Sophie Fergi Reveals She and Jentzen Ramirez Broke Up in a Prank-Turned-Emotional Video

May 2, 2020 @ 8:22 EDT
Sophie Fergi Reveals She and Jentzen Ramirez Broke Up in a Prank-Turned-Emotional Video| Celeb$fortune

This is a branch article for the relationship story of former YouTube prank partners, Jentzen Ramirez and Sophie Fergi. For biography details, see these articles: Sophie Fergi or Jentzen Ramirez (choose one or both).
For details on the more recent breakup [mid-September 2020], see this content: Sophie Fergi and Jentzen Ramirez Broke Up, Again!
‘Jophie’ Is Over for Good This Time.

That's it. Jophie is officially over (unless they surprise you again, but no).

Pranking each other (& their friends) by seemingly breaking up had always been a thing for the two actors/YouTubers, Sophie Fergi and Jentzen Ramirez. But this time, it seems, they really have broken up. Five days after Ramirez pranked Fergi by faking a shrine for their mutual best friend Piper Rockelle, Fergi released a video about trailing Rockelle and her boyfriend Lev Cameron Khmelev [net worth: $600,000] everywhere they went as their date day, budging in on every little romantic thing they did.

Sophie Fergi behind Jentzen Ramirez on a horse.Broken hearts everywhere.
Photo Source: Sophie Fergi, Instagram

But as Rockelle and Khmelev started confronting her about not letting them some time alone, she broke down, saying she's missing Ramirez at the time. As they proceeded to cut off that love Fergi had for Ramirez, it's all but confirmed he's letting him go.

Nothing Seemed to Cause Any Tension in Their Relationship

A reason why some people didn't seem to know that Sophie Fergi and Jentzen Ramirez were dating was that they always kept calling each other their respective "crush". Also, some thought she was dating Sawyer Sharbino, brother of Walking Dead actor Brighton Sharbino. And when fans recently learned of their breakup, some even expressed their surprise that they even had some kind of a dating relationship. Jophie had been just a ship for some people, while everyone else knew they had already boarded on it.

Sophie Fergi and ex-boyfriend Jentzen Ramirez broken up.They often encouraged fans to shout out for 'Jophie'.
Photo Source: Sophie Fergi, Instagram

However, a trip to Famous Birthdays' website would've confirmed they were already in a relationship as they physically made the trip themselves too. The Girlfriend-Boyfriend tag was already given to the "former" couple.

Update: Jophie Is Back On!!!

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In the dozens of pranks the two have performed on each other, none of them seemed to pose any threat to their relationship at the end of each of the videos. And social media was buzzing daily for their love as fans often gushed at their relationship (the YouTube comments are off on Fergi's account, BTW, for obvious reasons).

Sophie Fergi Announced Ahead of Uploading the Video about Something Emotional Coming for the Fans

Finishing each others' end credits (you know, like-and-subscribe thing) was a big thing for the two, but no this time. On May 1, 2020, Fergi announced via Instagram stories that a new video was coming out on her YouTube channel. She also warned her followers that it's going to be an emotional one. And so it was.

Jentzen Ramirez shouldering Sophie Fergi on him.Fans are not happy with the split.
Photo Source: Jentzen Ramirez, Instagram

She premiered the video about an hour or less later, which was titled 'THIRD WHEELING MY BEST FRIEND AND HER BOYFRIEND FOR 24 HOURS **EMOTIONAL ENDING** ?| Sophie Fergi', which was exactly as it suggests. She was going to be tailing Rockelle and Khmelev and becoming a third wheel, before the ending turned into something she wasn't prepared for.

Update: Jophie Is Back On!!!

Fergi pretty much stopped them from having the Liper Day to themselves, not letting them hold hands or watch movies peacefully and not giving them even a moment of time to themselves. Towards the end, the standing couple tells the camera (when Fergi's not there) how they've not got the alone time all day. But then, Khmelev mentions they are alone right then. And just when they're about to kiss, Fergi barges in again.

As they confront her, saying it's actually not okay to wreck their day for the prank even if she's having a bad day, she breaks down. She starts saying how she's feeling lonely and that she's basically gonna be a third wheel. Yeah, in a cry-mode and saying basically all but rested the case. If that isn't convincing, Ramirez also shared a broken heart emoticon in his Instagram stories a little while after the video upload.

A broken heart symbol on Jentzen Ramirez's Instagram stories.There you go.
Photo Source: Jentzen Ramirez, Instagram Stories

The couple then starts consoling the brokenhearted girl with hugs and such. And despite not wanting to let go, she lets that red heart balloon float away into the air. A little flashback is given as the following words appear on the screen.

You never stop loving your first love. You will never forget them. No matter how many times you fall in love, They will always be in your heart. Goodbye........... You will always have a place in my heart.

And when Sharbino posted a little clip on Instagram requesting his followers to sent some love to Sophie Fergi to get through "the hardest days of her life". Ramirez is also out of Rockelle's Featured Channels section on YouTube, as well as Khmelev's. Nothing from the other two though.

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Their fanbase has exploded with the video. Fans are reaching out to the former couple in the comment sections of their past photos, particularly their photo on the beach, on both their Instagram pages.

Sophie Fergi and Jentzen Ramirez's photo with discussions of their breakup.One of them blamed the speculated relationship between Walker Bryant & Indi Star for the split.
Photo Source: Jentzen Ramirez, Instagram

The CoronaVirus lockdown has been hard on everyone. It's unclear who broke up first, but it's definitely over. Or is it?

Update: Jophie Is Back On!!!

But Wait. Fergi Said There Would Be a Revenge Prank on Him from His Last Video

It may not be cool to go any further than this, but if there's more to this current situation, then there's obviously some things to close the lid on. Go back to Ramirez's last video, yes, where he builds a shrine of Rockelle to prank her, pretending to accidentally let it slip to then-girlfriend Fergi that he might be crushing on Rockelle instead.

Well, it was not new, but Fergi responded a little too aggressively until he mentioned her that it was all a prank. And they were back to the old ways as he told her to open her closet with flowers from him. But at 17:10 of the 'Flirting With My Best Friend To See How My Crush REACTS **Jealous Crush PRANK** ??|Jentzen Ramirez' video, she says a prank is coming his way too.

Watch: Go to 17:10 to Hear Her Say a Prank Is Coming

Ramirez hasn't uploaded his weekly video yet, but his response on Instagram stories is also yet to be verified. But it's unlikely that Fergi did it all, (you know, conjure it up with Rockelle and Khmelev to prank him), as a revenge on his earlier prank where the couple assisted them for as well. And they haven't started removing the photos of them together yet.

As of this moment, it's a safe place to say that they've broken up. Until further developments come along, there are only more things to look forward to.

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