What of Jophie Now That Sophie Fergi Is Taking a Break & Parting the Squad?

Aug 1, 2020 @ 1:39 EDT
What of Jophie Now That Sophie Fergi Is Taking a Break & Parting the Squad?

Sophie Fergi is back with another video, and this might be the last one in quite a while from her. And what happens to 'Jophie'?

She's got a beet-red nose and a ruined makeup before the video even officially began. Sophie Fergi announced she was not going to be on social media for a while, quite a while, and called everyone (almost) in the squad one by one to break the news to them. So yeah, this was not a breakup video or a prank.

Answering Your Question: Did Sophie Fergi Leave the Squad After the Events in August?

Considering she already had her makeup ruined, she pre-recorded a separate goodbye video for each one of them to see in silence by themselves. Among all the crush videos she's made with her now-tagged boyfriend, Jentzen Ramirez, a lot of times as pranks, this was not, clearing it up from the beginning by her videographer, Adam.

Sophie Fergi and Jentzen Ramirez sitting in the stairs for a photo.Only a few are wondering about Jophie.
Photo Source: Sophie Fergi Instagram

Fergi is moving back to Texas in two days, during which she would be visiting her dad and having some father-daughter time. And for the indefinite amount of time, which may extend to a year, she is not going to be active on any of her social media pages to be able to connect with her friends in the squad.

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In sequence, Symonne Harrison, Sawyer Sharbino, Emily Dobson, Connor Cain, Lev Cameron, Jentzen, and Piper Rockelle sat on the sofa to view their dedications before Sophie came up to them to hug them goodbye (no hugs for Sawyer though). Some fans were wondering where Jenna Davis and Hayden Haas were too.

Jophie: Sophie Fergi and Jentzen Ramirez happily posing for a photo.You could see Jentzen was the most affected by it.
Photo Source: Sophie Fergi Instagram

Either way, with the amount of time she'll be gone, she's not be celebrating the squad's birthdays for a while, however, promising she's only a phone call away (Charlie Puth anyone?). If you're here, you've probably already watched the farewell video and know what is going on.

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But what is to be of Jophie? Well, it makes sense to say it's definitely not over. Judging by the last time something similar happened, there'll be a buffer time before any confirmation comes out, noting the time for which she'll leave may be decided in the come days, for fans, hopefully before she goes away and shuts off social media altogether.

Update: Sophie Is Leaving the Squad as 'Jophie' Really Is Over

Last time, we witnessed Sophie abruptly announcing she'd broken up from her crush/boyfriend back in May while third-wheeling Piper & Lev, or Liper, as fans want it. It gets confusing for a while as the true aspect of their relationship was always confusing to their fans, especially since the prank-turned-emotional video. It left fans dumbfounded and wishing it was not what it was.

Here Are the Facts of the Breakup Announcement Back in May

It was only later that fans got the reason that they separated. It turned out Jentzen was heading physically away from the squad because of a new opportunity he'd gotten that would've made it difficult for him to hang out with the squad. So, they decided Jophie was not going to hold out for a while and separated on a not-so-bitter note.

[Update: It's Bad News. Sophie & Jentzen Just Announced They Broke Up After Her Absence from the Squad. Details in the Link.]

However, a couple of weeks later, Jentzen comes back to surprise Sophie and the squad to get back together with her, all but confirming he was there to stay, as that video comes to a beautiful end for the fans. It's unclear whether the current situation is something similar, with Sophie going away instead of Jentzen. But it is not difficult to notice they've learned from the past situation and did not think of officially breaking up. Yet...

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Yes, there are a lot of things to unfold. Until then, prepare to not see Sophie in videos of anyone in the squad for a while (if this is really not a prank). Gotta question by a teeny percentage though. You always can hope.

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