Liper's Official! Piper Rockelle and Crush Lev Cameron Confirmed to Be Girlfriend-Boyfriend

May 17, 2020 @ 2:55 EDT
Liper's Official! Piper Rockelle and Crush Lev Cameron Confirmed to Be Girlfriend-Boyfriend

With a dramatic end in Piper's video, Lev just continues on to his video on asking her to be his girlfriend. And Liper sails!

Yesss!!! You need two videos to make this complete this one out. Piper Rockelle first asks her crush Lev Cameron to be her boyfriend, but the video ends in disappointment. Lev freaks out because he wanted to ask her to be his girlfriend. And in a sweet surprise, Lev's video ends with the Liper ship being more official than it ever was.

With Walker Bryant moving on with Indi Star, there was no doubt Piper would be crushing on Lev more than before. And it was not sure whether the label of boyfriend-girlfriend could be given to them or not, despite the two mentioned the words in their videos as part of several pranks in the past. But this time, things really settled for good.

The squad, including Symonne Harrison & Jentzen Ramirez, conjure up a surprise for Lev to ask Piper out to after the entire day of sulking because he rejected her in the first place. And yeah, Jentzen is back in the squad.

Something to Note: Any Chance of 'Pisogav' Coming Back?

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Uh... No! In Sophie Fergi's video, the one where Jophie is confirmed to be back on (check that out), there's a little something that people might've chosen to ignore. One of the questions from the fans was the curiosity over Pisogav. Those of you who didn't know, Gavin Magnus was Piper's ex-boyfriend, but they broke up in a sudden and non-reconcilable fashion in July 2019.

Piper Rockelle, her ex-boyfriend Gavin Magnus and Sophie Fergi arrive for Gavin Magnus Video Release For "Crushin" And Celebration Of 1 Million YouTube Followers For Piper Rockelle on February 11, 2019 in Sherman Oaks, California.Don't expect Pisogav to be coming back soon.
Photo Credit: Albert L. Ortega, Getty Images

Back then, the trio of Piper, Sophie & Gavin was the thing (so, Pisogav). The fan just wanted to know if the trio would ever be back again. Of course, not. Gavin already cleared out that he was not in speaking terms with her due to the nature of the split, despite Symonne being a common member of their two groups in different & same time periods. So, yeah, getting that out of the way, there is not a high chance that Pisogav would be back.

Gavin's dating Coco Quinn, by the way.

According to recent developments (May 18), Magnus & Quinn have decided to take a break from dating due to their diverging career paths, while they still intend to remain good friends. And the fans have been devastated in the comments section. Among them was Piper's comment of concern, which caused a flurry of replies, including Gavin's, but Sophie's video kind of settles Pisogav not coming back at all.

Piper asks Lev to Be His Boyfriend, But He Rejects, Saying He's Not There Yet

As you may remember, in one of Sawyer Sharbino's video, he asks Piper and Lev if Liper is completely official. But the end of the video doesn't say if they are, and instead, Sawyer asks the viewers to wait for the next video. It seems, the next video was to be coming out on Piper & Lev's channels.

Yeah, despite trying to confuse us several times, we all knew Piper and Lev like-liked each other. In a new video by Piper, she gets ready to make her dating life officially not in the single-zone by attempting to ask Lev out for dating. Sophie tells Piper how he might not like her back and that it would be awkward. Yeah, jinxing that part early.

Piper Rockelle and Her Boyfriend Lev Cameron in an almost kissing pose.The 'Liper' ship is so on!
Photo Source: Piper Rockelle Instagram

So, Piper sends Sophie to do some detective work. She talks about Liper with their male mutual friends, asking Jentzen and Sawyer first if Lev ever talks about moving forward with Liper, like with a boyfriend-girlfriend thing. Both of them give vague answers because, of course, Lev hasn't clearly told the guys about moving forward.

Then Sophie goes on to confront Lev himself about it. Yes, he obviously says he like her and even tells Sophie he planned on asking her out. But, there's a but... He says it's too soon right now and that he will do it in the future. Sophie goes back to Piper's room to tell her exactly that. But she wants to give him more hints apparently.

Piper Rockelle and her boyfriend Lev Cameron in an almost kissing pose wearing their official Liper merch.Their '#Liper' merch is available, by the way.
Photo Source: Piper Rockelle Instagram

With that, she goes to Piper pretending to be making a couple's vlog and keeps dropping hints to say she wants Liper to be official. It meant that she really wanted him to ask her out first before asking him instead. So she gives him a Liper merch to wear and asks to thank people for the shirt together, still hinting him she wants him to ask her out.

On the way, he goes out after his mom calls him, still not convinces he will ask her out. But in the latter part of the video, she decides to finally ask him by herself to be her boyfriend. In a not so expected turn of events, he says he doesn't want to be her boyfriend despite liking her very much. Not right now, at least.

He leaves the room as Piper is left feeling down about his response. But it seems, he was lying. He asks everyone to check out his video for the real deal.

Lev Surprises Piper and Asks Her Out Instead. Yeah, 'Liper' Is Official

So, Lev's video basically continues from the point he says no to Piper and starts freaking out about the fact that he wanted to ask her out to be his boyfriend first (like we didn't see that coming). Lev starts asking the squad members present there besides Piper for advice on how to ask her out. And they conjure up with one.

Sophie actually calls Symonne to distract Piper by asking her to make TikTok videos together. Piper doesn't have a TikTok account, so maybe for Symonne and Sophie themselves? As she is distracted, the guys prepare for the big moment. When all is done, the only thing to do was actually say it (or rather ask it). Just watch the video for how it turns out.

Watch: How Sweetly Lev Proposes to Piper (After Freaking Out the Entire Time...)

So yeah, it is official. Liper is real and official. Although the question remains if this whole thing was scripted while the Liper ship was already sailing, this one definitely should confirm the two are dating. So yeah, there you go.

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