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Feb 13, 2020 @ 15:51 EST
Addison Rae Net Worth.

July Update & More Info Page: Addison Rae Easterling Net Worth

TikTokers are getting huge these days and there's the difficulty of knowing who's who. Everybody is dancing. Addison Rae is somewhat similar to Charli D'Amelio [net worth: $4 million], in the sense that they have similar passions and their respective fans have a similar craze for them.

Born on October 6, 2000 [age 19], in Lafayette, Louisiana, Addison Rae Easterling has become a sensation after she decided to take on TikTok as her life. Her mom, Sheri Easterling, also has a similar hype on TikTok. But Sheri's also a photographer and an engineer. Her dad, Monty Lopez, also features in her videos. She's got two younger brothers, as well. She apparently took her mom's name and you've also seen the father in her TikTok videos.

Addison Rae net worth Portrait photo.Addison Rae is another fast-rising TikTok star.
Photo Source: ADDISON RAE., Instagram

Like any other popular people on the lip-syncing platform, Rae's also got that chance to be fully independent already, with she making tons off of social media. Of course, brand endorsements are bound to approach her due to her fame. Check out her net worth.

Addison Rae's 2020 Net Worth of $3 Million Is Quite Unbelievable

As of 2020, Addison Rae is worth $3 million. Her main sources of income include the revenues from sponsored posts on social media: Instagram, TikTok & YouTube, other brand endorsements and even modeling on the side.

Addison Rae Flipping a Magazine while looking at the camera in bed. Her net worth is estimated to be $380,000.It's just the beginning for Addison Rae's net worth.
Photo Source: ADDISON RAE., Instagram

It hasn't been long Addison started off on TikTok, but considering the sudden boom, she herself would be asking how she became a success. But yeah she knows. She started getting serious on TikTok after she found out one of her very first lipsyncing videos was being shared all over social media.

Social Media Earnings & Endorsements

It's easy to see how Easterling controls an impressive net worth for her age. Social media has been a huge boon for people these days, and TikTok stars have been smart enough to understand the technology and reap the best benefits out of it. Getting the fame on TikTok has advertisers asking for a spot for sponsorships on Addison's accounts.


At the time of writing, Addison Rae has almost 30 million followers on her TikTok account, addison rae. Like D'Amelio, her follower-count is also getting rapidly higher, at a rate of about 1.5 million new ones per week. And why not? Her tagline says, "u look lost, follow me <3". Fallen in love with her yet? She is currently challenging Baby Ariel [net worth: $2 million] for the sixth position in the follower-count table right now.

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For the kind of following she has, she earns somewhere around an estimated average of $15,000 per post from the sponsored content on TikTok. She's posted over 530 times till now. A little update in there, she's gone to second in TikTok follower-count with 45.5 million followers as rumors of dating Bryce Hall [net worth: $750,000] spark up again with a little glitch in the relationship with D'Amelio.


Currently, Addison Rae is followed by 5.5 million people on her Instagram account, ADDISON RAE., and unsurprisingly, she has the same tagline there as she did on TikTok. It is clear that her follower count is skyrocketing since a few weeks ago, which especially has been boomed up after she closed down a store when fans found her in NYC (more below).

Addison Rae in a glamorous pose.There's glamour in most Instagram posts by Rae.
ADDISON RAE., Instagram

For Rae's follower numbers, she earns an estimated average of around $14,500 per sponsored post on her page. It's a little lower than her TikTok earning since she's posted only about 190 times on Instagram, with fewer sponsored posts. But she has four times higher the engagement rate on Instagram than TikTok.


That being said, Easterling has similar-craze fans on Twitter, with a modest 266,000 followers (with a different tagline), and on Snapchat, the platform that apparently bowed down to TikTok.

She's also active on YouTube, boasting a subscriber-count of 342,000. She's only posted three videos, which could bring in another $12,000 to $13,000 per post as her income. But like any other TikTok star, she doesn't have the time. Danielle Cohn [net worth: $2 million] apparently does, having a higher YouTube subscriber-number than other TikTok stars.

Catching the attention of local businesses and brands was easier after getting the popularity on TikTok since many businesses moved to the platform to try bringing in customers. Rae's worked with the likes of Chantilly Boutique and McCary's Jewelers, Inc., in her hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana, and also with Uptown Cheapskate, an apparel clothing store that resells used clothing.

Addison Rae wearing a Fashion Nova sponsored T-shirt while sitting on the floor.It's actually a Fashion Nova sponsored photo.
Source: ADDISON RAE., Instagram

Additionally, she also features items from Fashion Nova on her social media pages. There's also modeling she's really good at. She's currently managed by the Michael Turney Agency when it comes to modeling. They handle all the paperwork. Meanwhile, her main talent agency is WME.

Background: She's a Dancer and Was a Cheerleader, Softball Player & Gymnast

Addison is great friends with the D'Amelio sisters, Charli and Dixie D'Amelio [net worth: $700,000]. While collaborating to make videos on TikTok and posting photos on Instagram, it's obvious they share the common love for dancing and strong athleticism.

