family and personal details far from the public. Nevertheless, Hayden shares a younger brother, Harlo Haas, who is also a young child star know from his appearance on Grey's Anatomy, Jane the Virgin, and Piperazzi. He belongs to white ethnicity and shares American nationality.

Hyden Haas Football

Picture of Hayden from the Mambda football club.
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His first-ever screen debut was from 2013 show Car Jumper. Besides movies and vlogging Hayden is also a football player, and for his good football skill, he was even selected to play in the Mambda Academy All-Stars team.

Hayden Haas & Piper Rockelle Relationship, Girlfriend, & Dating Status

As in now our boy Hayden is single and ready to 'mingle.' But if you have been following the squad then you might well know, Hayden once dated Piper Rickelle over a year ago. Thou it was a ship but we sure had fun watching the couple as Piper and Hass often used to appear in each other channel sharing fun contents, challenges together.

Can Hayden and Piper be Back?

Not officially, however, on Apr 18, 2020, Hayden released a video REVEALING WHO MY CRUSH IS **Unexpected Reaction** where he calls Piper Rockelle [Net Worth: $2.7 million], Sophie Ferguson or Fergi [Net Worth: $200,000],  Jentzen Ramirez [Net Worth: $1 Million] @Walker Bryant@Lev Cameron [net worth: $600,000], Jenna Davis [net worth: $900,000], @Indi Star [net worth: $300,000], @Sawyer Sharbino [net worth: $300,000], Presley and hints his crush name starts with letter 'P' as obvious everyone named Piper (after one-two try) but later he ended saying it's a 'Prank'.

But it sure does room for speculation that Hayden still does hold feeling for her and Piper's reaction was worth watching.

On the other, When it comes to piper she just had a terrific breakup with fellow YouTuber and TikTok star Walker Bryant. They broke up after Bryant who was followed by a Mysterious girl turned out to be no other than their squad's Indi Star. There were also rumors of Piper carrying a thing for Lev Cameron and adding more suspect fans were also speculating things between Sawyer Sabrino and Piper fro their closeness after both of them were betrayed by their partner Indie and Walker.  We, for now, we just have to wait and watch where the tides decide the ship to sail the direction for.

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