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Nov 17, 2021 @ 17:01 EST
Former Amp World Member Caleb Burton Isn't Back on YouTube But Does Work With Brent Rivera

Caleb Burton [b. April 2, 2000] is an American YouTuber and social media influencer known for his comedy skits, and prank videos. He first rose to fame after being featured in the YouTube videos of a popular Internet sensation, Brent Rivera.

Showing off his humorous side and charismatic personality, Caleb managed to establish himself as an Internet sensation in a few years. If you have scrolled through his Instagram account then you will surely know him as an avid animal lover.

Burton along with his two sisters, Melissa Burton and Kimba Burton, grew up in southern California in the care of their mother, Shellie Burton. Caleb is popular for performing crazy dares and pranks in public with his friend, Brent.

Caleb Burton Net Worth and Social Media Following in 2021

As per estimating sources, Caleb Burton holds a net worth of around $200,000 - $500,000 thanks to his career as a social media influencer. With over 634,000 followers on his self-titled YouTube channel, Caleb Burton, he made an average of $5,500 per video through sponsorships when he was active.

Caleb Burton (left) with his sisters Melissa Burton (right), Kimba Burton (second left) and their mother Shellie Burton (second right) at the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair.Burton is very close to all his family members.
Photo Source: Kimba Burton, Instagram

Burton is quite popular from his TikTok page, Caleb Burton (caleb.burton), where he has over 1.4 million followers and makes an average of $1,000 per video, including his livestream income. Similarly, with over 710,000 followers on his Instagram account, Caleb Burton (@_calebburton), he makes an average of $3,000 per sponsorship post.

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His income is not only limited to social media, as he earns a handsome sum from streaming online games as well. Recently, Twitch has been the new platform to earn money, especially among online gamers.

Why Is Caleb Burton Not Active on YouTube Anymore?

Caleb Burton established his self-titled YouTube channel in June 2014 but began posting videos from March 2019 and has uploaded 23 videos to date. However, he has not been uploading any video since July 2020.

Burton announced the news of him quitting YouTube in a now-deleted October video last year. Well, YouTube is a very hard platform to grow up and it has given him so much mental, emotional and physical stress coming up with new ideas.

Caleb Burton donning his new look with very short hair and no earrning.Burton changed his look in mid-2021, possibly after the breakup from his girlfriend.
Photo Source: Caleb Burton, Instagram

In a now-deleted video, Caleb shared that, "It was quite difficult to find the motivation to film YouTube videos". He further revealed that "he was not happy making YouTube videos because it needs determination and ideas to find new content which he found mentally exhausting".

Know the Reason Why Caleb Burton Is Not in Amp World Anymore

If you have been following Brent Rivera for years, then you will surely know that Brent's squad originally consisted of Eva Gutowski, Ben Azelart, Stokes Twins, Lexi Hensler, Lexi Rivera, Mason Fulp, Davey Simmons, and Caleb Burton.

With time, most of the members like Davey, Eva, Mason, and Caleb left the group. While some left after having a row, some left to focus on their career. Then, Brent formed a new group called the Amp World, adding new members like Pierson Wodzynski, Dom Brack, and Jeremy Hutchins.

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Even though Burton did return after more than a year and helped Brent film his YouTube videos, he is still not in Amp World, which surprised the fans. Well, it might be due to his decision of leaving YouTube as he may not be ready to commit to making videos any time soon.

Who Is Caleb Burton Dating?

Caleb Burton has mentioned time and again how he prefers to keep his personal life under the radar. However, he does give a sneak peek of his love life time and again. Even though the 21-year-old has not revealed his relationship status these days, he was once dating Avery Serna.

Caleb Burton kissing ex-girlfriend Avery Serna from the back while hugging her.One can only guess how their relationship went gone sour.
Photo Source: Brent and Squad Fanpage, Instagram

The couple first started dating in late 2019, and Burton even posted their affectionate picture and videos all over his social media pages. Caleb once posted the TikTok video where he thanked Avery for making his life better, saying he was living in the wrong way before she came.

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The pair dated for nearly two years before calling quit in mid-2021. Both Burton and Serna deleted their pictures & videos and even unfollowed one another on Instagram. Despite having no trace of a photo of the two together, however, he has not deleted some of their TikTok videos including the one where he surprised Avery for Valentine's Day. Talking about Avery, she is also friends with Sofie Dossi and Ben Azelart's new girlfriend, Hannah Thomas.

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