Sawyer Sharbino's Relationship History & the Girls He's Introduced in His Videos

May 12, 2020 @ 16:36 EDT
Sawyer Sharbino's Relationship & Crush History, & the Girls He's Introduced in His Videos

This is a branch article for the Relationship history of Sawyer Sharbino in the form of a timeline of the likely candidates he's introduced on his YouTube videos. For the complete article, see Sawyer Sharbino.

This might be a completely different topic if discussed a few years later, but right now, it seems Sawyer Sharbino is remaining a lone wolf in terms of having a crush after Indi Star walked away with Walker Bryant. He hasn't said a word about it yet, and you might feel sorry for Sawyer more than Piper Rockelle, even though she had a crush on Walker. Because she still has her second crush, Lev Cameron, to pursue something.

Yeah, don't get your head in a twist. But some people might think shipping Sawyer with Sophie Fergi is a good idea since the photo caption mentioning how she was getting by with friends like Sawyer (although many only rooted for their friendship). It was way before Sophie kind of proclaimed her crushing relationship with Jentzen Ramirez ended.

Sophie Fergi & Sawyer Sharbino in a seemingly arguing pose.They quoted the same line from a song in their posts with similar photos.
Photo Source: Sophie Fergi Instagram

Anyway, he's had a fair share of people in his life who would be likely candidates to be his crush, but he's only ever had a serious crush twice. Although, people wanted to see him shipped with some other girls. But he's a dedicated guy. Don't push him.

Sawyer Met Piper and Sophie in 2018

Piper Rockelle and Sophie Fergi joined the cast of Mani at different points in time, but they became good friends within the timeframe they were on the show. The former appeared for the last time in December 2018, and the latter had joined a year ago.

And somewhere along the way, they met up Sawyer, and that's how these three became kind of the OG of the unofficial squad. Don't forget Hayden Haas; he too was already a friend of Piper and also an OG of the squad. He featured heavily on Piper's YouTube videos.

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You could've thought Sawyer would be closer to either of them. But in January 2019, Gavin Magnus emerged as Piper's crush, while Sophie crushed on Ryder Knapp for a while back then. Piper's first appearance in Sawyer's YouTube page came in November 2018. (Hayden was there in May 2018 though. So a mutual friend maybe?) Sophie also came with Piper in a December 2018 video.

Siblings Shiloh Nelson & Judah Nelson appeared in a video in December 2018. At one point, Hayley LeBlanc also came into one of his videos. He attended an Annie LeBlanc concert sometime earlier. He did a Gummy Vs Real Challenge with Isla Stanford as Gavin became a part of their little group. He also brought in Storm Reid once in May 2019 to talk about bullying. That's a recommendation for humanitarian purposes.

Corinne Joy Slowly Enchanted Sawyer Sharbino

Amidst all his pranking days, Sawyer first introduced Corinne Joy in his Whisper Challenge video in June 2019, around a month before Pavin ended (Piper+Gavin), in a not-so-pretty way. Alyvia Alyn Lind and Isla continued appearing in his videos, but by October 2019, he was already calling Corinne his crush.

Cavin and Sorinne in one photo.It's still a mystery about how 'Sorinne' ended.
Photo Source: Sawyer Sharbino Instagram

Remember, Gavin & Piper were not in speaking terms with each other, and the guy also had Coco Quinn in his life. It seems Sawyer juggled around between Piper and Gavin's squads as he, Gavin & Coco were a group in between. Corinne, of course, was still his crush. There was someone called Cindy in the middle, but it seemed like a fake persona for pranking on Corinne.

So it seemed, Gavin & Coco were together and Sawyer & Corinne were a thing for a while. And Indi also started creeping into Sawyer's videos. Indi was introduced as his best friend in his early videos when he was crushing on Corinne. But then, Gavin kind of faded from their videos, probably due to his association with Piper again (through Corrine). And Symonne, who also fade from Gavin's videos at the time, also appeared with Indi in Sawyer's videos as his second BFF. Was this another group separate from Piper or Gavin's?

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When the Year Ended, It Seems, So Did Sorinne

Sharbino mentioned Corinne as his girlfriend in a video also indicating there was trouble in paradise for Sorinne. It may have been a little less dramatic than that in real life. But Symonne and Corrine continued to appear as his BFF and crush respectively for a few more videos until, with the turn in the calendar, things completely changed.

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There was a TikTok incident that apparently made Corinne mad at him in early January 2020. He made a video with his two sisters to try and console her for it. They did agree to meet the next day of the video, but who knows what happened. In his next upload, there was Piper Rockelle's squad with him & his sisters. Piper, Jentzen, Walker, Sophie, Lev, Hayden and Indi started being permanent. Sorinne was, thus, unofficially over.

Sawyer's Stint with Indi That Ended in an Agreement to Remain BFFs only

Before he started calling Indi his crush, he did ask Piper out as part of a challenge, but of course, she was already crushing on Lev & Walker by then. Thus, he was on a search for a new crush. He made a video in early February asking Piper & Sophie how to be someone eligible to ask a girl out. And Clementine Spieser was a possible volunteer for two videos.

Sophie Fergi, Piper Rockelle, Sawyer Sharbino and Clementine.Clementine made a cameo as Sawyer's crush on the way.
Photo Source: Sawyer Sharbino Instagram

We hadn't seen Indi for a while, but she came back into his How Well Do I Know My Crush CHALLENGE video with Clementine. However, after the video, Clementine was nowhere to be seen as the Sindi ship took a foothold. They did not confirm it was real for a while, however, but continued calling each other their crush.

But there was one hurdle he couldn't jump off. On April 25, 2020, Piper made a Q&A video, in which the two confirmed Sindi is real but only upto the best-friend zone. Little did they know, the Windi ship was being built in the back without anyone even knowing about it.

Sawyer Sharbino and Indi StarSindi was best left unforwarded.
Photo Source: Sawyer Sharbino Instagram

Now, Sawyer has not still talked about what he's thinking of doing with the friendship with Indi, but a group already being formed outside has made people blaming Windi for breaking up Jophie as well. Although, Sophie & Jentzen still say they miss each other.

Who's next to be Sawyer's crush? Only time will tell, but for now, it might be best for him to not remain linked to anyone. He might want to figure things out before just searching for a crush for the sake of content on YouTube. Rejoice this life for a while and get creative.

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