She graduated high school from the Calvary Baptist Academy (where she studied basically her whole life) in her hometown back in 2019. She was in the midst of the confusion of whether to join Lousiana State University or the University of Louisiana in her own town for her further studies of Bachelors in Mass Communication & Broadcast Journalism. It seems she chose the former one, even though it's outside her hometown, in Baton Rouge.

She's way more athletic than you think.
ADDISON RAE., Instagram

While studying at Calvary, she developed an interest in dancing at the age of 12, so much so that her college choice was based on whether the university had an excellent dance program or not. A little suggestion for the D'Amelio sisters.

She's a member of the Shreveport Dance Academy since early 2019. Her choices of the style include contemporary and jazz. Although she does hip-hop skits from time to time, she finds it difficult to learn. And her favorite is to dance to slow and contemporary jazz music, with the choice of band being Florence and the Machine.

In addition to being admittedly a great dancer, Addison Rae is also very athletic. She was a cheerleader in her high school and also joined the Universal Cheerleaders Association All-American camp in June 2018. She also played softball for her high school team, the Lady Cavs, which won the 2016 Class 2A State Championship.

Charli D'Amelio doing a split upside-down and Addison Rae bending her body face down.That's Charli D'Amelio, by the way. (Could've been Dixie.)
ADDISON RAE., Instagram

When it comes to sports overall though, volleyball is her favorite. She is also interested in watching a lot of major sports in the US, namely basketball, football and baseball.

Easterling is Part of the 'Hype House'

In addition to the D'Amelio sisters, Rae also collaborated with other TikTok and YouTube stars like Chase Hudson (who's apparently Charli's boyfriend now) [net worth: $800,000], James Charles [net worth: $25 million], Avani Gregg [net worth: $2 million], and an outside member Mackenzie Ziegler [net worth: $3.5 million] (the sister of dancer Maddie Ziegler [net worth: $5 million], from the legendary Sia's videos).

iJustine, Addison Rae and Tana Mongeau at The 9th Annual Streamy Awards on December 13, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.iJustine, Addison Rae and Tana Mongeau at the 9th Annual Streamy Awards. Yeah, Quite the pack.
Photo Credit: Getty Images North America

It's not just collaboration that she's done with these guys. She's also one of the co-founders of the Hype House in Los Angeles, alongside the D'Amelio's, Hudson, Ziegler and the other stars. To give you a sense of what the Hype House is, it's basically a mansion in Los Angeles that 19 or so TikTok stars would rent and stay to make viral videos together.

In summary, it's their getaway house. Some live there permanently, while others visit it occasionally on get-togethers. Hall and Charles are not Hype House members, but Addison was supposedly dating the former. How much of it is true, head on to Hall's very own net worth article.

Addison's Mom, Sheri, is Herself a TikTok Star, More So Than Other Parents

In case you haven't noticed, TikTok-ing with your mom and dad is a thing, which brings about that 'Ok Boomer' slang back into business. Much like D'Amelio, Addison Rae also features her mom into her videos. Yes, her dad also joins in too. She's been doing this since the beginning.

Addison Rae's Mom and Dad.Addison Rae's mom & dad are both on TikTok and are extra-supportive of their daughter.
PhotoSource: Sheri Nicole, Instagram

And believe it or not, Addison's mom, Sheri, has the same number of followers as D'Amelio's dad, Marc [net worth: $2 million]. At the time of writing, both the parents have 2.3 million followers on their TikTok accounts. Sheri's account is named, Sheri, with the username, @sherinicolee. Her dad, Monty, is not doing so badly on TikTok either. He's also amassed a follower-count of 590,000 on his account @montyjlopez.

The whole family actually signed with the same talent agency WME in January 2020. The three are always featuring one another in their videos. Oh, and with her actual profession, Addison's mom has traveled to places like Panama City, Concan Texas, and Aruba. You could see her photography skills in her earlier posts on Instagram.

Her Impromptu Meet & Greet Closed Down an NYC Store

There are cases celebrities have been chased down by their fans and caused disturbances in places (that's what Eminem used to suggest in his songs). When the same thing happened to Addison, she was shocked above all and even had to apologize.

Rae and her TikTok pals, which included Charli, Dixie & their parents, went on a winter trip to New York City this week. And she was vlogging all the moments from their vacation out in the Big Apple. In one of their moments, Rae tweeted that they were at The Conservatory store. As soon as the fans identified their location, numerous of them flocked over to the store for their self-proclaimed 'Meet & Greet'.

The people themselves were shocked and had to be transported to the basement of the store for shelter until the mob outside could be cleared out. For a while at the moment, the store was closed off. In the vlog, she apologized to the staff of the store for being the cause of it.

"We announced that we were at the Conservatory, which we didn’t know was a store," she stated. "...we're so sorry to everyone who works there. How many people do you think… thousands of people outside."

Watch: Addison Rae Vlogs Her Visit to NYC with Her TikTok Pals

Yeah, that what fame could do to you. But it doesn't say they enjoyed NYC any less than they were supposed to. It's all part of their experience. Since then, her follower count has been quite rapid.

This all means her net worth is also accumulating at a faster rate because of the engagement rate her posts make on advertisements. There's no doubt, Hype House is getting each of the members higher up on the fame ladder.

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