Why Gavin Magnus and Coco Quinn Decided to Go Their Separate Ways, Signs of Maturing, Perhaps?

May 20, 2020 @ 2:41 EDT
Why Gavin Magnus and Coco Quinn Decided to Go Their Separate Ways, Signs of Maturing, Perhaps? Cavin is Partially Over.

Gavin Magnus uploaded a video in his channel on May 17, 2020, announcing he and partner Coco Quinn have decided to take a break.

You may have been disheartened when Gavin Magnus dropped a bomb on you two days ago that he and his girlfriend Coco Quinn have decided to go their separate ways. But as a fan, you could see some major things that are good rather than the thought of your favorite ship, Cavin, just fading into dust. But don't worry, the ship is still there. It's just parked somewhere the docks that they may return to one day. It's a break, not a breakup. So, You'll just have to wait.

This is really really hard, but Coco and I have decided to take a break. We are very young (still kids) and we both have so much we want to accomplish in life. Both of us want to be sure there is no hate or anger towards anyone. This was not a breakup, it was a mutual decision, and no one did anything wrong. We will always be friends and we don’t know what the future holds. It’s been hard being apart and we have so much going on right now, and it’s just the best decision. Again, this was a choice that both of us made, and we thank you for your support. We are excited to see what our future holds.

There's no need to clear up the fact that the two have no hate for each other, love is still there, and neither of their parents is against each other. 'Cause he was reminding you over and over again over the fact that no one did anything wrong in this relationship, and there's no need of repetition. Plus, he also squashed the Pisogav rumors that stemmed up from their separation.

Gavin Magnus and Coco Quinn Just Have a Diverging Path

It's as clear as day. Although they are both into music, their genres and field of interest wouldn't get them to have as much time as a couple should have early in their relationship. But this, by no means, would mean they wouldn't talk to each other. As he's mentioned, it's not like the last time with Piper Rockelle. The result of that also automatically rules out Pisogav. They were not in speaking terms since August 2019.

Watch: Gavin Magnus Announced His and Coco Quinn's Separation

Although, Piper also commented under his announcement post, writing, "I know how hard this is to go through especially on social media. Wishing you both the best & stay strong." Of course, there's a lot of attention within that comment, with over 12,000 likes and 1,300 replies.

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But it's understandable that there are "little things that would've been obviously patched up" between him and Piper after such a time of their breakup, but not to the extent that he'd just go join her gang. GOAT Fam will still be there. And remember how Piper reacted on Sophie Fergi's Q&A video, the one where Jophie was confirmed to be back, when the Pisogav thing was asked. Plus the others, Sophie, Jentzen Ramirez and Lev Cameron had to say that was never happening.

UPDATE!!! Gavin Magnus and Coco Quinn Have Broken Up for Real. And Where 'Pisogav' Is Right Now

And a day after that, Lev asked Piper out to be his girlfriend in a dramatic fashion to confirm Liper.

A Spanish Rap Line in Gavin's New Music!

Anyway, there's been a lot of positive responses from Gavin and Coco's fans besides Piper, in the Instagram comments, with a few exceptions unworthy of mentioning. Both of them reached a mutual decision, and it's just a matter of taking things slow as they've got a lot ahead of them. Like growing up, for example.

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That being said, Gavin has been teasing his fans of new music. And in the last 12 hours, he's given major hints about a new song he's been cooking up with Stefan Benz, another Goat Fam. And now, we have a title, 'La Bomba'. And it's obvious that there's a Spanish rap line somewhere in the song, as he mentioned on his Instagram Stories before.

Gavin Magnus and Stefan Benz for the cover of 'La Bomba.

As for Coco, she's most recently loving singing Madison Beer's Stained Glass. There are more cover songs to come from her. According to her Instagram Stories hints, there's another one from Selena Gomez's album Rare, dropping this Friday.

A Major Point: Where They See Each Other Years From Now Matters

Basically, the most viable reason they needed to take a break would have to be their age. Like, come on, he's 13, and she's 11. There's undoubtedly a very slim chance that grade school crushes have a future where they're together and married. Otherwise, there would be a whole bunch of BBC Stories, or Good Morning America Stories, about such cases.

Gavin Magnus and Coco Quinn playing pretend marriage.So yeah, you don't have to completely lose hope for Cavin.
Photo Source: Coco Quinn, Instagram

You should really praise their maturity to understand that a lot can happen when they reach their adult age and would be thinking of settling down. Unlike other people their age, it seems that they are actually growing up faster, mentally and psychologically. This kind of sudden realization doesn't come often to kids these days. And they are kids still. They've got a lot to do first.

Will Cavin Ever Be Back?

Maybe, leaning into a more "yes" kind of an answer. Again, he's cleared up multiple times that this is not a breakup. It's not like they won't be friends now and still talk to each other when they get the chance or something.

Gavin Magnus and Coco Quinn on separates side of a pillar in a building.Just respect.
Photo Source: Gavin Magnus, Instagram

Come back years into the future, and you may see them together again. Or you may not. You just have to face facts, facts of life as you grow up. For now, the best you can do is applaud & respect their decision and understand that certain things are part of growing up.

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