Where in the Follower-Count List Is Addison Rae!? How Long Before She Challenges the Big Hitters?

Apr 9, 2020 @ 14:05 EDT
Where in the Follower-Count List Is Addison Rae!? How Long Before She Challenges the Big Hitters? | Celeb$fortune

Charli D'Amelio has surpassed Loren Gray to become the most-followed TikTok user everywhere outside China. So we need someone else to track the follower-count of. We don't have to look too far. It's D'Amelio's best friend, Addison Rae. (Or rather Dixie D'Amelio's best friend. Anyway...) And it's not because we needed new content. We've already discussed Rae's follower-count increasing significantly every week, almost at an equal rate as D'Amelio.

Yeah, in her net worth piece we mentioned her follower number was increasing at about 1.5 million per week and it's just somewhere over there. On April 1, 2020, she had almost 30 million followers and today, April 9, she has 32 million followers. Yeah, it's over 1.5 million followers per week. But get this. She went from 19 million followers on February 25 to 24.3 million on March 16, but by the end of March, she had 30 million followers. The latter is how fast D'Amelio's follower-count was also increasing at the same time, about 2.5 million followers per week increase.

Charli D'Amelio hopping on Addison Rae for a hug.If they're going up, they're going up together.
Photo Source: Charli D'Amelio, Instagram

The 19-year-old's got quite the love on the video-syncing platform, more than her competitor that is. Oh yeah, there's the matter of where she is in the list of the most-followed TikTok accounts. Yeah, yeah, we know Wikipedia's got that covered. We're not bragging we are accurate either.

But Addison's just surpassed Baby Ariel earlier today. Bet it doesn't tell you that unless it's someone on the top of the table. Well, she's not on the top, but she might be getting there soon. She and Ariel both are reaching the 32 million-follower mark, but she's got that decimal's edge. And she's now 6th in the highest follower rankings and pushed Ariel further down to seventh.

Follower-Count Update: Addison Rae Just Surpassed Riyaz Aly with 38.2 Million Followers

We did see 6th before over here, remember? We mentioned it for Charli D'Amelio when we first started tracking her follower count. And we're seeing a pattern here for Addison Rae as well. She's got the same kind of trajectory to go through that Charli did and is chasing the same group of people that Charli did, except Baby Ariel.

Baby Ariel with that cringing face.Tough luck for Baby Ariel, she just got surpassed by Addison Rae too.
Photo Source: Baby Ariel, Instagram

There's Riyaz Aly on the way first, before Easterling gets to surpass the follower-count of TikTok's very own account. And Zach King's also reached that 40-million mark yesterday. And the top-two is rounded up by Loren Gray and D'Amelio herself.

Will Addison Rae be able to do the same as D'Amelio? Likely so, granted her rate of follower-increase doesn't drop too much (touchwood!). Actually, she has that chance to topple Gray and King, considering both the latter user's numbers are not as impressive as hers. So, it will be quite a few weeks, or a couple of months that she will be just beside her best friend D'Amelio. Her fans obviously want her to go there. Everyone will just have to wait.

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