Who Is Walker Bryant Secret Admirer? Details About His New Crush!

May 5, 2020 @ 21:37 EDT
Who Is Walker Bryant Secret Admirer? Details About His New Crush!

If you have been following all the drama and might be anxious about Walker Bryant's secret admirer then this might surprise you that, Indi Star is his new crush and the secret admirer. Yes, while many of you might've already known it by now as Indigo Star Carey aka Indi officially spilled the beans about her new ship with Walker taking to her Instagram.

Indi officially shared the news regarding her new crush taking to her Instagram on April 27, Monday. She posted the image of her with Walker and yeah it came as a shock for many of their followers too.

Walker's Secret Admirer was Indi Star!

 Bryant Secret Admirer is Indie Star

It’s a good day to have a good day 🙂 ?
Image Source: Instagram (@indistar)

For a moment we thought the secret admirer was Bryant former crush Piper Rockelle as we often see the squad prank each other and their crush; sometimes making them jealous dating their best friend crush and sometimes with just random pranks. However this time it was a shocking surprise that came out of the blues.

Well, it all started from Walker Bryant's 'trampoline' when out of sudden a mysterious package was dropped with a  letter which asked Walker to visit Starbucks. Over the moment, Walker thought it was some sort of prank from Piper (which wasn't) as she joins along with Sophie Fergie after Bryant calls her shortly to verify whether it was one of her silly pranks.

After Walker assures that it was not a prank pulled off by his friends then he along with Piper and Sophie goes in the search of the 'Secret Admirer' who leaves a total of 5 clues to different places. The last clue ends up at the 'Walk of fame' where the final clue had a card from secret admirer which had a letter that she will meet him at Michael Jackson 'Star'. Though the secret admirer doesn't show up which even left us to speculate who was it, is now confirmed that it was nome other than Indi Star.

Indi first posts opening her crush Bryant.
Image Source: Instagram

Yes, Thou Walker is yet to post the video regarding his secret admirer the news about their ship was confirmed by both the stars taking to their Instagram.

So I feel like I have to address all the rumors that are swirling around because my Youtube video did not post today.  Yes, Walker and I like each other and, yes, we are in a crush. My video, the third video in the 3 part series was supposed to post today on Youtube but it was not posted. Hopefully you will see it at some point. The video was about me telling Piper about how Walker and I had been playing video games and had developed feelings for each other and Piper gave her a blessing for us to pursue the relationship. She even called Walker on FaceTime and was excited to share the news that she had found his secret admirer. Everyone is happy and fine with how things turned out. Please continue to support all ships as we move forward. (edit) A lot of people are asking about Sawyer. Please watch the Pipers Truth video. Sawyer and I both decided that we were better off as friends. Love, ❤️, Indi Star

Following the next day, Walker also confirmed their relationship news taking to his Instagram posting a snap of him and Indi with the caption  "No secrets. This is me. ♥️ #happy #new #grateful"

Walker Bryant revealing his secret admirer.
Image Source: Instagram

Yes, you guys might be wondering what about Sawyer Sharbino and Piper right? What are their reactions towards it! Below we've presented you with their current reaction towards the situation.

Sawyer Sharbino and Piper Reactions! Are They New Crush?

Piper seems to be in a tragedy following her split, and yes we can feel her too. She was already in melancholy as her grandma is currently hospitalized following COVID-19. And the news about his crush with close mate Star pops in.  You can check the above clip and see the phase she's passing by.

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Well, Sawyer is yet to comment on his sudden breakup with Indi as he has not posted any videos or Instagram posts related to his heartbreak. Instead of sharing any details about his unexpected breakup with whom he was making reaction and pranks clips weeks ago is only seen supporting Sophie Fergi for her breakup with crush/boyfriend Jentzen Ramirez. And a snap with Piper.

A snippet of Piper Rockelle and of Sharbino celebrating his 400k followers.
Image Source: Instagram (@

Yes, on Sunday, March 3, Sawyer opened room for speculation for fans that Piper Rockelle and Sawyer Sharbino might be a new crush. The rumors started to swirl after Sharbino on his Instagram wrote, "Thank you for 400k @piperrockelle & squad! I’m so happy you’re in my life! ???". However, we won't put a label to their relationship precisely after she shared to carry things for Lev Cameron too.

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